Round 4 of the BRCA Rallycross championships took us to the newly revamped East Shrewsbury track. Although not a new addition to the calendar the updated track was now a more technical style dirt track and it would once again have to hold up to not only the 100 plus drivers but also the great British weather as the threat of rain loomed all weekend.

In qualifying it was Jonny Skidmore and his FX powered XRAY that took 3 rounds of qualifying, and the Reds powered Sworkz of Boots took the other 2 rounds meaning Jonny would get overall TQ and Boots 2nd. Will Skidmore got 3rd and Neil Cragg and his AE 4th with the Xray of Paul Crompton in 5th. With very little to split Boots and Skidmore again this weekend it would be all to play for in the finals.

TQ Man Jonny Skidmore:

The lower finals bump ups were as follows: -

B 1/32

1st – Mark Everitt (Mayako)

2nd – Andrew Rennick (Mayako)

3rd – Dan Jones (Sworkz)

4th – Gavin Powell (HB)

A 1/32

1st – Chris Lovell (Sworkz)

2nd – Sam Cobley (HB)

3rd – Chris Procter (Sworkz)

4th – Michael Shorey (Agama)

B 1/16

1st – Daniel Thorne (Sworkz)

2nd – Andrew Rennick (Mayako)

3rd – Mark Everitt (Mayako)

4th – Allan Ward (HB)

A 1/16

1st – Josh Bougourd (Sworkz)

2nd – Chris Smith (Kyosho)

3rd – Holger Lykke (Agama)

4th – Chris Lovell (Sworkz)

B 1/8

1st – Oliver Nattress (Kyosho)

2nd – Josh Holdsworth (Sworkz)

3rd – Tehannah Cradock (Kyosho)

4th – Daniel Thorne (Sworkz)

A 1/8

1st – Cayden Stenhouse (HB)

2nd – Ashley Patterson (Sworkz)

3rd – Chris Smith (Kyosho)

4th – Colin Brennan (Sworkz)

B ¼

1st – Jon Hazelwood (Agama)

2nd – Josh Holdsworth (Sworkz)

3rd – Max McDonnell (Xray)

4th – Matt Box (WRC)

A 1/4

1st - Luke Holdsworth (Sworkz)

2nd – David Gibson (WRC)

3rd – Simon Reeves (HB)

4th – Harry Weymouth (Agama)

The new East Shrewsbury track (Pic Credit Richard Daniel)

The B semi final saw Boots on pole, with Neil Cragg and his Alpha powered AE behind him, the 2 would tussle for the first place for the first stint of the race, but around the first pit stop window Boots managed to get ahead and start to pull away as the rain began to threaten. Boots would then lead the rest of the race pulling out an impressive 18s gap to Neil as the buzzer went after 20mins. Initially the HB of Dom Nunn and the Agama of Lee Martin would be battling for 3rd, with both having laps in the position, however Lee retained the position at the midway point and that’s where he finished, coming home in 3rd, with the HB of Graham Alop in 4th and Dom just behind him in 5th. After an unfortunate early end to the race for Maxim Cook in the later stages it would be the Reds powered Kyosho of Taro Cradock who got 6th and the last bump from the final was taken by Kevin Brunsden and his Agama.

The A side also had rain, and it was Jonny who led all but one lap of the race, managing to keep fellow XRAY drivers Paul Crompton and Will Skidmore behind him for the majority of the race. Jonny was 1st with Will finished 2nd and Paul 3rd, all 3 driving FX powered Xray buggies. A great battle between the Mayako of Mike Lewis and the WRC driver Lewis Jones for 4th would eventually result in Mike getting 4th and Lewis 5th. Erik Lykke got 6th with his Agama and the final position in the A main was taken by the Sworkz of James Le Pavoux.

The main final would see yet more rain! Boots started pole and Jonny would be in hot pursuit, taking the lead just a few laps in, but it wouldn’t last. Boots dominance in the wet conditions would see him pass Jonny and go on to dominate the race. Elliott would drive an amazing 45mins and overtake nearly all drivers on track, even getting the lap on Jonny. A brilliant drive by Boots in his Reds powered Sworkz Buggy. Jonny would be the best of the rest, he too lapping the majority of the field in the 45 mins, coming home a very good 2nd place. A brilliant first stint by Lee Martin would see him hold the 3rd position for a long time, until an unfortunate return to the pits saw him drop out. This left Cragg in 3rd and that’s where he stayed. Michael Lewis had a great drive from 7th finishing 4th and the top 5 was rounded off with Graham Alsop.

The rain came down for the Semis and Mains! (Pic Credit Peter Edern)

Despite the rain a great race weekend, with some great driving on the at times wet track. The overall results from the weekend as well as the championships standing can be found here

Podium - Elliott Boots 1st, Jonny Skidmore 2nd, Neil Cragg 3rd.

With both Boots and Skidmore still in contention for the title it is all to play for at the final round of the national championships which takes place at Nemo Raceway in August.

As always thanks to the BRCA team, the East Shrewsbury Club and to all the racers and supporters.

Bring on the Last round!!