The BRCA 10th Off-Road Scottish Section are pleased to announce the Calendar for the 2024 season.

The BRCA Regionals have earned a reputation for being a very competitive series. The clubs involved will make it the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will find.  This is a series of events, open to drivers of all abilities, that offers the opportunity to race against and learn from some of the country’s best drivers.


£8 entry for each class, multiple classes can be entered.

Drivers aged 16 and under will be FREE, this is automatically applied at checkout 


2WD and 4WD on the same day. 


The winner of each Championship will be the driver that has the best 4 from 6 overall scores, that is of the six rounds of each class, your best four scores will go towards your overall Championship position and your 2025 Formula grade.


Race Calendar:

Dumfries 11 aug Motor Show

Rd1 - 21st April - Stonehaven (Astro)

Rd2 - 5th May - Dumfries (Grass)

Rd3 - 26th May - Stonehaven (Astro)

Rd4 - 23rd June - Glasgow (Astro)

Rd5 - 21st July - Glasgow (Astro)

Rd6 – 11th August- Dumfries (Grass track at the Dumfries Motorshow)



How To Enter: 

To enter simply make sure you (the driver) are logged into the BRCA site with your account to enter the events.  Remember the new BRCA site uses your username and NOT your email address to login.  Complete the online booking.  You must have a valid BRCA license and payment must be made online at the time of booking.


16 and under your discount will be automatically applied at the checkout

Entry booking and payment must arrive no later than the Wednesday before the event.  Booking in closes 10pm on the Wednesday before the event. 


If you have any issues submitting an entry or if you wish to cancel an entry and cannot do it online, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Conditions of Entry – Please Read Carefully!

Entries will only be accepted on the official BRCA Website Entry System

Refunds will not be given after the closing date for any confirmed entries that are cancelled, other than for exceptional circumstance

Be aware that :- Digital images may be taken by a third party that may be used to promote the Sport or Events

Confirmation of entry for all events will be communicated nearer the time, with further details of the venue.


Control Tyres:

The permitted REAR tyre for 2024 BRCA Off-Road Championship events is :-

Schumacher Mezzo

Ballistic Buggy Minispikes

Compound and quantity used is not restricted.  Front tyres remain open choice.  

Meeting Format and Race Times

1 x round of controlled practice in heat order

4 x rounds of 5 minute qualifying with the best 2 to count (round by round)

1 Final for all drivers



7:45 - Booking in opens

8:15 - Drivers briefing

8:30 - Controlled practice (in heat order) & booking in closes

10:00 - Heat 1 on the line for Qualifying (4 Rounds)

16:30 Approx - Finals (1 leg final for all)


Rules to BRCA 10th offroad as below.   All marshals must provide their own Hi-Viz.  Random scrutineering and cell voltage checks can be made before each heat is run, Batteries and motors as per BRCA Handbook.  The charging of LiPo batteries must be in a protective container (eg. a LiPo Charging Bag)


Rules: 2023 1/10 Off-Road Rules v1

( )

Everyone should look at the 'Venue Info sheets' which will be published to where you will also find other important info.  Please like and follow it!   This gives racers info on the venue and its facilities, recommendations and other info such as local hotels etc.


Other Notes

At Scottish Regional events, 2WD cars (one driven axle) are not allowed in the 4WD Class events (this does not preclude any drive-train breakages during a heat/final). 


The host track must be closed 5 days before the regional meeting, the track must have significant changes in the layout thereafter (not just one or two corners).


Round 1 will be in order of F grades from the 2023 season, from the 2nd meeting of the year,  heats will be seeded by championship standings. Known persons can be seeded outside of this rule if needed, so not to effect persons in lower heats (must be cleared with BRCA rep or appointed substitute and only initially start at the bottom of a similar speed heat or one heat lower).



Always behave appropriately at all times. There are children and families present at all race meetings including spectators and visitors. We will cover this, marshalling, driving etiquette and other subjects in drivers briefings and Facebook posts.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves and enjoy the meetings!  



Event Event Date Location Entered Available Enter
10th Off Road Scottish Regionals 2024 Round 6 (2WD) 11-08-2024 7:00 am Dumfries Motor Show 23 57

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10th Off Road Scottish Regionals 2024 Round 6 (4WD) 11-08-2024 7:00 am Dumfries Motor Show 18 62

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