1/10th Off Road

IMPORTANT !!!! BOUGHTON NATIONAL 1/10th. OFF-ROAD 2/3 July. Due to unprecedented weather conditions with heavy rain in the Boughton area during recent days (still continuing) :-
THE 1/10 OFF-ROAD NATIONAL HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED !!!! This decision is being mailed to all competitors entered for the event and will be posted on BRCA websites, but please contact any friends that you know are intending to be at the event to inform them of the decision.

The amount of rain that has occurred in recent days in the Boughton area has caused major disruptions with flooded roads. (Picture below showing the local village on Monday this week). Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the British weather.

The actual Track is OK and all prepared ready for the week-end, but the access down the long grass field/runway is almost impassable to anything other than 4WD vehicles and the pitting area will not withstand vehicles. We have not experienced this situation previously at Boughton, to this degree in the summer months.
From the road to the track is approx. 800 yds. of grass which is currently very muddy. There is no area to park a large number of cars in another location and even if there was this option, ferrying all equipment a half mile would be a monumental task that would possibly need a tractor.
I can assure you that the organisers have been investigating everything possible to allow this event to take place, including involvement of the landlord in the hope of a solution being found. But, we cannot risk upwards of 150 vehicles being stuck in a field.

The decision has needed to be made early, so we can stop competitors travelling to a cancelled event.

Implications of cancelling the Boughton National event:-
1) Our Section rules do not allow the event to be rescheduled. There are no week-ends available and most competitors have a busy calendar already organised.
2) The Section rules already cover the National Championship results. If an event is cancelled, then it will be best 3 scores from 5 events.
3) The section will refund the entry fees for those competitors that are listed in the event as at today (29 June). The exact procedure on how this will be done is to be decided.

It is with much regret that I have to inform you of this decision.

The last time a complete National weekend was cancelled in our Section was in the early 1990's. The last time we had to cancel a complete day was 2000. But eventually, the British weather has made the decision for us.

Download announcement here: 2016 BOUGHTON National Cancelation

Best regards,

Paul Worsley. (BRCA Section Chairman)