1/10 Off-Road Section AGM

1/10th Off Road

This year there is a change in the format for the AGM with each section of the BRCA holding their own sectional AGM prior to the main BRCA AGM, not on the same date.

The 1/10 Off-Road Section AGM will take place on Saturday 27th October at 2pm, with the main BRCA AGM taking place on Sunday 28th October.

The venue for our section AGM is

Premier Inn Leicester, Fosse Park, Braunstone Lane East, LE2 2FW


To make a proposal to amend any of the existing rules or to create a new rule you must do so by downloading the official proposal form which can be found here: AGM Proposal Form Word

The proposal must be seconded by another BRCA member.

All proposals must be submitted to the Section secretary (Keith Wardle) before midnight on the 22nd. Sept. 2018 by email to keith@kwardle.com Please do not leave your proposals until the last minute. Any proposals that are received after this date will not be discussed or voted upon at the AGM.

All proposals will be published by the Section to the BRCA website no later than the 29th. September.

For a more in depth look at the BRCA AGM please refer to the following link where you will find everything you need to know https://www.brca.org/agm