1/10th Off Road Nationals Round 3 At Telford

1/10th Off Road

Telford was established in and around 1988.  A small club which was then situated in Broseley Shropshire.
The club grew and subsequently held many BRCA regional events from 1994 through to 2006.

It also held National events in 2004 where it entertained the BRCA Juniors and full National events in 2005 and ’06.
After ’06, the club then went through a transitional period, where it moved to its current location on the boarder of Shropshire and Staffordshire in 2012.
The track is an all Astro layout with some jumps, table tops, camber corners and a shallow bomb hole.
The Astroturf being of a sandy nature, this will be another variable test for the greats to do battle.

The drivers are ready; the organisers are ready; so let’s race!

2wd Event – Saturday

2015 2wd Telford National17

Drivers Briefing
Paul Worsley our chairman as usual introduces the personnel running the meeting and as always updates everyone to what’s happening in the big world of RC.  This was a straight forward drivers meeting.
Take note drivers, a lot of drivers talk and chat during drivers briefings and I think it’s disrespectful and actually against the rules of the meeting.  Please try giving the personnel running these events for you, time to at least explain everything and of course anything out of the ordinary.  Difficult as it may be after listening to it all time after time, it’s the least we can all do.
Phil Sleigh was the race director.

2015 2wd Telford National31

As you may know, every event there is 2 practice sessions at 3 minutes each and all in heat order. Nothing out of the ordinary today’s event. National events do not have compulsory marshalling at practice sessions. I personally feel there should be. We won’t get into the why not scenario today but we all travel a long way to these events and to not have a marshal available on a track is frustrating to say the least. Many of these tracks we don’t race on regularly and like stated, it becomes a massively frustrating start to the weekend’s event. The 3 minute practice session can seem like 1 or 2 very quickly for many! Many clubs put out complimentary marshals out for the practice sessions but many don’t. Since it’s not a rule or compulsory to marshal, maybe we could all do it out of curtesy just like our current British Champion Neil Cragg did for the Kidderminster round. It was still raining and he was the ONLY one out there marshalling for the early heats. Take note people, maybe we can all do a bit and improve this scenario!

Round 1
I’ve mentioned a few times you should always look at the local drivers and this weekend it was Simon Moss we would be looking at.  Simon doesn’t work a million miles away and he has raced here a few times.  It’s also clear after 2 events that there are 2 guys fighting for the championship.  I wonder if that remains a fact after this 3rd round.
No surprise to see one of the main contenders for the British title out on top in the first round.  Lee Martin set the pace on a 12/301.02 with Neil Cragg just 0.11 behind in 2nd.  Our pick of the punch to do well, Simon Moss in at 3rd with Tom Yardy, Ben Jemison, Danny McGee, Richard Taylor, Tom Cockrill, Greg Williams and Lloyd Storey rounding off the round 1 top 10.
Iain Mellish was our top F2 in at 11th and superstar Elliott Boots in at 13th.  Connor Cocker under 19 in at 19th and top Veteran V40 was Brett Birch in at 28th.

Round 2
The weather was good, cold but getting brighter.
Here we go again, Neil Cragg this time on top with a new fastest time of 12/300.66 and yes you guessed it, Lee Martin in 2nd just 0.28 behind.  These two guys are so close on times, its extremely difficult and even unfair to say who was best thus far.  In at 3rd again was Simon Moss and has to be said just 0.47 off Neil and 0.75 off Lee, he was looking real good.  Tom Yardy not far off too, so it was looking like a great battle for the top spots.  Danny McGee 5th, Tom Cockerill 6th, Nathan Waters 7th, Craig Collinson 8th, Greg Williams 9th and equal 10th with identical times were Nathan Ralls and Jack Neil the top under 19 in this 2nd round.  Tony Bishop one of the Telford organisers and track builders was the top F2 in this round in at 12th.  Ellis Stafford improving as top V40 but only 25th.

Round 3
The two champion contenders took a round each thus far but there was a new kid wanting a piece of the action and the glory.  Simon Moss with his Schumacher ride pops ups with a 12/300.24 to take round 3 and set a new fastest time.  Neil Cragg cements top 3 on the grid with a 2nd in round but over 5 secs off Simon’s time.  Tom Yardy takes 3rd and out of nowhere Elliott Boots running a DB1 Kyosho is suddenly in the mix too with a 4th in round.  Danny McGee with another solid 5th makes sure of an A Final spot.  Lee Martin has to be said had a mare by his standards in at 6th, Tony Bishop had a great 7th, Lloyd Storey 8th, Ellis Stafford getting it together at 9th and Nathan Waters in at 10th.

Round 4
So with Simon Moss, Neil Cragg and Lee Martin all taking a round each, the 4th round was certainly one to watch.
With exactly 1.0 sec splitting these drivers in the last 4th round, it was Simon Moss that took the round and lined up his Schumacher KF2 on pole for the main A Final.  Lee Martin came in 2nd to take his place 3rd on the grid by virtue of 0.28 slower than Neil time on his best run.  Neil Cragg took 3rd in round to line up 2nd on the grid.  Tom Yardy another 4th to line up 4th.  Danny McGee 5th making the main, Elliott Boots in at 6th to also make the main in at the 5th spot, Ellis Stafford another better run put his TLR22 in at 8th on the grid, Kevin Lee in at 8th in round but sadly missing out on the main final this time round, Nathan Waters in at 9th to cement an A Final spot and Tom Cockerill in at the 10th spot to also make the A final.  It has to be mentioned that young Ben Jemison made the main A Final which is the first main A Final he has achieved away from his home track RHR.  Well done Ben.

A Final 2wd Line-Up

  1. Simon Moss Schumacher
  2. Neil Cragg                Associated
  3. Lee Martin Yokomo
  4. Tom Yardy Associated
  5. Elliott Boots Kyosho
  6. Danny McGee Schumacher
  7. Tom Cockerill Yokomo
  8. Ellis Stafford TLR
  9. Nathan Waters Schumacher
  10. Ben Jemison Schumacher

Spy Shots

We decided to take a stroll and see what we can spot!
This is what we discovered

Leg 1 A Main
A very close affair with certainly 3 guys looking super-fast at the front end of this main.  As we know, finals are a different ball game to qualifying so let’s see how it all developed.
The top 5 set off and they were extremely close for a long time in this final.  Simon Moss was always going to come under pressure from Neil and Lee.  Everyone knew this and in a strange way probably took some pressure off Simon.  That was proven correct as Simon drove a great race, held his nerve and took the win for leg 1.  Lee came in 2nd after a out of character Neil error.  Tom Yardy in at 3rd and Danny McGee in at the 4th spot.  Neil 5th, Ellis 6th, Elliott 7th, Nathan 8th, Tom C 9th and Ben 10th.

L Final was not run
K Final
was won by Yasir Mughal
J Final was won by Steve Best
I Finals was won by Richie Thorn
H Final was won by Darren Boyle

Leg 2 A Main
OK.  No pressure Simon!  Win this and it’s a TQ and Win that he hasn’t done for some time.
Neil and Lee know this and it was never going to be easy for Simon.  They are off, all in regulation order.  No heroics from Si, keeping it on line and accuracy second to none that makes him the good driver he is. The following pack is hustling each other along but Si is just keeping it exactly where he needs to be at.  Lee takes over 2nd from Neil after a bobble.  Elliott makes a move on Tom Yardy and looks like he wants a piece of the action too.  Time is running out but only to Simons joy of bringing his car over the line to take the 2wd National win at Telford.  Lee 2nd, Neil 3rd, Danny 4th, Tom Yardy 5th, Elliott 6th, Tom Cockerill 7th, Ellis 8th, Nathan 9th and Ben 10th.  Podium still open.

More Spy Shots

G Final was won by Chris Delves
F Final was won by John Spencer
E Final was won by James Helliwell
D Final was won by Chris Lake
C Final was won by Kevin Lee
B Final was won by Lloyd Storey

Leg 3 A main
Simon Moss lined up on pole again and has already won the meeting.
It has to be said that Simon Moss drove an immaculate last race to take all 3 legs of the final.  Congrats to him.  Lee pushed him real hard in the last leg but it was always going to be difficult to pass when Si was so accurate in all three legs.  Neil Cragg came in 3rd, Tom Yardy in 4th, Elliott 5th, Ellis 6th, Nathan 7th, Tom C 8th, Ben and Danny

Results – 2wd Main A Final                                                       Other 2wd results

1st           Simon Moss        Schumacher                                                     Top F2        Elliott Boots
2nd          Lee Martin          Yokomo                                                            Top F3        Neil Round

3rd          Neil Cragg           Associated                                                        Top F4        Tom Bates

4th          Tom Yardy           Associated                                                       Top F5        Greg Hill

5th          Danny McGee     Schumacher                                                     Top U13     Ben Pugh

6th          Elliott Boots        Kyosho

7th          Ellis Stafford       TLR
8th          Nathan Waters  Schumacher
9th          Tom Cockerill     Yokomo

10th        Ben Jemison       Schumacher

Results – 2wd
Simon Moss takes the win from Lee Martin and Neil Cragg

4wd Event – Sunday

The track
The track layout was changed by the Telford crew but the British weather wasn’t playing ball again.
The forecast was rain on and off through the morning and clearing around lunchtime.

Drivers briefing
A small window with no rain and Paul quickly does the drivers briefing – No major announcements.

The track was obviously slippery.  4wd cars can be fun in these weather conditions but the Telford track is very slippery when wet.  Ballistic Buggy Green Spikes were the order of the day at this stage.
No standing water witnessed on the track but it was not raining hard.

Round 1
At the risk of being very repetitive in the reporting of the Nationals, it was our two superstars at it again!
Yes everyone, you guessed it.  Lee Martin took round 1 from Neil Cragg by just 0.48 of a sec.  Kevin Lee not far behind took 3rd in round with Tom Cockerill, Greg Williams, Richard Lowe, Nathan Waters, Elliott Boots, Ellis Stafford and Richard Taylor rounding off the top ten that were split by under 7 secs.  It has to be mentioned that Elliott from heat had much slower slippery conditions that the later heats so his time of less than 5 secs off TQ pace, was very impressive.

Round 2
The weather was again going to be a factor in this round.  Now a dry ish track would see newcomer to the National scene Tom Bates have a dry run from heat 1.  That gave Tom 30th in round.  In contrast though, it would rain just before Elliott’s run and after frantic changing of tyres and Elliott just making it to the line, only 31st in round.  Crazy weather conditions that no rules can help.  On this point if anyone has a real large warehouse they want to loan out for 10 years, ring me!!  The track drying minute by minute as the wind picked up too, now saw the fastest time from round one blown away by Neil Cragg by some 9 secs.  Lee not far behind to take 2nd in round and Simon Moss the 2wd winner in 3rd. Craig Collinson with a good 4th, Tom Yardy 5th, Lloyd Storey 6th, Tom Cockrill 7th, Ben Jemison at it again in 8th, Greg Williams 9th and Nathan Waters 10th.

Round 3
Weather conditions still improving through the heats and that would see Neil Cragg again take another TQ in round 3 with an even faster time.  Simon Moss came in 2nd with his best run of the day at this stage and Richard Taylor in 3rd.  Good to see Richard up there again.  Lee in 4th, Tom Yardy 5th, Craig Collinson 6th, Kyle Moon a great run in at 7th, Nathan Waters 8th with Richard Lowe in at 9th and Danny McGee in at 10th.

New in the Pits
New in the pits was the new 4wd car from Serpent.
In the hands of Tony Evdoka, the car looked fine on its first outing.
More soon!

2015 4wd Telford National14

Serpent SRX-4

Round 4
Its round 4 and again it’s a fight between Neil and Lee for the TQ spot.  Neil already with 2 rounds in the bag.  Lee Martin looked rock solid in the last round and set the new fastest time of the day along with taking round 4 put his Yokomo on pole for the finals.  Neil just 0.39 of a sec behind was to line up 2nd.  Simon Moss already had some good round results and with another 3rd in round would line up 3rd in the final.  Tom Yardy in 4th in round and would line up 4th in the final.  Nathan waters 5th in the last round would put his car in the main at 7th spot, Ben Jemison would score a 6th in round and would make a double A Final at Telford.  Well done Ben.  Richard Taylor would back up his 3rd in the last round with a 7th in this to also line up in the main A final.  Tom Cockerill in at 8th, Paul Robinson in at 9th and Elliott Boots in at 10th but not enough to make the final.

A final 4wd Line-Up

  1. Lee Martin Yokomo
  2. Neil Cragg Associated
  3. Simon Moss Schumacher
  4. Tom Yardy Associated
  5. Richard Taylor Schumacher
  6. Craig Collinson Team C
  7. Tom Cockerill Yokomo
  8. Nathan Waters Schumacher
  9. Greg Williams Associated
  10. Ben Jemison Schumacher

Richard Young

We asked Richard Young to give us his opinion on his first ever national experiences;
This is what he had to say;
Senior Richard Young – Mid-South region

The Typical bank holiday traffic couldn’t dampen the feeling of excitement attending my first national meeting.  After a 6 hour drive me and Sue my wife, made it!  As we drove into the site at Telford model car club you could feel the atmosphere from the other drivers.

After following Craig Maher in my first thoughts were get Sue to pop kettle on.  Said hellos to Tony Evdoka of Serpent UK, Steve Brown (torch chairman) etc.  Craig tells me I need to walk track and having never attended a national as I approached the track the nerves kick in.  I set myself to one goal, to get the car home in one piece.

So after setting up Sue with the caravan, I settled myself with a beer try to chill out, which to be honest was just not working.

I woke up Saturday morning a round half six to an atmosphere I have never experienced.  To say the place was buzzing is an understatement.  After the normal setting up we went to normal drivers meeting of do and don’ts. Telford model car club was presented well and the locals were really approachable! 

I lined up for my first practice session, the track layout was fast and flowing on the sandy Astro and have to say my car felt really good and I was pleased to get my first run under my belt.  Second practice time after a few minor tweaks to my SRX2 MM, the car felt even better although my nerves were starting to get the better of me, and the mistakes I made were clear for all to see!

First qualifying, I went off the line in 7th first timed run of the day, didn’t really settle my nerves till 2 mins in but was still making silly mistakes but got the car home in one piece in 5th position.  Doesn’t mean much to be fair but at least I was off and running.  Back to my pit area to try relax, more small changes to front of car just give a little less steering so it’s more forgiving hopefully making it easier to keep it on its wheels (hopefully) 

Second qualifying, off the line in 5th, my nerves still playing a big part in my driving.  Managed to get the car home and improved on my previous time well chuffed and still buzzing.

Third qualifying, I went off the line in 4th (I think), second lap in I made a big error on table top and needed a Marshall to pop me back on my wheels.  Would you believe, 2 corners later back on my roof, didn’t really settle back into the groove and was over driving.  Pushing too hard going into corners far too fast and spent most of time on my time on my roof.  Hey ho, right that session off, try again!

Different tyres on front for fourth qualifying, car felt really good easy to drive I was still trying too hard and making silly mistakes, I just couldn’t stop over driving it, still I got the car home in one piece again.

The anticipation of the finals was looming down on me,  where would I have qualified I was expecting to be dead last if I’m honest then I saw the heat listing I was in K final I was dead last but one.  I felt I could have done much better!
I could only go one way and that was forward (hopefully lol).

Cells charged, shell on over to scrutineering for the final check of the day!  This meeting has run like clockwork all day, everything has been bang on time from first practice to the finals all starting bang on time and all overseen by Paul Worsley the BRCA official. 

Standing at the bottom of the stairs feeling the pressure, the desire to do well, up I went took my place on the rostrum and the start line.  It’s the longest ten seconds ever while you’re waiting for the starting warble, and away we go.  I made a good start gained 2 places by first corner surprised I could even drive the car considering how much I was shaking, through the first few corners, yep you guessed it got tangled up with three others and ended on my roof.  I didn’t recover from that to be honest.  I was driving the car as hard as I could but have to say here and now I felt totally out of my depth.  I finished dead last but happy as I had attended and completed my first national event which I have to say was an absolutely amazing experience.  Will I attend another?   Umm what can I say “you bet your life I will” I’m already booked in!!

I would like to add that anyone thinking of attending a national “go for it” you will never find the same atmosphere anywhere else and everyone is so friendly and helpful and remember no matter where you end up its the participation that counts and who knows you could be the next Neil Cragg or Simon Moss.  I’m certainly not but you could be! 

Roll on Eden Park.

2015 4wd Telford National29

We asked Mike Scott give us his opinions on the Nationals;
This is what he had to say;
Senior Mike Scott – Mid-South and long-time TORCH member and organiser

Over the bank holiday weekend the BRCA 1/10th Off Road national series resumed with a visit to a new venue.  Telford to the west of Wolverhampton offered a 100% astro track with a variety of features.

For me as ever it’s a weekend social with friends and watching the superstars show their skills as I trundle round at the back.  12 heats for Saturday’s 2WD and 10 heats for Sunday’s 2WD on a technical track, as ever the familiar names were top of the timing sheets.

The day started with the standard 2 rounds of 3 min heats, so 6 minutes to learn the track as best as possible and dial in cars.

For me it was a case of trying to settle the car over the bumpers, keep the errors to zero and going fast.  Easier said than done and often find it hard to do both!  The result for me, I achieved neither.  So back to the pits, change a few things and prepare for round 2.  In the meantime watch some of the stars of the section show us how it’s done.

So with a few tweaks to the car to make it less pointy and more settled, try again.  The car was better this time, just I wasn’t so the mistakes were still there.  Frustratingly I matched my Round 1 score to the second, not the direction I wanted to be going in.

Following some guidance from Gareth Stanton, made a few more changes again, this time the car better again.

Thankfully the weather had improved throughout the day, resulting in a rather pleasant warm afternoon, as for the track, the sand and dust had been pulled through, so it was tweak the setup again to try and regain some traction.  A much slower round for me.

Watched some great finals, and Simon Moss secured all three legs of the A final, to wrap up a perfect score for the meeting.  TQ and the win.

The weather forecast for the Sunday was somewhat mixed and for the morning the forecast was rain, Saturday evening would be a good meal with friends, talking about the day and praying that it wasn’t rain affected.  Sunday morning left the hotel and it was dry, fantastic, sadly it started to rain as we approached the track.

So the preparation for practice was a few tweaks and digging around for the right tyres.  The 4WD layout was another nice layout and even with the track wet, the levels of grip were still an enjoyable amount.

Sunday’s practice was a bit more manic due to the 10 heats at 3 mins a heats, so getting the car ready was tough, a list ideas that just didn’t get put into place for round 2 of practice, no doubt the same for many others.

Qualifying was a similar tale for me, clean and quick, no easy task again.  A few tweaks between the rounds and the car improved with each round, so progress!  Round 1 was wet, so apart from a few practice tweaks left as is.  Round 2 onwards would start to see the rain stopping with a few brave people taking an early chance on yellows, for some it work for others not so well.

As ever the finals were a great show, Lee Martin would secure the meeting by with a 2nd win in leg 2.
As every many thanks to those that helped, you know who you are.


Leg 1 A Main
The two main contenders would go at it again in the 4wd event.
Lee Martin, Neil Cragg and Simon Moss all in close battle for leg 1 win.  These three just drove such a close race.  For the 5 minute duration it was difficult to decide the outcome.  It was the pole man Lee Martin that would bring it home though from Neil Cragg and Simon Moss. Craig 4th, Greg 5th, Tom Tardy 6th, Nathan 7th, Richard 8th, Ben 9th and Tom C in 10th.

J Final was won by Darren Pollard
I Finals was won by Frazer Thwaite
H Final was won by David Smith
G Final
was won by Adam Perei

Leg 2 A Main
The track now dry and all conditions like the last time the drivers were out meant they can fine tune.
Lee Martin doesn’t need an invitation to take a win.  Neil made a mid race error that set him back a long way in comparison to where he is expected to be at.  We then saw some heroic fast driving by the current champion.  He put in fastest lap after fastest lap to get back on terms with Lee that looked like he was in cruise control.  Even a 24.12 (fastest lap of the day) could get Neil the win.  Lee came in 1st and won the meeting.  Neil not even guaranteed overall 2nd at this stage.  Tom Yardy came in 3rd and a contender for the podium.  Craig in 4th, Ricard in 5th, Simon dropped to 6th when running solid 3rd, Ben in at 7th, Nathan, Tom C and Greg rounded off the lower spots.

F Final was won by Billy Fletcher
E Final was won by Andrew Jones
D Finals was won by Tom Bates
C Final was won by Kit Jones
B Final was won by Elliott Boots

Leg 3 A Main

Lee already won the event and knows he moves ahead in the Championship.  The podium is open though.
If Simon Moss wins the leg, he can snatch 2nd off Neil.  If Tom Yardy wins the leg he could snatch 2nd spot.
All to play for but everyone forgot Lee Martin.  Lee was again on one of those cruise control drives he has become very familiar with.  He went on to win the 3rd leg too.  Richard Taylor had a great battle with Tom Yardy and took 2nd in the leg and with Tom in 3rd secured the last spot on the podium.  Neil was to finish 4th and 2nd overall.  Nathan 5th, Craig 6th, Tom C 7th, Greg, 8th, Ben 9th and Simon 10th in this final race of the weekend.

Results – 4wd Main A Final                                                       Other 4wd results

1st           Lee Martin          Yokomo                                                            Top F2        Elliott Boots
2nd          Neil Cragg           Associated                                                       Top F3        Jack Hirst

3rd          Tom Yardy           Associated                                                       Top F4        Tom Bates

4th          Richard Taylor    Schumacher                                                     Top F5        James Westmorland

5th          Craig Collinson   Team C                                                             Top U13     Jack Hirst

6th          Simon Moss        Schumacher
7th          Nathan Waters Schumacher

8th          Greg Williams     Associated
9th          Ben Jemison       Schumacher

10th        Tom Cockerill     Yokomo

Some statistics
At this stage with the current numbers in attendance.
Predicted F1 drivers in 2wd will be 36
Predicted F1 drivers in 4wd will be 32
Overall prediction for drivers obtaining a F1 licence is 38

Telford club is new on the calendar and they did a great job for their first time.  Good track layouts and very hospitable people help big time.  I am sure they will push on to learn from their experiences and make this venue even better than what it is.  As a constructive suggestion maybe opening the surrounding fields for pitting all the way round the track would be great.  I am sure there were reasons they didn’t this time.  Thank you Telford and look forward in racing here again soon.
Let’s not forget the BRCA personnel headed by Paul Worsley the chairman, Stuart Wyman the timekeeper, John Cockill head referee, Tom Yardy driver’s rep and all the others that contribute so much, yet again did an amazing job.  Thanks to them also.
Next round is Eden Park on the 13th and 14th of June.  I already know there are places available so why not come and race with the best.  Send us an email and get yourself booked in.  Just do it.
Forms can be found on the BRCA website under the 10th Off-Road section. www.brca.org
Or email the myself or the chairman direct.

Championship top 10 standings 2wd                                        Championship top 10 standings 4wd

Neil Cragg                          389                                                                    Lee Martin                         391
Lee Martin                         388                                                                    Neil Cragg                          389
Simon Moss                       384                                                                    Tom Yardy                          378
Tom Yardy                          380                                                                   Craig Collinson                  377
Tom Cockrill                      376                                                                    Tom Cockrill                      376
Craig Collinson                  368                                                                    Simon Moss                       370
Danny McGee                    365                                                                    Nathan Waters                  366
Ellis Stafford                      364                                                                    Danny McGee                    363
Greg Williams                    361                                                                    Kev Lee                               359
Ben Jemison                      360                                                                    Ellis Stafford                      357

Thank you for reading; Tony Evdoka – BRCA 1/10th Off-Road PRO email: tony@rudebits.net

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