1/10th Off Road Nationals Round 4 Eden Park

1/10th Off Road

EPR is a long time established club.  Formally known as Eden Park Overlanders, had some terrible vandalism back in 1999.  This caused the club to shut and certainly was a massive loss to the local club scene as well as some major events held there in the past.  I recall the British Grand Prix was held here back in 1997 or maybe ’98 with some of the UK and Europe’s best competing.

8 years later, around 2006/7, a bunch of what I call hard working hard core racers, decided to bring the club back to life.  Diggers and general hard work, transformed the over grown track and all the surroundings, to bring back some truly glory days.  Now known as Eden Park Raceway, the club is firmly a National track with demanding skill required to be quick round this venue.  A true multi-surface track if there is one.  Main part is Astro but with a large fast tarmac banked corner that I call the Raceway.  A concrete chicane, various jumps and hops are also on the agenda.  Their main jump is famous for requiring extreme skill and commitment but so rewarding when got right.   Let’s not forget the table top, camber corners as well as 2 bomb holes.  In my opinion, this is the toughest test of them all and with that said; a true test of off-road skill.   This track has produces some great racing in the past, and with the EPR personnel making it look immaculate as ever, let’s see what this weekend has install for us.

The drivers are ready; the organisers are ready; so let’s race!

2WD Event – Saturday

2015 2wd EPR National21

Drivers Briefing
For the regular readers of these reports, you should all know that Paul Worsley our chairman always introduces the personnel running the meeting and as always updates everyone to what’s happening in the big world of RC.
This was a straight forward drivers meeting with no complications.
I also said a few words about the section website and how we plan to make it very informative and easy to use.   Thank you for your attention J

Matt Benfield was the race director.

As you may know, every event there is 2 practice sessions at 3 minutes each and all in heat order.
Today though, we had a 4 minute second run practice session.  More please I hear you all shouting!!
The EPR crew took care of all marshalling duties for both practice sessions with lots of their personnel out there doing all the running around.  I also like the idea of all the crew of the club, all wear orange clothing.  Easy to identify.

Round 1
The weather was shocking over night with some real heavy showers.  The track was certainly wet and it was never going to dry through practice.  The EPR track is certainly a challenge in the wet!
It was difficult to pick a winner here at EPR as many have achieved this in the past.
Would we have a surprise I ask myself?
Elliott Boots was in one of the earlier heats and set the pace of 12/301.54 for everyone to chase.
All the main contenders for the championship were spread over the top heats but they all came and tried and no one was to beat Elliott’s time set in slippery conditions in an earlier heat.  Elliott took the big fat zero for round one from Ellis Stafford that got the closest to him.  Tom Yardy a couple of secs back, Neil Crag in at 4th.  A great qualifying run from under 19 year old Kyle Moon to take 9th place in round 1.  Surprisingly, Lee Martin down in 13th place.  Lee got back from Japan only Thursday night so maybe the great win at the World’s Warm up race in Japan, had him a little jet lagged.  We will see!

Round 2
The weather was trying to get better but there was this fine mist of rain coming down.  It’s without question it affected the earlier heats of the first round and now coming down again, the second round too.
Elliott Boots went out to post a very similar time as round one.  Everyone now had their target.  The misty rain stopped and yes you all guessed it, the track was drying and getting faster.  British weather!!
Shaving some 9 secs of the fastest time of the day was Tom Yardy with his Associated car.  No one got close to Tom and he took round 3.  Over 3 secs back a solid run from Danny McGee to take 2nd, Ellis with another good run to take 3rd.  Si Moss had a good run for 4th, Lee Martin sort of woke up for 5th.  Craig Collinson 6th, Richard Lowe the Hot Bodies driver for 8th, Kev Lee 9th and another under 19 year old Jack Neil in at 10th for the round.

Round 3
Round 3 saw the weather now playing ball.  More or less everyone now on dry tyres so let’s see what’s what.
Elliott didn’t have the best of luck but looked real quick at times in his qualifying run.  Don’t forget he has that zero scoring from round 1.  Telford’s National winner Simon Moss was to lay down a real quick time of 13/309.62 to take round 3.   Tom Yardy took 2nd spot to firmly put him at the real sharp end of the main final.  Richard Lowe another solid run for 3rd to do the same.  Lloyd Storey in at the 4th spot, Kyle Moon in at the 5th spot.  Would 14 points give the youngster an A final I wonder!  Ben Jemison, double A finalist last time round at Telford gets a 6th in round, Tom Cockerill in at 7th and Neil Cragg only a 8th by his standards.  Lee martin 9th and Nathan Ralls 10th. I was beginning to wonder if genuinely the trip to Japan for Lee Martin and Neil Cragg was actually affecting them.  Only 8th and 9th in round when we have grown to expect them so much higher.  Just as a reminder, then finished 1st and 3rd at the 2wd Worlds warm up so maybe all worth it J

Round 4
Round 4 was like a shootout.  Tom with a 0, Simon with a 0, Elliott with a 0, Ellis with a 2, Danny with a 2.  All of these drivers could potentially put themselves on pole for the final.  Elliott without a good second score would have to be on the cautious side of things as he has to make sure he’s in the main but certainly the other could throw it at it and see what they can get.  It was Tom Yardy and Richard Lowe that would have the best runs of round 4.  In fact after 30 years plus of watching and competing in 10th racing, I don’t ever recall 2 identical times to the 1/100th of a second, for a TQ spot.  Seen it a few times in finals and lower down in qualifying but never for the TQ.  A great time, 13/305.60 for both Tom Yardy and Richard Lowe, earning them both a fat ‘0’ for the last round.   Tom then takes the TQ and Richard lines up 2nd.  Neil Cragg had a good run just over a sec off Tom and Richard to line up his car in 5th spot for the main final.  Si Moss in 4th for the round to line up 3rd.  Nathan Ralls a great 5th in round to line up 7th.  Lee Martin in at 6th in round to line up 8th.  Kev Lee got a 7th in round, Tom Cockerill 8th, Craig Collinson 9th and Lloyd Storey 10th

A Final 2wd Line-Up

  1. Tom Yardy Associated
  2. Richard Lowe Hot Bodies
  3. Simon Moss Schumacher
  4. Ellis Stafford TLR
  5. Neil Cragg Associated
  6. Danny McGee Schumacher
  7. Nathan Ralls Hot Bodies
  8. Lee Martin Yokomo
  9. Elliott Boots Kyosho
  10. Lloyd Storey Schumacher

Leg 1 A Main
So after the overnight rain and the drizzly rain in the morning, the weather was getting better by the minute and the track very close to it’s prime.
Tom Yardy led them off and really didn’t put an inch wrong.  His buggy just looked easy to drive and even when under pressure from Ellis, he just kept it on line to take leg 1.  Ellis 2nd, Neil Cragg in 3rd.  There were numerous battles further down as there always is.  Richard, 4th, Danny 5th, Lee 6th, Nathan 7th, Lloyd 8th, Simon 9th and Elliott 10th

Jimmy Storey (oOple)    

jimmystoreyJimmy Storey as many know has passed away recently at the very young age of just 41.  He was the owner of the world famous oOple RC forum, where many still discuss radio control cars, amongst other things.  He was a great character that spoke his mind with no fear of consequence or repercussion.  In my opinion, that is what made him the person he was.  Very passionate about radio control cars, he wanted everyone to just have a great time.
He will be sadly missed by many of us all over the world.
We wanted to recognise Jimmy as one of those special people that clearly wanted and did do so much for the sport.  I stopped the BRCA National event straight after leg 1 and we gave Jimmy the 1 minute respectful silence time to remember him.  Every single person stayed totally silent and you could hear a pin drop.
At 55 seconds in, you couldn’t have timed it better, the noise and the site of the Red Arrows in formation flew above Eden Park Raceway.  I amongst all of us, were just stunned at the timing of this.
Our condolences to the family and may Jimmy RIP.

J Final was won by Steven Andrews
I Finals was won by Craig Sturzaker
H Final was won by Jack Hirst

Leg 2 A Main
Leg 2 got under way bang on time as usual.
Tom was under attack from Ellis early doors.  He survived that.  Then it was his Team mate Neil Cragg that started to pile on the pressure but try as Neil would, Tom held his nerve and drove his Associated car over the line to take the win of leg 2 along with the win of the meeting.  Neil came in 2nd, Simon in 3rd, Danny 4th, Nathan 5th, Lloyd 6th, Ellis 7th, Lee 8th, Elliott 9th and Richard 10th.

G Final was won by Luke Holdsworth
F Final was won by John Neil Round
E Final was won by Steven Pierce
D Final was won by Eugene Galley
C Final was won by John Spencer
B Final was won by Kyle Moon

Leg 3 A main
The meeting all tied up, Tom was to start from pole and basically just enjoy himself.  Good job.  That’s the way to do it. Off they go and Tom is just in cruise control.  The more he drove accurately, the quicker he was going.  Some amazingly quick laps were coming in from the other drivers fighting for the podium positions.  Lee Martin put in some rare 22 sec laps, as did Danny and Neil. No one was to catch Tom, a clean sweep of all legs made it convincing.
Lee came in 2nd that was good enough for 4th overall. Ellis in 3rd was good enough for the podium in 3rd place.  Richard Lowe came in 4th good enough for 5th overall.  Danny 5th, Simon 6th, Neil 7th, Nathan 8th, Lloyd 9th , Elliott 10th

Results – 2wd Main A Final                                                             Other 2wd results

1st           Tom Yardy           Associated                                                      Top F2        Elliott Boots
2nd          Neil Cragg           Associated                                                       Top F3        Ross Nicholson
3rd          Ellis Stafford       TLR                                                                   Top F4        Dan Austin
4th          Lee Martin          Yokomo                                                            Top F5        Daniel Andrews
5th          Richard Lowe     Hot Bodies                                                       Top U13     Ben Pugh
6th          Simon Moss        Schumacher
7th          Danny McGee     Schumacher
8th          Nathan Ralls       Hot Bodies
9th          Lloyd Storey        Schumacher
10th        Elliott Boots        Kyosho

2015 2wd EPR National437

Results – 2wd Tom Yardy takes the win from Neil Cragg and Ellis Stafford

2015 2wd EPR National441

4WD Event – Sunday

The track
All the banners placed round the surrounding fence certainly makes for a good atmosphere.  It’s like you are entering an arena.  Always looks and feels nice at EPR.  The track layout was changed by the EPR crew for the 4wd event but just like at the Telford round, the weather wasn’t going to be predictable.  Some were saying rain, some not.  No one knew what the weather was going to do.
It sort of makes you think, please someone win the lotto and let’s have a Yatabe style indoor venue.  Then I suppose we complain its sunny outside J

2015 4wd EPR National260

Drivers briefing
Paul did the drivers briefing – No major announcements.

The track was actually dry.  Some 4wd cars out on stagger ribs up front, some with 2 row studs, some with slim 2wd tyres and even some with the original full fronted 4wd fronts.  I have to be honest; I didn’t have a clue what to put on!

Round 1
Well, if anyone says they are past it, read this.  Okay he is a multi-national Champion as well as a multi-European Champion and has had 226 National A finals to his name but Ellis Stafford is a V40 and grey hair.  He won’t mind me saying that.  Bless him.   He drove a blinder in round 1 to set a time of 13/304.68 which was some 3 secs quicker than anyone.  TQ round 1 for the Big E.  Craggy in 2nd, Kev Lee in 3rd just a fraction off Neil’s time.  Leroy obviously got some beauty sleep and took 4th.  Yardy wasn’t too affected after his cider (or 2) Saturday night to take 5th.  Danny McGee in at 6th and a good job for the Horizon TLR man Chris Delves, to take the 7th spot.  Cockers in at 8th and a good run for Jack Neil the under 19 year old for 9th.  David Poulter in at 10th.

Round 2
The weather was ok but no one really knew if it was going to rain heavy or not.  A fine mist of rain affected the track and some were on wets and some on dry tyres.  It was a toss of a coin and hope for the best.
The old man came out and went for his run only like Ellis can.  The car was like an exocet missile down the straight, Ellis set another fast pace of 13/302.28.  Neil got close to take 2nd but Ellis in the driving position with 2 fat ‘0’s on the board.  Lee in 3rd, Tom Cockerill in 4th, Nathan Waters in 5th, Kevin Lee 6th to go with his 4th in the previous round, Kyle Moon a good run in at 7th, Simon Moss 8th, Danny McGee 9th and Lloyd Storey 10th.

Round 3
Weather now getting better and it looks like a dry run for everyone.
Lee Martin on the pace for a TQ run in round 3 but a couple of bobbles allowed Ellis to take the round and cement the overall pole position for the 4wd event.  Lee took 2nd, Neil 3rd, Tom Yardy 4th, Tom Cockerill 5th, Simon Moss 6th, Elliott Boots in at the 7th spot, Lloyds Storey in at 8th, Richard Taylor in at 9th and Kyle Moon in at 10th.

Round 4
Well Ellis clearly was trying something as he already had pole position.  These drivers are always looking to go faster.  Ellis ended up only 8th in round!  Lee Martin and Neil Cragg were at it again.  Both on 14 lap pace.  The track clearly at its best now.  Lee took it from Neil and then Tom Yardy getting right on pace for 3rd.  Kev Lee looked real quick and took 4th, Mossy in at 5th, David Poulter in at 6th and at this stage I have to tell you David was on to TQ the previous round when he just landed slightly wrong and popped a ball stud.  Question would be would a 6th be enough for the main?  In at 7th was Lloyd Storey, 9th Nathan Ralls and 10th was Elliott Boots.

A final 4wd Line-Up

  1. Ellis Stafford TLR
  2. Lee Martin Yokomo
  3. Neil Cragg Associated
  4. Tom Yardy Associated
  5. Kev Lee Team C
  6. Tom Cockerill Yokomo
  7. Simon Moss Schumacher
  8. Danny McGee Schumacher
  9. Lloyd Storey Schumacher
  10. Nathan Waters Schumacher

2015 4wd EPR National257

We asked Chris Rowcliffe F1 driver to give us his opinion on the nationals thus far;
This is what he had to say;
Senior Chris Rowcliffe – South West region

“I have raced in the national series on and off for quite a few years.  It’s a great test of ability in both setup and driving skills over a range of tracks with really quite different features.  Travelling from Devon each time means we are usually at least 2 hours from a venue so a hotel on the Friday night is always welcomed especially with a 12 year old who thinks he doesn’t need to sleep! 


We are up early the next morning to get to the track and setup for 7am ready for the practice to start at 8am.  Booking is swift and easy and the two practice runs mean you get a chance to change your car having not known the track before the first round at 10.05am.  Once we have spent the day qualifying its finals time!  The finals are a great fun part of the day where we can really race and the racing is always so very close.  There is usually some cheering on the side lines and having an enthusiastic commentator really adds to the excitement!


As a family who go racing we enjoy seeing the people, catching up with friends and ultimately the competitiveness – everyone wants to win but we feel the main thing is to enjoy it.  It really helps your driving ability by visiting the various different tracks around the country.  There is a great friendly atmosphere around the pitting area and everyone is willing to help and get involved wherever there may become a problem, which makes it such a good family hobby.”

Leg 1 A Main
Everyone is on dry tyres.  Weather not a factor anymore!
Ellis would set off and everyone would follow like a freight train.  All three up front were really close.  Neil gets by Lee to move into 2nd place and now pressurising Ellis.  Ellis was sticking to his lines and not actually slowing down.  All 3 cars were mega quick.  The next bit I will report as I saw it and nothing more or less.  Coming into the tight section where it’s a hair pin right and then a hair pin left to proceed into the bomb hole.  Ellis seemed to go that fraction wide on the first right hair pin and Neil tried to put it up the inside.  By doing so he touched Ellis’s rear wheel which upset his TLR22-4.  They arrived at the next hair pin and everyone is everywhere.  It looked messy as they all got together.  Lee not involved on the first hair pin found his car facing Ellis side on.  The mess carried on into the bomb hole where Neil got tangled with Ellis and was facing the wrong way with Big E on his roof.  Lee stopped and waited.  Now it all sounds a mess and to be honest from my point of view commentating the race, the ideal outcome would have been for them to come out as they were before the tangles.  It didn’t end up like that though.  Neil didn’t feel he did much wrong and nor did Lee.  That is debatable in my eyes.  Did any of them deserve a penalty?  In my opinion probably not!  Its racing and these things happen.  For sure there was no intention from any of them to tap or to take each other out.  These guys play very fair.  The unfortunate fact though, is Ellis did absolutely nothing wrong and came out of it worse.  That is factual.  Anyway, at the end of the race it was all investigated and discussed at length by the officials but that was my take on it as I saw it.  No penalties and Neil won the first leg from Lee from Ellis. 4th was Tom C, 5th Si, 6th Danny, 7th Tom Y, 8th Kev, Lloyd and Nathan 9th and 10th.

I Finals was won by Darren Pollard
H Final was won by Andrew Mountford
G Final
was won by Like Holdsworth
Leg 2 A Main
Ellis again set off from pole.  Ellis clearly decided to break away early.  He was running an extraordinary pace and actually broke away from chasing Lee and Neil.  The smallest of bobbles brought him back to the pack and Ellis sort of took that as a warning not to over push his car.  He settled and was leading by holding his line with no heroics.  A flag to flag victory for Ellis and of course this would mean a 3rd leg finale.  Lee came in 2nd, Neil 3rd, Nathan 4th from the 10th spot, Danny 5th, Tom Y 6th, Tom C 7th, Kev 8th, Si 9th and Lloyd 10th.

F Final was won by Adam Perei
E Final was won by Chris Patterson
D Finals was won by Chris Lake
C Final was won by Richard Taylor
B Final was won by Elliott Boots

Leg 3 A Main
So everyone was ready and so off we go.  Round the first corner and over the table top only to find that the TLR22-4 of Ellis has flipped over for no apparent reason.  I didn’t see anyone flip there all day.  The most bazaar scenario!
Lee inherited the lead but under immense pressure from Neil and Kev Lee not far behind.  Neil got by Lee and Lee found himself in a battle with Kev.  Lee was trying hand to catch Neil as he knew it was for the win.  Neil Cragg made no errors though and came home to take the overall win, Kev Lee in 2nd to take 4th overall. Lee in 3rd to take 3rd spot on the podium and Ellis with some special drive to nearly get on terms took 4th and 2nd at the meeting.  Tom Y 5th, Danny 6th, Si 7th, Tom C 8th, Lloyd 9th and Nathan 10th

Results – 4wd Main A Final                                                       Other 4wd results

1st           Neil Cragg           Associated                                                       Top F2        Elliott Boots
2nd          Ellis Stafford       TLR                                                                 Top F3        Grant Williams
3rd          Lee Martin          Yokomo                                                            Top F4        Adam Smith
4th          Kev Lee                Team C                                                             Top F5        Rob Fox
5th          Tom Cockerill     Yokomo                                                            Top U13     Jack Hirst
6th          Tom Yardy           Associated
7th          Danny McGee     Schumacher
8th          Simon Moss        Schumacher
9th          Nathan Waters Schumacher
10th        Lloyd Storey        Schumacher

2015 4wd EPR National509

Results – 4wd Neil Cragg takes the win from Ellis Stafford and Lee Martin

2015 4wd EPR National512

Some updated statistics
At this stage with the current numbers in attendance.
Predicted F1 drivers in 2wd will be 34
Predicted F1 drivers in 4wd will be 30
Overall prediction for drivers obtaining a F1 licence is 36

EPR always present an immaculate track that requires technical ability and a good car set up.  The camping is very reasonably priced and I personally like the scrutineering right in the right place.  Everything is just as it should be.  An added bonus, the club is in a public place so it can attract new people to our sport.  Thanks EPR for a great meeting.
Let’s not forget the BRCA personnel headed by Paul Worsley the chairman, Stuart Wyman the timekeeper, John Cockill head referee, Tom Yardy driver’s rep and all the others that contribute so much, yet again did an amazing job.  Thanks to them also.
Next round is TORCH on the 18th and 19th of July.  I already know that the 2wd is up to capacity but get your name down as there are always entries at the last minute.  Certainly in 4wd we can get you racing to experience the National scene.  Send us an email and get yourself booked in.  Just do it.

Thank you for reading; Tony Evdoka – BRCA 1/10th Off-Road PRO email:tony@rudebits.net

Please like our Facebook page where regular info is placed;  https://www.facebook.com/brca10thoffroad

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2015 2wd EPR National Gallery

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