2018 - BRCA 1/10th. OFF-ROAD, NATIONAL SERIES. Round 4.

1/10th Off Road

Martin’s 2WD streak continues, as Cragg returns to winning ways in 4WD at Broxtowe.


The 2018 National Series moved on to Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire this past weekend, a venue that we last visited in 2013.  The tight and technical track provided some intense racing each day under warm blue skies. 

Saturday – 2WD

 Yokomo’s Lee Martin has won the last 2 Nationals in a row, and his current wage of confidence showed no sign of halting here.  Though arch rival Neil Cragg (AE) took the first Round by just around a second, the next 3 Rounds all went to Martin as he took the TQ honours.  Martin the only driver to run a 13 lap time, he had a clear edge over the field.  Cragg would take 2nd. while Team ‘C’ driver Craig Collinson would take 3rd. with his smooth driving style proving very useful on the technical track, where mistakes were very common.  Stand out performance in qualifying came from Schumacher’s 12 year old Ben Smith.  A regular at the Broxtowe venue, he drove faultlessly all day and lined up in 6th. position in his first National A Final - congratulations Ben!

Qual. Top 10:    1.  Lee Martin
                            2.  Neil Cragg
                            3.  Craig Collinson
                            4.  Danny McGee
                            5.  Tom Yardy
                            6.  Ben Smith
                            7.  Jack Neal
                            8.  Kevin Lee
                            9.  Tom Cockerill
                          10.  Paul Crompton

 Brox 18 2WD

Many felt that the technical nature of the Broxtowe track would provide very little passing opportunities without errors, and so it proved.  The train of cars moved around the track in order during Leg 1 until an error from 4th. place Danny McGee dropped him down the order.  Martin took a comfortable win in the end, despite Cragg staying in close attendance, he could never truly threaten.  Leg 2 looked to be going the same way, McGee the early casualty again and Martin in command from Cragg, Collinson and Yardy who gapped the field.  4 laps from home we’d see the rare sight of Martin’s Yokomo upside down (we said the track was challenging), allowing Cragg by - he didn’t need a second invitation to take the Leg 2 win.  Martin took 2nd. while Collinson and Yardy had a very close race for 3rd., which Collinson took at the line.  All eyes were on Leg 3, Martin made a good start and kept Cragg at arms length until lap 5 where this time it was Neil who fell victim to the track and made a crucial error.  With Martin away and gone, attention turned to the battle for the final podium spot as Collinson and Yardy battled over 2nd. in the leg, which would give either driver 3rd. overall.  The two battled hard but after a last lap error by Craig, Schumacher’s Yardy would sneak by and take 3rd. overall behind Cragg and Martin who took his third National win in a row.


 Final Top 10:    1.  Lee Martin
                           2.  Neil Cragg
                           3.  Tom Yardy
                           4.  Craig Collinson
                           5.  Ben Smith
                           6.  Danny McGee
                           7.  Jack Neal
                           8.  Paul Crompton
                           9.  Kevin Lee
                         10.  Tom Cockerill

Brox 18 2WD2

Sunday – 4wd

The racers were greeted by what was an even more technical track on Sunday morning.  Off-camber corners, a jump section with multiple line options and soaring temperatures were going to make for an interesting day!  Neil Cragg got off to a similar start to 2WD as he won Round 1.  Martin would duly bounce back to win Round 2 and 3, meaning a Round 4 decider for the all important TQ spot.  Cragg was up first in Heat 11 and he delivered a perfect drive, to set a blistering pace for Martin to try and match.  In the end, the challenge was too much for Martin who would come home 2 seconds outside.  Cragg would start pole, from Martin, and for the second day running Collinson would start 3rd.

Qual. Top 10:   1.  Neil Cragg
                           2.  Lee Martin
                           3.  Craig Collinson
                           4.  Tom Yardy
                           5.  Richard Barton
                           6.  Tom Cockerill
                           7.  Paul Crompton
                           8.  Jack Neal
                           9.  Phil Sleigh
                         10.  Luke Holdsworth

Brox 18 4WD

Cragg was in no mood to let Martin take another double and would comfortably win the first 2 Legs.  Martin could never truly get close and despite many crashes behind, Cragg stayed clean to take a well deserved win.  Martin would claim Leg 3 to secure 2nd. overall, while Collinson would convert his 3rd. on the grid into a podium finish.

Final Top 10:    1.  Neil Cragg
                           2.  Lee Martin
                           3.  Craig Collinson
                           4.  Tom Cockerill
                           5.  Paul Crompton
                           6.  Tom Yardy
                           7.  Richard Barton
                           8.  Jack Neal
                           9.  Phil Sleigh
                        10.  Luke Holdsworth

Brox 18 4WD2

Thanks to all the team at Broxtowe for a great event, next we head to one of the series long standing and most popular venues, Kidderminster for Round 5.


Recognition for report & pictures to:-    Tom Yardy & Zoom RC Photography.