BRCA Mid West Regional 2WD round 5: Coventry Model Car Club 2016

1/10th Off Road

After a cloudy start we enjoyed a gorgeous summers day at Coventry Model Car Club venue, our second visit to their new venue. The track layout was fast and flowing. The tyre choice was Schumacher yellow mini spikes, with some also opting to run Ballistic Buggy white spikes. This meeting also wraps up the 2WD regional series for 2016.



Tom Yardy TQ’d all four rounds of qualifying with his Schumacher KF2, taking over all TQ by 3 seconds.
Richie Thorn secured second in round one, racing a Schumacher KF2, followed by Kevin Lee with his PR S1
From round two onwards Kevin Lee took second in the round behind Tom, with Kevin Hunt or Richie Thorn taking third.


Mike Elliot’s slight tyre failure

Individual round scores were as follows.
Round 1                      Round 2               Round 3                Round 4
1 Tom Yardy               Tom Yardy             Tom Yardy            Tom Yardy
2 Ritchie Thorn           Kevin Lee              Kevin Lee              Kevin Lee
3 Kevin Lee                Kevin Hunt            Ritchie Thorn         Kevin Hunt
4 Mathew Dodd           Chris Lake            Mathew Dodd         Chris Lake
5 Kevin Hunt              Richie Thorn           Kevin Hunt            Ben Pugh
6 Kit Jones                Mathew Dodd          Ben Pugh             Mathew Dodd
7 Chris Bowater         Brett Birch             Brett Birch             Paul Robinson
8 Brett Birch             Kit Jones                Paul Robinson         Kit Jones
9 Dean Gibbs            Mark Fletcher         Mark Fletcher          Mark Hancock
10 Ben Pugh             Ben Pugh               Chris Lake              Brett Birch

File 000(5)

With a consistent top 10 in all four rounds the A final line up was as follows.
1 Tom Yardy
2 Kevin Lee
3 Richie Thorn
4 Kevin Hunt
5 Mathew Dodd
6 Chris Lake
7 Ben Pugh
8 Kit Jones
9 Brett Birch
10 Paul Robinson

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Bottom 5

A final Leg one
Tom Yardy took the leg one win, with Kevin Lee in second and Kevin Hint in third. Fourth was Richie Thorn, followed by Kit Jones, Brett Birch, Mathew Dodd, Chris Lake, Ben Pugh and Paul Robinson.

A final Leg two

Tom Yardy won leg two, taking the meeting win. Kevin Lee was second in the leg.
Penalties were applied to Kevin Hunt and Brett Birch, meaning Mathew Dodd was promoted to third, followed by Richie Thorn, Chris Lake, Kit Jones, Kevin Hunt, Ben Pugh, Brett Birch and Paul Robinson.

File 000(11)

A final Leg Three
Tom Yardy won leg three, followed by Richie Thorn, Chris Lake, Mathew Dodd, Kit Jones, Ben Pugh, Kevin Hunt, Brett Birch, Paul Robinson and Kevin Lee.


Ben, sporting next seasons must have marshalling head wear

The A final overall result was as follows:
1. Tom Yardy (Schumacher KF2)
2. Kevin Lee (PR S1)
3. Richie Thorn (Schumacher KF2)
4. Mathew Dodd (Schumacher KF2)
5. Chris Lake (Schumacher KF2)
6. Kevin Hunt (Losi 22)
7. Kit Jones (Schumacher KF2)
8. Brett Birch (Losi 22)
9. Ben Pugh (Kyosho RZ6)
10. Paul Robinson (Durango DEX 210F)

BQ man was Chris Bowater, followed by Mark Fletcher and Dean Gibbs.


Chris Bowater’s Losi 22

Final winners
B Final: Alec Springer
C Final: Tommy Hall
D Final: Jamie Banks
E Final: Jason Green
F Final: Chris Thompson
G Final: Darren Farley
H Final: David Williams
I Final: Nathan Stanmore
J Final: Jack Grainger


The meeting ended with a trophy presentation. The series results were as follows

Under 13
1st Tommy Hall
2nd Jamie Hall
3rd Zachary Miles


Under 13 winners Tommy Hall, Jamie Hall and Zachary Miles

Under 16
1st Ben Pugh
2nd Felix De Hamel
3rd Craig Parry

File 000(1)
Under 16’s top 3

1st Tony Bishop
2nd Keith Robertson
3rd Brett Birch

File 000(8)
Paul Robinson presenting region rep Tony Bishop with this V40 winner’s trophy

1st Alec Springer
2nd Ken Reith
3rd Ian Littley

Alec Springer, V50 winner

Top F2 Richie Thorn
Top F3 Chris Muirhead
Top F4 Jon Seals
Top F5 Nathan Powney

File 000

Richie Thorn, Chris Muirhead and Nathan Powney collecting their Top Formula trophies.

Overall series top 10

1st Tom Yardy
2nd Paul Robinson
3rd Kevin Hunt
4th Kit Jones
5th Ritchie Thorn
6th Mathew Dodd
7th Chris Lake
8th Ben Pugh
9th Mark Fletcher
10th Chris Bowater

File 000(10)
Overall series Top 3: Tom Yardy, Paul Robinson and Kevin Hunt.

Tom Yardy taking home the series shield, for the 13th time

A big thank you to Coventry model car club for hosting, and to Tony Bishop and Stuart Whyman for managing the series.