BRCA Mid West Regional 4WD round 4: Hinckley Model Car Club 2016

1/10th Off Road

For round 4 of the 4WD series we returned to Hinckley Model Car Club.  The track surface is grass, and due to the grip levels multiple tyre options were available.

The day started dry, and although the rain clouds looked threatening we managed to finish the meeting before the rain came in.


Track 1

Tom Yardy TQ’d all four rounds of qualifying with his Schumacher K2.  Phil Sleigh, running a charisma 4XS, was second in rounds one and two.
Mat Dodd was second in round 3 with his Schumacher K2. In round four Kevin Lee too the second slot running a PR SB401.
The round scores were as follows.

     Round 1               Round 2                 Round 3              Round 4
1    Tom Yardy           Tom Yardy             Tom Yardy           Tom Yardy
2    Phil Sleigh            Phil Sleigh             Mathew Dodd       Kevin Lee
3    Kit Jones              Kevin Lee             Keith Robertson    Keith Robertson
4    Andrew Jones       Keith Robertson    Tony Bishop          Mathew Dodd
5    Keith Robertson    Kit Jones              Kit Jones              Andrew Jones
6    Ben Pugh             Andrew Jones       Felix De Hamel     Kit Jones
7    Tony Bishop         Alec Springer        Chris Bowater      Ben Pugh
8    Alec Springer       Tony Bishop          Phil Sleigh           Chris Bowater
9    Mathew Dodd       Mathew Dodd        Steve Haskins     Steve Haskins
10    Chris Bowater    Steve Haskins       Dan Murphy        Alec Springer
1    Tom Yardy
2    Phil Sleigh
3    Kevin Lee
4    Mathew Dodd
5    Keith Robertson
6    Kit Jones
7    Andrew Jones
8    Tony Bishop
9    Ben Pugh
10    Alec Springer

Bottom 5 Overall

A final Leg one
Tom Yardy was the leg one winner, with Kevin Lee in second. Phil Sleigh was third followed by Keith Robertson, Tony Bishop, Mathew Dodd, Andrew Jones, Ben Pugh, Alec Springer and Kit Jones.

Track 1

A final Leg two
Tom Yardy won leg two, taking the over all meeting win. Kevin Lee was second, from Phil Sleigh, Kit Jones, Mathew Dodd, Andrew Jones, Keith Robertson, Tony Bishop, Alec Springer and Ben Pugh.

Track 2

A final Leg Three
Tom Yardy took leg three, with a 10 second lead over Kevin Lee. Kit Jones was third, followed by Phil Sleigh, Keith Robertson, Tony Bishop, Mathew Dodd, Alec Springer, Andrew Jones, Ben Pugh.

Track 3 

The A final overall result was as follows:
1.    Tom Yardy (Schumacher K2)
2.    Kevin Lee (PR SB401)
3.    Phil Sleigh (Carisma 4XS)
4.    Kit Jones (Schumacher K2)
5.    Keith Robertson (Carisma 4XS)
6.    Mathew Dodd (Schumacher K2)
7.    Tony Bishop (Yokomo YZ4)
8.    Andrew Jones (Schumacher K1)
9.    Alec Springer (Team C TM4)
10.    Ben Pugh (Kyosho ZX6)

BQ man was Chris Bowater, with his Losi XX4 2.0, followed by Felix De Hamel and Steve Haskins.

B Final Top 3
B Final Top 3

Final winners

B Final: Chris Bowater
C Final: Jamie Hall
D Final: Dom Nunn
E Final: Joshua Vincent

Daisy, representing Team Yardy
A big thank you to Hinckley model car club for hosting.
Some community announcements

As some of you may know Tony and Kay lost their dog Lilly suddenly earlier in the year. She had suffered heart failure.  Kay is running the Portsmouth 10 mile in aid of the charity Cavalier Matters, in honor of Lilly.

Kay will be collecting donations at future events, and has a just giving page if you’d prefer to donate that way.