Conway and Biscoe take the honours: BRCA EoE Round 3 Colchester

1/10th Off Road

Round 3 of the BRCA East of England took place on Sunday 1st May at CMCC’s Easthorpe venue just off the A12. The track is 100% grass, and despite the appearance in photos of being flat, it was far from this with many natural undulations.  

Colchester 1

A smaller track layout than last year but still making use of the plenty of the space the club has to lay a track and producing some great racing during the day. From the start line and over the loop the track headed into a tightening right hand bend before a sharp hairpin left opened out into a dog leg right, leading to an open hairpin right. From here the cars dealt with the natural undulations of the track whilst dealing with another dog leg, hairpin and flowing chicane leading the cars onto the back straight. The straight may not have been the monster effort of 2015 but it still gave the cars plenty of time to wind it up and allow many highspeed overtakes, throw into the mix the sharp dip just before the breaking zone for the fast open right hander. From here the undulations really came in with a couple of fast open left and right hand bends which caught a few drivers out as despite being fast also commanded respect from the drivers. This led drivers back over the loop to complete a lap of what proved a very fast flowing track with just enough natural features to keep the drivers on their toes.

With the mandatory drivers briefing completed, the weather looking good for the day ahead practice kicked off soon after 9am. With four rounds of qualifying and a drivers best two to count there is plenty of opportunity to find your perfect set up and give you the best chance to qualify as high as possible. There was some great close racing to watch, for although drivers are in effect racing against the clock we all get that feeling once on track of “I need to catch and pass that car in front of me” . Once the qualifying was complete the lucky ten in each class that were to race in the three leg finals were:
Qualifying top ten:
2wd 4wd
Danny Conway Danny Conway Jonathan Brown Steve Biscoe Lee Hedges Graham Kisby James Crockart Joe Howson Alex Carter Michael Spindley Ben Spindley James Crockart Michael Spindley John Myall Tony Price Ben Spindley Andrew Simpson Kristian Gibbs Ian Buck Lee Hedges
colchester 10
2wd Final winners
F Final 1st. Kacey Tinkler
E Final 1st.Matthieu Dambrine
D Final 1st. Craig Summers
C Final 1st. George Miller
B Final 1st. Nigel Buck

Colchester 2

A Final Overall 3 legs. 1st. Danny Conway 2nd. Jonathan Brown 3rd. Lee Hedges 4th. Michael Spindley 5th. Alex Carter 6th. James Crockart 7th. Ian Buck 8th. Ben Spindley 9th. Andrew Simpson 10th. Tony Price

Colchester 5
4wd Finals
E Final 1st.Carl Dufton
D Final 1st. Tony Archer
C Final 1st. Rob York
B Final 1st. Tony Price

Colchester 4

A Final Overall 3 legs. 1st. Steve Biscoe 2nd. Danny Conway 3rd. Graham Kisby 4th. Kristian Gibbs 5th. Michael Spindley 6th. John Myall 7th. James Crockart 8th. Ben Spindley 9th. Lee Hedges 10th. Joe Howson

Colchester 6Juniors.

In 2wd Connor Watkins continued from the last round by claiming the top Junior spot with a third in the B final, whilst Jody Howard was second top junior with a 9th in the B final and closely followed by third top junior Joe Howson who took 10th in the B final.

In 4wd Joe Howson continued his charge towards the championship with a 10th in the A final and with it top junior for the day, Jody Howard making a podium double for the day with second top junior by virtue of his C final 7th, and third top junior was Lucas May with his 5th in the E final.

There was some very close racing during not only the qualifying heats but through each final too. Steve Biscoe will feel some justice after some bad luck on the last lap at the last round at NBC cost him the chance of a win, with Danny Conway returning the favour making a couple of errors during the finals at this round allowing Steve to take full advantage and win.
Coming up to the half way point in the championship the top of the tables are looking like this. Danny looking for the double championship but Steve Biscoe is on home soil at the next round while in 2wd just six points cover the top five.

colchester 7

colchester 8

colchester 9