Conway and Brown share honours at Norfolk Buggy Club. East of England round 2

1/10th Off Road

Norfolk Buggy club were the hosts for round 2 of this years championship. A warm weekend was predicted by the met office but a heavy overnight downpour meant drivers were greeted to the sight of puddles being swept from a couple of areas of the track.

With booking in commencing and the NBC crew in action looking after the track we were ready for practice 1 just after 9am, surprisingly the areas of the track that were affected were now just loose dirt and the cars were coming off a lot cleaner than people had anticipated. By the end of practice the sun was out and drivers were now wondering if we would end the meeting with the dirt sections becoming dust, but all those fears were laid to rest for although some areas of grass wore away to dirt it became a “proper” off road track.

The track. From the start line the cars flew straight into an astroturf table top, dropping off the down ramp into a series of chicanes leading off to the grass bomb hole on the far left of the circuit, once out of this you had a quick right left flick, slow hairpin right before heading into an open left hander. A double hairpin then led drivers to a short dog leg left leading into an open right led you on to the back straight, a blast along here watching out for the tricky bump at the end, turn right, flick left and you were heading back towards the rostrum. A tight hairpin left, quick blast followed by an open right hand bend led drivers into a seemingly simple astro double, but hit the first hump a little too quick and you nose dived into the face of the second hump, once safely over these and you crossed the loop to complete a lap.


With the first two rounds complete Steve Biscoe had a perfect score in 4wd and was set for TQ, although Danny Conway gave it his best shot to wrestle pole spot away but would line up in second with the ever fast James Crockart in third. Joe Howson driving far beyond his junior status nicking the last spot in the three legged A final. In 2wd it was a little bit closer with four drivers realistically able to claim the pole position going into the last round, but 2015 champion and home specialist Jonathan Brown lined up first, James Crockart second with Nigel Buck in third. Connor Watkins after a poor start in rounds one and two soon got his head together to line up eigth.. A quick special mention to Tony Price who consistently races in both classes, takes many pictures and always has a smile on his face and normally lining up mid B final, well today he must have either been wearing his lucky underpants, had the lucky rabbits foot in his pocket or simply drove a superb qualifying and took a double 7th in both A finals. Well done Tony, fully deserved.

Top ten after four rounds of qualifying
2wd                              4wd
1. Jonathan Brown         1. Steve Biscoe
2. James Crockart          2. Danny Conway
3. Nigel Buck                 3. James Crockart
4. Alex Carter               4. Dave Evans
5. Ian Buck                   5. Jack Angus
6. Danny Conway           6. Paul Timberlake
7. Tony Price                 7. Tony Price
8. Daniel Usher              8. Anthony French
9. Connor Watkins          9. David Orbell
10. Adam Bowyer-Lowe 10. Joe Howson


D Final winner
2wd                   4wd
1. Shaun Turner 1. James Dobler
C Final winner
2wd 4wd
1. Craig Francis 1. Simon Hart
B Final winner
2wd 4wd
1. George Miller 1. Martin Long


2wd A Final leg 1. Pole man Jonathan Brown led away from the line and never really looked back to take the win, behind him James Crockart steadily opened up a gap from the chasing pack to cross the line in second . With a multiple battle for third with several chances it was Danny Conway who called on experience and claimed third.
2wd A Final leg 2. Once again Jonathan got the jump to open up a gap, but this time Danny Conway nipped through into second. Over the next four minutes with Jonathan maybe backing off a little and Danny pushing the gap between the pair closed, but around the four minute mark Danny made a small error which was enough for Jonathan to claim the leg and overall win, Danny second and Nigel Buck a loanly race to claim third.
2wd A Final leg 3. With Jonathan sitting this one out all was to play for the rest of the podium spots. Nigel Buck and James Crockart made the most of this to claim first and second in the leg on the now tricky track conditions. Danny once again crossing the line in third but would miss out on the overall top three.


4wd A Final leg 1. Steve Biscoe and Danny Conway pulled away at the start while the rest of the pack tripped over one another in third. Danny looked quicker than Steve but could not find a way past as Steve clipped every apex spot on. Danny tried a couple of moves and the pair touched, Steve once again got through before Danny tried to come out of the bomb hole quicker than Steve and landed on top of him, throwing Steve off line. Danny took off for the win with Steve second and David Orbell in third.
4wd A Final leg 2. An excellent leg of racing between the top two as once again they left the rest of the field behind them, and were nip and tuck for the next four and a half minutes. Steve tried a move and nipped through, Danny trying to get back through caught Steve but waited and let Steve back through, Danny tried again and this time made the move stick. Steve on the last lap through the last chicane made a move on Danny and led going over the double before the line, disaster struck as Steve had one of those horrible small roles that you just can’t explain, this allowed Danny through for the leg and overall win. Behind these two Dave Evans took third.
2wd A Final leg 3. A rather quite race after the previous two legs and Steve Biscoe was able to pull away and win the leg with ease by around 15seconds from David Orbell second, and James Crockart in third.
A Final top ten after three legs.
2wd 4wd
1 Jonathan Brown 1. Danny Conway
2. Nigel Buck 2. Steve Biscoe
3. James Crockart 3. David Orbell
4. Danny Conway 4. Dave Evans
5. Alex Carter 5. James Crockart
6. Ian Buck 6. Jack Angus
7. Connor Watkins 7. Tony Price
8. Adam Bowyer-Lowe 8. Paul Timberlake
9. Tony Price 9. Joe Howson
10. Daniel Usher 10. Anthony French

Juniors…..In 2wd Connor Watkins got off to a poor qualifying start in the first two rounds and was looking at poorer than expected final, however after grabbing the right tyres in rounds three and four he ended up qualifying 9th overall, and went even better by finishing 7th. Joe Howson picked up another solid result with 3rd in the B final, while Damien Andrews took 10th in the C final to finish third overall junior. Over in 4wd once again Joe Howson took a very solid 9th in the A final to finish top junior, Jody Howard qualified on pole in the B but sadly couldn’t convert it to the win, but did take 4th in the B final. James Dobler took the win in the C final to become third top junior. Some really competitive performances by the juniors and the future looks promising.