Conway’s double delight in the sun @ BRCA East of England Round 4 Coastal.

1/10th Off Road

Round 4 of the EoE took place on Sunday 5th June at Coastal Model Car Clubs Bourne Hill venue just off the A14. This was a first return to the venue which has sadly been missing from the EoE calendar the last couple of years, with some changes to not only the track but indeed a whole new committee.

The track is now a full astro track being described by many as the Monaco of the EoE series, more for the tight and twisty nature of the track rather than the harbour, money and glamorous women, although we did have the delightful Alex as our first female race director.
The track: From the start down the main straight you brake hard before a tight hairpin right, flick left and up over a crest gaining some air time if your slipper is set right. An open right hand hairpin sent you back down the fall into a double 90 degree left hander. From here there was a tricky section which had you heading away from the rostrum, then around a right hand bend, drop through a corkscrew before a short blast to the table top jump over the far side of the track. Another double right hand bend sent the drivers through the final series of bends which tightened as you went through them, heading to the wall of death, a quick flick off this and back down the straight to complete a lap of the Coastal circuit.


With practice complete it was straight into the first of four rounds of qualifying go underway soon after 10am. Danny Conway was on fire taking TQ in both 2wd and 4wd ahead of championship rival in 4wd Steve Biscoe, and home specialist George Fairweather in 2wd. A couple of special mentions must go out to juniors Jody Howard and Joe Howson who made both A finals in both classes, and in 4wd Simon Hart made his first (I believe) A final with his new PR Racing SB401, the other drivers that would be battling it out over the three legged A finals would be:

Qualifying top ten:
2wd                                 4wd

  1. Danny Conway        Danny Conway
  2. George Fairweather Steve Biscoe
  3. James Crockart       John Myall
  4. Nigel Buck              Jack Angus
  5. Ian Buck                David Orbell
  6. Alex Carter             Jody Howard
  7. Joe Howson            Joe Howson
  8. Jody Howard          Simon Overall
  9. Ben Spindley          Simon Hart
  10. Simon Overall         James Crockart

2wd Final winners
E Final 1st. Reggie Bloy
D Final 1st. David Bloy
C Final 1st. Adam Bowyer-Lowe
B Final 1st. Ben Hubbard


2wd A Final leg 1. A fairly clean start to the race saw Danny and George slowly pull a lead on the rest of the field with the length of the straight gap after the opening laps. George slowly reeled Danny in by the halfway point but made a mistake over the table top that required the assistance of a marshal giving Danny that all important breathing space. As the buzzer sounded it remained Danny from George, followed by James Crockart in third. A Final leg 2. Another clean start at the front of the field but sadly the last few cars all came together on the first corner effectively ending their chance of the win, as they came to the corkscrew for the first time George gave Danny a little tap but as ever a gentleman waited for Danny to retake the place. This leg George was all over Danny with James Crockart, Ian and Nigel buck hot on their heels. By the midway point Danny had started to ease out a lead over George and James but Nigel Buck was on a charge before a small error dropped him back into the pack. At the five minute mark Danny crossed the line to take the leg and overall win and possibly a killer blow in the championship race, George another solid second place and this time Ian Buck third to set up an interesting third leg for the podium spots. A Final Leg 3. With Danny sitting this one out George took full advantage and stormed out in front, James broke in the early laps possibly costing him a shot at the podium. George showing what could have been with an easy win, Nigel Buck an excellent second to pinch the final podium spot, and Junior Joe Howson a very mature drive to take third in the leg and top Junior with it.



A Final Overall 3 legs. 1st. Danny Conway 2nd. George Fairweather 3rd. Nigel Buck 4th. James Corckart 5th. Ian Buck 6th. Joe Howson 7th. Alex Carter 8th. Simon Overall 9th. Ben Spindley 10th. Jody Howard


4wd Finals
D Final 1st. Paul Tinkler
C Final 1st. Neil Newby
B Final 1st. Kristian Gibbs



4wd A Final Leg 1. A really clean start to this one with no crashes and after lap one the entire field crossed the line as a train. Slowly Danny started to pull away from Steve Biscoe who in turn pulled away from Jack Angus in third. By the half way stage it was turning into the Danny and Steve show as they nailed lap after lap without error to pull a half lap lead on the rest of the field. Coming into the closing stages the top two had lapped everyone up to fifth place, while David Orbell after a slow start was hammering in on Jack in third. As the buzzer went Danny took yet another leg win of the day, Steve in second and the pressure told as Jack rolled in third to allow David to claim the third spot. A Final Leg 2. Yet another clean start but half way around the lap John Myall and Jack made small mistakes while Danny and Steve had already gained some 15-20 metres on the field. A rather uneventful final saw Danny take the class double by claiming his fourth leg win and surly put himself in control of the 4wd championship. Steve again settled for second while John Myall showed some great pace and claimed third in the leg. A Final Leg 3. Steve Biscoe as George had in 2wd showed what could have been by pulling away at the start, this time Jack Angus followed him towing John Myall behind them both. John soon got past Jack and set about chasing Steve at the front. Jody Howard made a superb start and slotted in to fourth place showing some real pace and was all over Jack who had the straight line speed but Jody was quicker through the twisty sections, both in turn reeling John in. With a minute left Steve was out so far in front he was considering a tea break while behind him the heat was on with Jack, John and Jody all getting very close. John made a small error and Jack nipped through with Jody waiting to pounce if they took each other out. As the final buzzer of the day sounded Steve took the leg win and second overall, Jack held off a late charge from John to take second in leg and third overall from John on countback, Jody a super drive claiming fourth in leg, sixth overall and top junior.

A Final Overall 3 legs. 1st. Danny Conway 2nd. Steve Biscoe 3rd. Jack Angus 4th. John Myall 5th. David Orbell 6th. Jody Howard 7th. Simon Overall 8th. Joe Howson 9th. James Crockart 10th. Simon Hart

In 2wd Joe Howson and Jody Howard lined up side by side in the A final meaning there would be a straight fight for the overall junior win, Joe got the upper hand curtesy of his 6th place finish while Jody finished 8th overall, Connor Watkins had an off day by his standards taking 9th in the B final and third top junior for the day.


In 4wd it would be a repeat of the 2wd with Joe and Jody again lining up next to one another in the A final, it was a closer affair this time and Jody made it one all for the day by taking 6th in the A final and top 4wd junior for the day, while Joe was a close 8th overall and second top junior. James Dobler took third top junior with a very respectable 7th place in the C final.


The half way stage in the championship and Danny looks to have a hand on the championship double but a decent showing from the chasing pack at the next round could throw the championships wide open. In the 2wd junior championship Joe Howson holds the slenderest of leads over Connor Watkins with Jody Howard a comfortable third. In 4wd again Joe Howson is at the top going for the double championship but Jody Howard will not give up without a fight and sits just two points behind, James Dobler is holding a superb third place but there are drivers who have drop scores to come into play. A lot to play for as we head in to round five before a double header in the last two weekends at the end of July.

2wd R44wd R4