Day 2 EFRA 2015 2WD Euros

1/10th Off Road

Day 2 of 2WD has begun so here we go

End of official Practice 1

IMG 05701

Well over a 5 minute run it was Hupo Honigl the Serpent driver that was quickest.  Over one lap is was close between Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann among others.
Many of the superstar drivers changed tyres half way through the run to scrub for qualifying.
The track is very slippery this morning and the wind is stronger too.
Practice 2 under way

End of official Practice 2

IMG 0574

Nothing really changed here – the quick guy are still quick.
The best 2 lap times only seeded the heats within the heats. Nothing else.

Round 1 Qualifying

IMG 0576

IMG 0576

Round one was taken by Lee Martin with a flawless drive.
Neil Cragg was a close 2nd.
Hupo Honigl drove excellent to take 3rd.
You can see the rest here

Round 2 Qualifying

IMG 05781

IMG 05791

Starts with heat 4 through to heat 3
Neil Cragg fastest in round so one a piece for him and Lee Martin

Round 3 Qualifying

IMG 0580

IMG 0580

IMG 0580

Well that was exciting.
Lee Martin and Marc Rheinard had a great battle.
Marc was just amazing on the flat stuff but he is not used to the big jumps….lol.
In all seriousness, a great race between them to go 1st and 2nd.
Neil Cragg was 3rd and you can see all the results for the round and the current overnight standings above.