Day 2 EFRA 2015 4WD Euros

1/10th Off Road

Day 2
Today will have 2 rounds of controlled practice.
All starts at 9am followed by 3 qualifying rounds for 4WD.
1 free practice round and 2 more qualifying rounds on Saturday morning followed by the finals.

All times subject to change of course.

The schedule :

IMG 06321

Live results here

The weather forecast is very good so fingers crossed.

Round 1 of Controlled Practice
Just been completed.
All the top runners listed below.
The track is slower than yesterday but the sun is out and will get quicker very soon.
David Ronnefalk was the quickest from Martin Wollanka, Neil Cragg, Jorn Neumann and Lee Martin.
Super close though
Round 2 is now under way

IMG 0638

IMG 0638

IMG 0638

Round 2 of Controlled Practice
Well we saw a new face on the top of the timing sheets time round.
Martin Wollanka with his XRay car is looking super hot.
Joseph Quagraine (JQ as he is known) also showned some of his race pace to be 2nd quickest on 2 laps.
Neil Cragg as always is there is there abouts.
The rest will be posted here soon 

IMG 06411

IMG 06421

IMG 06431

Round 1 Qualifying:
Well round 1 has some controversy as someone has been suspected in using a cleaner/additive.  This is on going!
Michal Orlowski set a blistering time to go TQ for round 1.
Neil Cragg 2nd and Lee Martin 3rd.
The rest below

IMG 06441

IMG 06451

IMG 06461

IMG 06471

Round 2 of Qualifying:
Neil Cragg set the pace from Jorn Neumann

IMG 0649

IMG 0650

IMG 0651

David Church: Loving the commentary

IMG 06481

Round 3 of Qualifying:

Round 3 of Qualifying 1

Round 3 of Qualifying 1

Round 3 of Qualifying 1

Round 3 of Qualifying 1