Day 3 EFRA 2015 2WD Euros

1/10th Off Road

Day 3
We have 2 qualifiers today plus all the finals.
The day we grown the new European Champion 



Round 4 Qualifying
With 2 rounds to go anyone can TQ.  2 from 5 to count.
The heats are rotated every round so there is no unfair advantage on the track.
Round 4 starts with heat 10 through to heat 9.
Anyone but anyone can do well on the 2nd day of qualifying.
Results of the top guys here

Round 4 Qualifying

Round 5 Qualifying
This final round is run in reverse order.  12-1
Lee Martin has TQ in the bag already and will be starting from pole.
All other position to be decided.
This is how it panned out.

Round 5 Qualifying 1

Round 5 Qualifying 2

First round of finals:

IMG 0597

IMG 0598

IMG 0599

IMG 0600

IMG 0601

IMG 0602

Other Final Results:

A Final leg 3

A Final leg 3

A Final leg 3

A Final leg 3

A Final leg 3

A Final leg 3

Overall Results A-Final: Lee Martin crowned European Champion

overall A Final Results

Award Ceremony:

Top 3


Top 3