Howson and Conway crowned 4wd champions…..East of England round 5 2016 at Bowyer-Lowe.

1/10th Off Road

Round 5 of the EoE championship saw the bandwagon roll into Kings Lynn at the Bowyer-Lowe raceway, this being the second year they have held a regional on their grass track with many “man made” natural jumps, bumps and a bank bend.


The track:- From the start you head down the straight into a 180 degree right hand bend with a small left hand dogleg on the exit. From here you head up and over the step up mountain, turn sharp left when you reach the summit and drop off the side. You then head off to the far left of the track which had a sweeping right hand bend with two grass humps to slow you up and possibly cause you a dead stop if you approached too fast. After this you had a 90 degree right hand bend heading onto the back straight facing another double and a step up jump, sweep around to the right and down the slope before a quick right flick, over a bunny hop, left hairpin and a quick blast back across the towards the rostrum. Heading into the last third of the lap you first faced a small bank bend followed by a drop down/up mid chicane then raced off away to the far right hand side of the track, a couple of small mounds, head up and down (hopefully) the bank, through the right, left, right flick, over another bunny hop then race down to the corner table top, turn right dropping off to complete a lap.


Qualifying. After practice was complete and the final heat listing published it was into the first round of qualifying. The weather had started of bright but some ominous clouds kept hovering overhead so drivers were trying to get some decent runs in incase mother nature threw a spanner in the works. Luckily for most she was being kind and apart from one heavy downpour midway through a round which threw up some interesting end of round results, by the end of qualifying most people end up in the finals they expected to be. Top qualifier in 2wd was Nigel Buck, with championship leader Danny Conway sitting just behind in second and Jonathan Brown in third. Over in 4wd Danny Conway continued his march towards the championship by taking pole, Steve Biscoe sat just behind in second while Graham Kisby had some superb runs to take third place on the grid. The rest of the A final qualifiers hoping for a shot at glory were


2wd                                                                               4wd

  1. 1.Nigel Buck                                                         1.Danny Conway
  2. 2.Danny Conway                                                  2.Steve Biscoe
  3. 3.Jonathan Brown                                                3.Graham Kisby
  4. 4.Joe Howson                                                       4.John Myall
  5. 5.Simon Overall                                                   5. Jack Angus
  6. 6.Ian Buck                                                            6. David Evans
  7. 7.Steve Biscoe                                                     7. Joe Howson
  8. 8.Alex Carter                                                       8.Simon Miller
  9. 9.James Crockart                                                9. James Crockart
  10. 10.Connor Watkins                                            10. Simon Overall.




2wd Winners

D Final – Damien Andrews

C Final – Dean Andrews

B Final – Carl Nunn

A Final – Leg 1 From the off and into the first turn Danny just touched pole man Nigel which spun him around and in turn threw Danny out of rhythm, as the field approached the mountain for the first time it was carnage with cars falling in all directions. At the close of the first minute Danny had managed to pull himself back up to second but a mistake through the doubles again dropped him back. Around one and a half minutes in and Alex Carter keeping his nose clean storming through the field to take up the lead with a recovering Nigel Buck in second and Connor Watkins following Alex’s example and came from tenth place to slot into third. Around the half stage and Alex was building up a little lead for himself with Danny in pursuit, when Alex made a small error it allowed Danny to close in a little but he in turn had Nigel all over the back of his Team C and Joe Howson making quiet progress was now in fourth. Four minutes down and Nigel was trying everything to get past Danny, including taking the double as a single and actually landing in front of Danny to take second, sadly for him his glory was short lived as a small mistake and Danny was back through into second. Five minutes gone and as everyone crossed the line it was Alex taking a deserved win, Danny in second, Nigel in third and Joe Howson right behind in fourth.

Leg 2 – A lot cleaner start to this leg and they led pretty much in grid order although Alex was making a bid for total glory and by the end of the first minute was already up to the mid pack runners. Mid point and Nigel was still leading although Danny was slowly reeling him in while Joe Howson was again on a great run and now in third. Three minutes down and Nigel had a lap from hell allowing Danny to take the lead, but after getting his head together he set about chasing Danny down, Joe was having a solid race in third and Alex continued his march and was now in fourth. As they crossed the line for the last time in this leg Danny took the win ahead of Nigel in second, Joe Howson in third. An interesting leg three beckoned

Leg 3 – This leg was about the juniors in the final as Joe Howson drove a superb race to take a comfortable leg win, Connor Watkins was laying third until a minute to go before a roll cost him a couple of spots. Danny Conway had dropped out of this leg early so had to wait and see where his rivals finished. Nigel Buck came home in a solid second and Alex Carter another storming drive to take third in the leg.

With a tense wait to see what the scores and times left us with it was a very surprised Danny Conway who took the overall win with 3 points, the next three drivers all on 4 points. Second would go to Joe Howson who along with Alex Carter had a leg win but Joe’s time was some 14 seconds quicker. Pole man Nigel Buck would be the unlucky one for although being consistent in the finals and ending on 4 points he had ‘only’ a second place finish compared to Joe and Alex with their leg wins.

2wd A final overall results.

  1. 1.Danny Conway
  2. 2.Joe Howson
  3. 3.Alex Carter
  4. 4.Nigel Buck
  5. 5.Ian Buck
  6. 6.Connor Watkins
  7. 7.Simon Overall
  8. 8.James Crockart
  9. 9.Steve Biscoe
  10. 10.Jonathan Brown




With Joe Howson’s second place overall in the A final he was to take the top 2wd Junior for the meeting, Connor Watkins will be happy with his sixth place overall in the A final and was second top junior, Jody Howard took third in the B final and with it was third top junior for the day in 2wd.



4wd Winners

C Final – David Foulger

B Final – Martin Long

A Final – leg 1 Everyone seemed a bit on edge going around the first lap and resulting in everyone tripping over one another, as the first lap was checked off the list Danny Conway led from Steve Biscoe and Simon Millar through from eight on the grid slotting to third. After the early errors the drivers seemed to settle down and try as he did Steve could not find a way past Danny so these two crossed the line in that order with Joe Howson seemingly getting faster with every passing final and took third in the leg.

Leg 2 – Another error strewn first lap with most of the field getting into trouble at some point in the early stages, a couple of drivers keeping clean were John Myall and Graham Kisby. Disaster struck Graham who whilst leading broke his Team C and would have to sit the other remaining final out. John continued in the lead with that man Joe Howson right behind in second and Simon Miller in third Dave Evans fourth and Jack Angus in fifth. Deep into the race and John Myall rolled it over the Mountain allowing Joe through into first who then in turn rolled over the back straight thus leaving Simon Miller in the lead. Promoted up to second from tenth place on the grid was Simon Overall who was now looking to put the pressure on Miller. In turn Joe, Dave, Jack and Danny were all now pressing the front pair. Nerves seemed to get to Simon Miller who rolled it allowing Simon Overall through and while the rest of the field did their best not to win Simon kept his head for the leg win. Second out of the carnage was Steve Biscoe and third was a recovering Simon Miller.

Leg 3 – A change for this final as everyone got away cleanly but coming down the main straight Jack Angus car caught a divot and launched itself into a barrel roll that would make anyone feel sick, the car continued down the straight, cleared the raised penalty area and ended up deep into the woods. The marshal wearing shorts decided that Jack could go in search after the final buzzer, a wise choice with all of the nettles around. While this was all going on Danny, Steve and Joe had built up a ten second lead over the rest of the chasing pack. Half way in and Steve had taken over at the front after Danny made a mistake costing him some time, Danny was looking quicker but Steve was hugging the apex and not giving any room for Danny to squeeze through.   Onto what would be the last lap and one Steve would want to forget, firstly jumping up the mountain Steve nosedived into the face of the up ramp, his car stopping dead allowing Danny to simply jump over him and into the lead, then coming up to the last corner Steve’s car died allowing Joe Howson through into second, luckily for Steve only these three had passed the line before the buzzer sounded.

With the scores added up Danny took the double with Steve settling for second overall, Simon Overall and Joe Howson were tied for third on points but Simon got the nod over Joe courtesy of his leg win.


4wd A final overall results.

  1. 1.Danny Conway
  2. 2.Steve Biscoe
  3. 3.Simon Overall
  4. 4.Joe Howson
  5. 5.Simon Miller
  6. 6.James Crockart
  7. 7.David Evans
  8. 8.John Myall
  9. 9.Jack Angus
  10. 10.Graham Kisby



With his fantastic fourth overall in the A final Joe Howson claimed a double by being top 4wd Junior. Again Jody Howard would be second top junior by claiming an excellent third in the B final and James Dobler was third top junior with a fantastic ninth in the B final.


**** Double Champions ****

With all the championship tables added up Danny Conway was crowned 2016 4wd champion, while in the juniors Joe Howson wrapped up the 4wd Junior championship. Congratulations to them both and can anyone stop them both claiming the championship double by taking the 2wd crowns?