Howson & Conway make it a double - EoE Round 6 @ Herts

1/10th Off Road

Round 6 of the BRCA East of England Regional series headed to the Herts electric track which could see the 4wd main and junior championships crowned. There was also the small matter of drivers wanting to get a decent score in to give themselves a shot at the championship podium.

The track is 100% astro with some man made features. Since our last visit the electric track has undergone some major changes which although resulting in less width to the track area it was no less technical. From the line you headed down the now shorter straight into a sharp left hand turn and along a second straight heading away from the rostrum and up the bank. A double left with a quick dogleg led you into a 90 degree right, over a bunny hop and straight into an opening left hander, through a quick open chicane and up onto the mini corner table top. Once this section was successfully negotiated you dropped off the tabletop, turned right and headed back up the hill via another straight with a very fast chicane to catch you out. From here a double left sent you back down the hill into a double 90 degree right left before facing the small double which caught a lot of drivers out either overshooting or belly flopping the second jump. Into a double hairpin and two small straights split with a sharp right hander sent you to the new and larger corner tabletop which had a hairpin left on the up ramp dropping off here and along the straight to complete a lap.

Herts 15

The numbers may have been down on the previous rounds but the action was not as the early qualifying heats got under way. After the four rounds of qualifying were complete it was Danny Conway who would line up on pole, with Ian Buck second, and Simon Overall a superb third. Joe Howson would make the A final lining up fifth and with his championship rival in the B final Joe would be assured of taking the 2wd junior crown to add to his 4wd title won just two weeks ago. Over in 4wd Steve Biscoe was having a quiet day but still lined up on pole, with Paul Timberlake second and John Myall having a good run in third.

The rest of the A finals would line up as follows.

2wd                    4wd
1.Danny Conway   1.Steve Biscoe
2.Ian Buck            2.Paul Timblerlake
3.Simon Overall    3.John Myall
4.Nigel Buck         4.Kristian Gibbs
5.Joe Howson          5.Jack Angus
6.Stuart Collard       6.James Wright
7.Darren Windsor    7.Simon Overall
8.Tony Price           8.Joe Howson
9.Ben Spindley       9.Michael Spindley
10.Antonio Gomez 10.Pete Palmer

Herts 4
2wd Final results
C Final 1st. Dean Andrews 2nd. Shaun Turner 3rd. Alan Day 4th.Damien Andrews 5th.Kelvin Groom 6th.Sarah Andrews 7th.Anislie Andrews

Herts 7

B Final 1st. Adam Bowyer-Lowe 2nd. Michael Spindley 3rd. George Miller 4th.Chris Pennington 5th.Daniel Usher 6th.Sam Bradshaw 7th.Jody Howard 8th.Craig Summers 9th.Andrew Simpson 10th.Chris Hampson

Herts 11

2wd A Final leg 1. After a scrappy opening lap it was Danny Conway leading closely followed by Joe Howson in a superb second place. Onto the second lap and Danny rolled it allowing Joe to take up the lead followed through by Ian Buck, Nigel Buck in third, Simon Overall fourth and a recovering Danny in fifth. At the two minute mark and Joe was still leading but now chased by Nigel after Ian had made a mistake, Danny was now in fourth and Simon still holding a top five finish while the rest of the field struggled to get to grips with the track and tripped over one another. The top three started to pull away and closed in on the back markers which unsettled Joe allowing Ian through into the lead, Nigel still in third, Danny fourth and Darren Windsor who although on his home track had a disastrous start and was now charging through and had settled into fifth. As they crossed the line Ian took a great leg win, with Joe an excellent second, Nigel third, Danny fourth and Darren fifth.

Leg2. A much cleaner start to this one and Danny Conway got away at the front with Ian in second and Tony Price showing some class in third. Danny made a mistake over the small double hump allowing Ian though and in return the following lap Ian made a similar mistake at the same point and allowed Danny to retake the lead. Nigel was now inn third and Joe Howson another strong showing in fourth. A couple of minutes ticked off the race and Danny and Ian were in turn stretching out a lead over each other and the rest of the field, Nigel having a loanly race in third, Darren Windsor in fourth, Simon Overall fifth with Joe Howson slipping back to sixth. At the finish no one had made any real moves except Simon demoting Darren down a place and this was how the top three finished, Danny, Ian, Nigel.

Leg 3. With this being a vital leg to not only decide this meeting but also the destination of the 2wd championship it would be important to get a good start, and a good start it was for Danny who was clean away, sadly for Ian and the remainder of the pack it was less so. Ian made a mistake half way around lap one and set off a chain reaction that saw Joe Howson roll, Darren Windsor stuck on the hose and most other drivers rubbing paint. As the laps were reeled off and the field settled Danny was still out in front, Nigel second and Ian in third who needed to get passed his brother and set about chasing Danny. Two minutes down and Danny was comfortable with Danny, Nigel, Ian, Simon and Darren with the lower five all bunched together. Darren tried to muscle his way past Simon using his home knowledge to pick his opportunity. Into the closing stages and third, fourth and fifth were now locked together and Ian overshot the main straight costing him valuable time and third place to Simon. As they crossed the line Danny Conway took the leg win, the overall win and claimed the 2wd championship. Nigel in second and Simon Overall a solid third place finish. Joe Howson could not quite follow up his excellent first leg second place finish with a brace of sixth place finishes to claim fifth place overall, but with that result he would join Danny in claiming a 2wd crown.

With all the scores tallied up the results were as follows:
2wd A final Overall after 3 legs.
1st. Danny Conway 2nd. Ian Buck 3rd. Nigel Buck 4th. Simon Overall 5th. Joe Howson 6th. Darren Windsor 7th. Stuart Collard 8th. Tony Price 9th. Ben Spindley 10th. Antonio Gomez.

Herts 39Herts 38

4wd Finals
C Final 1st. Ashley Kew 2nd. Paul Tinkler 3rd. James Dobler 4th.Simon Watson

Herts 21

B Final 1st. Ben Spindley 2nd. Graham Kisby 3rd. Martin Long 4th.Jody Howard 5th.Chris Pennington 6th.Stuart Collard 7th.Simon Miller 8th.Carl Dufton 9th.Darren Pollard 10th.Tony Price

Herts 23

4wd A Final leg 1. A good clean start to the triple A final and it was pole man Steve Biscoe who headed the field away, with Paul Timblerlake in second, James Wright third and Jack Angus fourth. Apart from a small error from Paul which allowed James through in to second it was a largely uneventful final. The main battle on track was clearly the battle for second with Paul trying all the moves on James and finally made it stick towards the end of the race. Steve Biscoe won the leg, with Paul second, James third and Kristian Gibbs fourth.
4wd A Final leg 2. A messy start to this leg but again Steve Biscoe made the jump while the rest of the field made tripped over one another. Steve slowly pulled a lead over the rest of the pack and gradually everyone else settled down into something like an order. At the buzzer Steve crossed the line to wrap up the leg win, overall win and confirmed his runner up spot in the championship. Paul Timberlake with another strong showing picking up another second place and John Myall a better showing this time in third. Kristian Gibbs another fourth place in the bag while Jack Angus took fifth.
4wd A Final leg 3. Steve Biscoe deciding he wanted to try the hat trick of wins, or maybe trying something different for this leg? Whatever it was it was working as Steve simply streaked away at the front and was on for his fastest time so far, Paul also going for a hat trick of seconds and was putting some space between himself and the rest of the field. John Myall was sitting on a solid third if he could bring it home while Jack Angus was trying to put the moves on John. As they came across the line Steve had snuck through to put a lap on the rest of the field and confirm his dominance while Paul took second in leg and overall, Kristian Gibbs improving his starting position in this leg by taking third and demoting John Myall to fourth.
With all the scores tallied up this was how the top ten faired.
4wd A final Overall after 3 legs.
1st. Steve Biscoe 2nd. Paul Timberlake 3rd. John Myall 4th. Kristian Gibbs 5th. James Wright 6th. Jack Angus 7th. Joe Howson 8th. Pete Palmer 9th. Michael Spindley 10th. Simon Overall.

Herts 41

Herts 40

Over in the Junior championship 2wd was taken by Joe Howson who took a very solid 5th overall in the A final, while Jody Howard again putting in a very good performance with 7th in the B final and Damien Andrews his best result of the year with third overall. Over in the 4wd class Joe Howson made it another double by taking 7th overall in the A final, Jody Howard the runner up with a 4th place B final spot and James Dobler another solid drive during the day and claimed 3rd top junior with a 3rd place in the C final.

The series headed to Boughton Raceway for the last round of the year just a week later.