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1/10th Off Road

Starting with 2WD Monday
See reports below by Mr Evdoka

Well here we are.
The long awaited European Championships in the UK at Robin Hood Raceway.
13 heats and drivers from so many European countries.
The weather is superb. Shh!! ?

Monday morning and everyone is real keen.


Round 1
Practice has started and after the first round, Lee Martin, David Ronnefalk and Neil Cragg are the quick guys.

Round 2 is now under way.
Track I have to say is simply awesome and its grooving up.
Lap time much quicker than round 1.

Round 3 and the track getting even quicker.
In fact over a sec a lap quicker.
Neil Cragg posted a 20.04 sec lap which is just incredible compared to everyone else.
Brewing up for a great event.
The wind is up and could affect the cars over the big jump…..

Round 4
Everyone is getting quicker.  The fine changes that drivers make are just unreal.
There are drivers talking 0.5mm here and there.
On dirt it all makes a big difference.
Neil Cragg look real good again as did Lee Martin and Tom Cockrill.

Round 5
Round 5 of practice is now done and dusted and the top runners have been scrubbing tyres in for qualifying tomorrow.
The tyres seem to be better after a run or in some cases after two runs.
The lap times are down to low 21 sec laps.  Tom Cockerill looked super consistent last round.
Savoyer looked good as did Ronnefalk.  Lee and Neil seemed to be scrubbing tyres while Jorn was swapping car mid heat.

Round 6
Round 6 is under way
Best 2 laps to count and it was Lee Martin from Jorn Neuman from Neil Cragg.  These guys are simply super quick.

All the countries on display – proud moments for many