Mid West Regional 4WD round 1: Kidderminster Model Car Club

1/10th Off Road

The first meeting of the 2017 regional series was hosted by Kidderminster Model Car Club. With the weather forecast predicting sunshine it was the perfect start to the season.




Since last years series there have been a couple of changes to the meeting format. Drivers briefing now takes place before practice, and drivers are required to marshal the practice heats.



There has also been a change to the way marshals switch between heats. Marshals are now required to stay on their positions until the drivers in the following heat complete their warm up laps. When 30 seconds is called all cars must be on the line, and marshals are free to switch. This means that no cars are circulating whilst people are in the track.




The track layout chosen was last used in 2006, for a national. 




Every racers nightmare, dropping something small onto grass.



With a consistently dry track throughout qualifying we saw a pretty consistent top 10 in all four rounds. The new nominated tyre of Schumacher Darts was the favourite amongst the drivers. Even when worn the tyres provided plenty of grip.


Individual round scores were as follows.




This year the region will also trial running a 2WD guest heat at 4WD meetings.




After four rounds of qualifying the top 10 was as follows:




A final Leg one

Tom Yardy took the first leg win, with a 9 second in front of Paul Robinson in second. Mathew Dodd was third, followed by Kit Jones, Chris Bowater, Ben Pugh, Kevin Lee, Chris Lake, Tony Bishop and Felix De Hamel.



A final Leg two

Leg two saw the same top four, with Kevin Lee taking fifth place, followed by Tony Bishop, Chris Bowater, Chris Lake, Felix De Hamel and Ben Pugh.


A final Leg Three

With Tom Yardy winning the first two legs he took the overall meeting win. He also won leg three, followed by Paul Robinson, Kevin Lee, Kit Jones, Chris Lake, Ben Pugh, Chris Bowater, Tony Bishop, Mathew Dodd and Felix De Hamel.

The overall results were as follows:

1st Tom Yardy

2nd Paul Robinson

3rd Mathew Dodd

4th  Kevin Lee

5th Kit Jones

6th Chris Bowater

7th Ben Pugh

8th Chris Lake

9th Tony Bishop

10th Felix De Hamel


Final winners


Guest 2WD Final: Pete Lyons

B Final: James Evans

C Final: Andy Mountford

D Final: Rob Shaw

E Final: Andrew Duncombe

F Final: Thomas Dunham

G Final: Jack Grainger



A big thank you to the members of Kidderminster Model Car Club, to Stuart Whyman for running the meeting, and to Kay for feeding everyone.