Telford Round 4 Report AND End Of Season News!

1/10th Off Road

2016 British Radio Car Association National Championship
Telford – July 16th (2wd) and 17th (4wd) – Round 4 of 5

Telford Model Car Club
The Telford club held a National event last year for the first time after the club got a new lease of life and enthusiasm.
Headed by experienced racer Tony Bishop, the club presented us with a good looking track, surroundings and facilities.
Let’s go racing

2016 Telford National 2wd1

2016 Telford National 2wd3

2016 Telford National 2wd4

Everything painted and prepared…..becoming normality for clubs to prepare this way for National events

2wd Event – Saturday

The weather was warm ish!  Some drizzle in the air and forecast was rain mid day! (so all the smartphones said)

Round 1 was upon us really quickly and a close battle between Neil Cragg and Tom Yardy.  The Schumacher car of Tom Yardy took the TQ.  Lee Martin had some good last laps in his heat to take 2nd and Neil Cragg 3rd.  All very close indeed.  Simon Moss in at 4th which was really good as he hasn’t been racing as much the last few weeks for various reasons.  Danny McGee 5th .

12 near full heats and round 2 seemed to come round so quickly.  Simon Moss was qualifying out of heat 10 so was going first out of the favourites for the event.  He had a great run with many 21 sec laps but an unfortunate 4 sec error on one of the laps convinced him that he missed the opportunity of round 2 TQ.  Lee Martin and Neil Cragg to come amongst others like Tom Yardy and Danny McGee all ready to snatch that top spot for the round.  Tom Yardy would only achieve 5th in round.  Lee Martin poor by his standards with only 4th in round.  Simon was beginning to believe!  Danny McGee got a 3rd in round.  Neil Cragg was attacking the track with intent but in a controlled manner and didn’t do as many 21 sec laps like Simon but his consistency was relentless lap after lap.  It was going to be ever so close.  I looked down at the screen and had to look twice to confirm to myself that in fact Neil set the identical time as Simon did 2 heats beforehand.  Both with a 14/5m7.55.  Wow!  Doesn’t get any better in any form of racing when it’s really that close. T hey both score a ‘zero’ by the way.

Round 3 got under way and one could sense that Neil Cragg was on a high from his racing the week before where he managed a podium finish at the 1/8th European Championships.  Good job!
He was driving beautifully and set another TQ for round 3.  Danny McGee was the dark horse in this event as he came through and went 2nd in round.  Tom Yardy with a 3rd, Craig Collinson with a 4th and Kevin Lee with a 5th in round.

Last round and it was a shootout between 3 guys for the honour of pole in the main A Final.  Simon went first and set an OK time by his standards.  Tom Yardy would attack the track as did Neil Cragg.  Tom came through and TQed round 4 with a great time. Both Tom and Neil would be scoring 2 TQ rounds and it was all down to the fastest time. Tom set a time of 14/5m7.87 so by virtue of 0.28 of a sec Neil’s time was just by the smallest margins quicker and he took pole for the main A Final.  Tom would line up 2nd, Simon 3rd, Danny 4th, Lee martin 5th.

A Final 2wd Line-Up

2wd a final


** Tristram Neal makes his first ever National A Final – Well done Trish

2016 Telford National 2wd30

2016 Telford National 2wd104

2016 Telford National 2wd105

2016 Telford National 2wd106

2016 Telford National 2wd107

2016 Telford National 2wd110

2016 Telford National 2wd108

2016 Telford National 2wd112

2016 Telford National 2wd111

2016 Telford National 2wd113

Finals Leg 1 A Main From the pole position Neil drove a great race and never let anyone get close too close. Tom also drove superbly too and closed the gap to under a second but didn’t have a chance to make a move on Neil. Danny McGee was 3rd closely followed by Lee Martin. Fastest lap of leg 1 goes to Lee Martin 21.56.

L Final was won by Tyler Liddle
K Final was won by Matthew Peters
J Final was won by John Langley
I Final was won by Joseph Cockill
H Final was won by Gareth Stanton

Leg 2 A Main Leg 2 and as always everyone knows 2 wins and the honours are all done and dusted. Neil off to a flyer. Tom didn’t challenge this leg and it was down to Simon Moss to take up the quest in hunting down Neil Cragg. Fast lap after fast lap but the consistency of the Associated man was to prevail at this event. Neil took another win and with that a 131 the highest score for an event. Simon Moss 2nd in the leg, Danny 3rd. Fastest lap in leg 2 goes to Simon Moss 21.49.

G Final was won by Nathan Ralls
F Final was won by Chris Moody
E Final was won by Chris Delves
D Final was won by Allan O’Brien
C Final was won by Ben Jemison
B Final was won by Chris Lake

Leg 3 A main Neil already won the event and was racing for the bragging rights of the fastest lap of the meeting. He threw it at the track with nothing to lose! A few errors by the winner let Simon Moss through to go on and take leg 3 win. Neil Cragg chasing him down in 2nd with Lee Martin in at 3rd. Great racing all round but the bragging rights for the fastest lap will go to Neil Cragg on a 21.44

Full overall results below

A Final 2wd Result after 3 legs

A Final result 2wd

2016 Telford National 2wd99

Mr Cragg had to pay a small visit to the hospital over the weekend!!
Has the picture below anything to do with it I ask myself?
All for the love of the sport

DSC 1836 768x512

Picture taken from
I’m sure Phil won’t mind 

Your Winners

2016 Telford National 2wd114

2016 Telford National 2wd115

2016 Telford National 2wd116

2016 Telford National 2wd117

2016 Telford National 2wd118



2016 Telford National 2wd121

Simon Moss – Neil Cragg – Danny McGee

2016 Telford National 2wd124

Simon Moss (Yokomo) – Neil Cragg (Associated) – Danny McGee (Schumacher)

2016 Telford National 2wd125 1

Neil Cragg – TQ and Win

4wd Event – Sunday

The track Like mentioned many times it has become normality to change the track from the 2wd day to a new look for the 4wd day.

This was to be the 4wd layout at Telford.

2016 Telford National 2wd7

2016 Telford National 2wd6

No rain the day before so who can trust the weather forecasts anyway! For the Sunday the forecast was hot and sunny although windy! A dry National racing day!! Really!! Let’s race

Qualifying rounds
Well who out of the usual suspects was to prevail today…..let’s find out.
Simon Moss again was at it.  He opened up his account with a big fat zero in round one.  Neil Cragg a very close 2nd, Tom Yardy 3rd with Lee Marin 4th and Craig Collinson 5th.

Round 2 came and again Simon Moss was stamping his authority on this 4wd event by taking 3 secs off his previous fastest time.  Tom Yardy comes through to take 2nd in round with Neil in at 3rd.  Lee another 4th and Danny McGee the 2wd podium finisher in at 5th.

Now into round 3 and things were getting interesting because it was Neil that took the round TQ but didn’t beat Simons round 2 time.   Lee Martin came through to 2nd in round, Tom Yardy 3rd, Kevin Lee in at 4th and Chris Doughty in at 5th.

Showdown once again for the TQ as round 4 got under way.  Simon was going first out of the potential overall TQ contenders and went even faster than his own fastest time to set the bar at 13/5m10.59.  An error free run too!  It was Lee Martin that got 2nd in the round with Tom Yardy 3rd, Danny McGee 4th and Craig Collinson 5th.  It has to be said that the other contenders for the overall TQ came and tried and never even got close. Simon’s time was a near exhibition qualifying run and deserved the overall TQ.

A Final 4wd Line-Up

a final line up 4wd

2016 Telford National 4wd15

2016 Telford National 4wd16

2016 Telford National 4wd17

2016 Telford National 4wd19

2016 Telford National 4wd18

2016 Telford National 4wd19

2016 Telford National 4wd20

2016 Telford National 4wd21

2016 Telford National 4wd22

2016 Telford National 4wd23

2016 Telford National 4wd24

Leg 1 A Main Simon Moss from pole drove a perfect race to take a comfortable win by 4 secs from his team mate Lee Martin. Neil Cragg in 3rd with Tom Yardy 4th and Craig Collinson 5th. Fastest single lap was a 23.66 and goes to Simon Moss

K Final was won by Tom Owen
J Final was won by Matthew Peters
I Final was won by Callum Miles
H Final was won by Laura Hicklin

Leg 2 A Main Leg 2 and the pole man Simon made an error. Neil took the lead and never looked back. Neil won leg 2, Tom Yardy in 2nd, Danny McGee 3rd with Simon 4th and Kev Lee 5th. Fastest lap in this one went to Simon Moss with a 23.60

G Final was won by James Evans
F Final was won by Mark Fletcher
E Final was won by Kit Jones
D Final was won by Brett Birch
C Final was won by Conner Cocker
B Final was won by Greg Williams

Leg 3 A Main 3rd leg and nothing decided yet. In fact it could have been a multitude of drivers that could take the overall win.  Simon Moss though started with some intent as did Neil Cragg. These 2 drivers were head to head most if not all weekend and it surely would be one of these 2 that would win the event.  Fast laps after fast laps smashing the previous best was proof they were pushing to the absolute limits.  A great race that was also error free from both drivers but it was Simon Moss that would come home to take the win with the fastest time of the day too.  Neil would have to settle for 2nd while Tom Yardy would come home in 3rd. Craig 4th and Danny 5th in the leg.  With a superb 23.49 single fast lap, the bragging rights for the meeting go to Simon Moss.

A Final 4wd Result after 3 legs

4WD A Final Results

Your Winners

2016 Telford National 4wd33

2016 Telford National 4wd31

2016 Telford National 4wd34

2016 Telford National 4wd36

2016 Telford National 4wd43

Neil Cragg – Simon Moss – Tom Yardy

2016 Telford National 4wd49

Tom Yardy 3rd (Schumacher) – Neil Cragg 2nd (Associated) – Simon Moss 1st (Yokomo)

2016 Telford National 4wd51

Simon Moss’s Winning Yokomo

Tony Evdoka’s Conclusion
As usual a slick run meeting by the BRCA officials and the Telford guys did an amazing job not only on the facilities and the track but their infrastructure seems to have grown.  Very hospitable and it always makes a difference when there’s a smile to go with it all. Great job Telford Club. Special mention to the scrutineers that do a long weekend checking our cars and often a thankless task. Thank you.
Last National is at TORCH mid August – Spaces available in 4wd for sure and with only 1 reserve in 2wd you can betcha you will get a spot – Contact our Chairman Paul Worsley and get your name down on the list.  On the same tone make sure you cancel in good time if you can’t make it so we can get the reserves in – Unlike this weekend. All the results and Championship positions are now on the website too!

2016 Telford National 4wd52

The Telford crew :)

Some sad frustrating news
Everyone is aware that we had to cancel the Boughton National due to terrible weather conditions.  I can inform you that I know the club put in a huge amount of work in preparation for the National that was unfortunately cancelled. Well the guys were ever so disappointed they couldn’t put their club at the forefront of National racing and their disappointment didn’t end there.  They were hit with a break-in that week too.  They lost their virtually new Westwood ride on mower that was specifically bought to keep the pit areas trimmed nicely along with a Kawasaki strimmer amongst other maintenance equipment.  The scum (sorry only word appropriate) also broke into the airport hangers, and unbolted and stole an engine from one of the aircraft, which is apparently worth 10k.  The clubs stuff is a loss of approximately £3K and with the lost revenue for not holding the National too, its body blow after body blow.  I decided to inform everyone through this report and I hope no one minds!  The club have set up a fund raising channel and it can be found here.  If you can help in any way then fantastic!  Go to the crowd funding website here  Like we hear so often, every little helps.

4 from 6 now become 3 from 5
Just in case you didn’t know the Championship as set out in our rule book now becomes a competition that the best 3 from 5 count towards the Championship.  It has also opened up the discussions by default to discuss the idea, is 3 from 5 a better scenario than 4 from 6 for the Championship.  As your public relations officer I would like your thoughts on this via email please.  By voicing your opinion to me and certainly if there is enough of you doing this, I can take the ideas to the committee.  In my opinion it could mean a cheaper season of racing, frees up a weekend for sure, Nationals could be more spread apart, it could attract more to Nationals as its only 3 to count, it becomes harder so that’s good too, it could also mean more drivers do Regional events which means more revenue for the non-National clubs which ultimately means better facilities for the sport we all love.  There is of course a scenario “why fix something that isn’t broke”!  Your thoughts please via email guys and dolls.

Racers – It is mega important you contact your regional reps urgently reference entries to the
End of Season Finals.

Not everyone has booked in and if you don’t then not only you lose the chance to race but the organisers cannot order the correct amount of trophies etc.
Please contact your reps urgently – Many thanks
This is the link to all the reps in the country

Thank you for reading;  Tony Evdoka – BRCA 1/10th Off-Road PRO email:
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