WRCA Round 1 Race Report

1/10th Off Road

Sunday 23rd April saw the first Welsh regional of the season at Saundersfoot Model Car Club


Sunday 23 April saw the first Welsh regional of the season at Saundersfoot Model Car Club. The club had laid out a larger than normal track and despite a slightly overcast start, everyone was keen to get practice underway. Both 2wd and 4wd are run on the same day in the WRCA, leading to a number of drivers entering both classes. 

The track started slightly damp from the morning dew, but as the sun came out it soon dried out with the grass gradually wearing out and the dust kicking up by the start of the finals. With minispikes being the control tyre for the region, this had drivers choosing between Schumacher yellows & silvers and Ballistic Buggy greens & whites trying to gain extra traction.

This year there were also enough entries for the support class of 10th scale trucks to run, with the majority choosing short course with a lone stadium truck making it a busy heat.

With the large size of the track and the varying grip levels throughout the day,  the fastest drivers were turning in 10 laps within the 5 minutes, the penalties of the old school grass surface that all the regionals in Wales will be running on this year.


The 2wd A final saw Chris Mills on pole, who held off Rob West for the first few laps before Rob made it through and hold on for the win. Chris was second with Matt Jessop in third.

Moving across to the 4wd A final, Craig Harris had taken pole ahead of Chris Mills (who'd missed out on the double this time). A clean start from Craig saw him take the win from Spencer Farley with Liam Toole in third place.

The overall results for the A finals were:



Rob West

Chris Mills 

Matt Jessop 

Dave Jackson

Martyn Spooner 

Peter Mulcahy

Martin Pitman

Tim Bullock

Adam Talbot

Steve Curtis-Rich



Craig Harris 

Spencer Farley 

Liam Toole 

Martyn Spooner

Chris Mills 

Steve Ireland 

Martyn Hadley 

Ieuan Payne 

Paul Knight

Rob West 


The winners of the remaining finals were:


B Final 2wd - Owen Richards

D Final 4wd - Conah Wren-Mapp

C Final 4wd - James Maggs

B Final 4wd - Aaron Ford


A big thank you to the Saundersfoot club for hosting the first round and with everyone looking forward to the trip to Cardiff for Round 2 on the 28 May at COBRA, we're hoping the good weather continues!