1/10th IC Round 3 Race Report

10th IC Circuit

For Round 3 of the 1/10th IC National Series, racers travelled South once again to the Mendip Raceway in the south west of the country.

The weather forecast was less promising than it had been for the first two rounds and this meant a lower turnout for the weekend. Saturday practice was run in completely dry conditions with racers making the most of the track before the inevitable rain. With the forecast becoming even worse for the day, the committee took the decision to sacrifice the Sunday morning practice to ensure at least one dry round of qualifying was completed.

Into qualifying and a lot was at stake in Round 1 with the expected rain arriving right after the finish. In that round, championship leader Glyn Beal (Serpent/Picco) would set the pace in the 220mm class ahead of Dan Jones (Serpent/Ielasi Tuned) with Devendra Mahatme (Shepherd/Picco) finishing 3rd. In the 200mm class, Mark Green (Serpent/XRD F.T. Line) would TQ with teammate Alex Thurston (Serpent/XRD F.T. Line) in 2nd and Joe Kerry (Capricorn/OS Speed) in 3rd. Last but not least, in the GT8 support class, Dan Jones (Serpent/Novarossi) set the pace ahead of Glyn Beal (Serpent/Picco) and Mark Owen (Serpent/Werks).

The GT8 final began under dry conditions and Jones got a clean start to immediately pull away with Beal and Paul Dewsnap (Serpent/XRD) in tow. As the cars started the 2nd lap, Beal hit trouble and dropped back allowing Dewsnap into 2nd and Scott Hellawell (Serpent/XRD), who started at the back of the grid, into 3rd. A few laps later, Beal would take back 2nd place and begin to hunt down Jones with Hellawell sticking close behind. After a poor start, Owen found his form and took the final podium position. Unfortunately, just after the first pit stops, his race would end in retirement. Approaching the 10 minute mark, Beal would catch and ultimately pass Jones for the lead. With around 3 minutes left to run, engine problems would put Beal out of the race and allow Jones to take the win from Dewsnap and Hellawell.

GT8 Rd 3 2017

As the 200mm cars were warming up, another rain shower hit the local area meaning that many drivers scrambled to change tyres. The race started with all three of the top drivers in qualifying struggling around the damp circuit on dry tyres. Neil Wallace (Capricorn/ OS Speed) made the most of his damp tyres to make his way to the front with Thurston skilfully keeping his car straight in 2nd and Ollie Williams (Serpent/Orcan) in 3rd after starting last. After 7 tedious laps, Thurston would drop back allowing Williams into 2nd and both Ady Garlick (Xray/OS Speed) and Devendra Mahatme (Shepherd/Picco) would battle for 3rd. On Lap 13, Williams would make a move on Wallace to take the lead and Kerry would move into 3rd after a nightmarish start. Williams and Wallace would battle closely for the next 30+ laps with Green and then Thurston recovering into 3rd. In the next few laps, Thurston would pass not only Wallace but also Williams for the lead which he would hold until the finish from Williams and Green who took 3rd place with around 5 minutes left to run.

Finally, and with a now dry track, the 220mm final got underway with polesitter Beal leading the field away with Jones and Jason Fox (Capricorn/Max Power) in 2nd and 3rd. The leaders would mostly maintain their positions until Lap 27 when championship contender, Richard Kozakiewicz (Xray/Novarossi) would move into 3rd. Fox and Kozakiewicz would battle for 3rd, with Rob Scott (Capricorn/One) also making an appearance, until Lap 49 when Kozakiewicz would establish himself in the position. The top 3 would finish the race in those positions.

220mm Rd 3 2017

The next round of the series will take place on the 8th/9th July with the Stafford track making its welcome return to the calendar.

Peter Hellawell