10th IC Circuit National Report Round 4 Mendip Raceway

10th IC Circuit

This weekend we were at Mendip raceway for round 4 of the championship, but this weekend we had more competition than normal with Kyle Branson and Alexander Hagberg (Reigning World Champion) with us.

So Saturday practice was really good for me and I was on the pace quite early on along with Kyle, Alex, Joe Kerry and Mark Green. The times were very close and it looked like it would be a really good race. Sundaymorning and in practice I tried final tyres which seemed to be pretty good on my Serpent 748-TQ so I felt pretty confident for the final at least so far, but we would see how qualifying went.

Qualifying came around and naturally for MOST people round 1 would be the quickest round due to the track and air temperature rising throughout the day. In Round 1 I qualified 2nd around 1.6 seconds behind Mark. After that I then won the next 2 heats but unfortunately times were slower due to conditions etc. Round 4 and there was only and a few people who improved and 1 of them was Joe Kerry who just pipped me for 2nd on the grid in the last round.

So the final would start with : Mark Green TQ Joe Kerry 2nd Alex Thurston 3rd Kyle Branson 4th Alexander Hagberg 5th

At the start the buzzer was slightly delayed and Mark got away cleanly with me and Joe having a bit of wheel to wheel action while Kyle managed to capitalise on that to take 2nd. I got past Joe and then he was tagged again and flipped (I don’t know who by) so I was behind Mark and Kyle with Hagberg right on my bumper and it would stay like this before and after pit stops for 25 minutes looking all over to get past but I managed to always predict his next move. So guys were planning on doing a tyre change such as Mark (he had a few problems during his tyre change so me and Alex got into 2nd and 3rd with Kyle still leading (from about 10 minutes in I think) looking very comfortable if I’m honest with about 3/4 of a lap lead (he drove a very good race). Me and Alex were still battling but in one of his fuel stops he decided to check his tyres to see if it was necessary to change but it wasn’t. My car was still handling very good and Alex had dropped back after his pit stop which is where Mark would manage to pass him as his tyres had been changed. Kyle just slowly caught me up after I had backed off to look after my tyres as I saw it unrealistic to catch him by this point so I managed 2nd and brought it home to take an important 99 points for the championship.

  • 1st -Kyle Branson
  • 2nd -Alex Thurston -Serpent 748-TQ
  • 3rd/TQ Mark Green- Serpent 748-TQ
  • 4th Alexander Hagberg
  • 5th John Zottl -Serpent 748-TQ
  • 6th Joe Kerry

Thanks to all my sponsors and my parents! 

Alex Thurston (Team Serpent)