BRCA 1/10th IC Nationals Round 8

10th IC Circuit

The final round of the BRCA 1/10th IC National Series took place at Mendip Raceway over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of October. The Saturday practice day proved to be wet meaning that the majority of drivers would go into the race day with minimal practice time.

In the 1/10th 200mm class, the championship was still up for grabs between Mark Green (Serpent/XRD F.T. Line) and Joe Kerry (Capricorn/OS Speed). Both drivers along with Alex Thurston (Serpent XRD F.T. Line) set the pace in a very tight qualifying with Joe taking the TQ just 0.2 seconds ahead of Alex with Mark in 3rd a further 0.4 seconds back. In the final, both Joe and Alex hit troubles at the start allowing Mark Green to take the win and with it the 1/10th 200mm national title. James Conolly (Mugen Seiki/Picco MAG Tuned) would finish in 2nd with Joe eventually recovering to finish 3rd. In the championship, Mark would finish on 603 points with Joe in 2nd on 598 points and Alex in 3rd on 587 points.

In the 1/10th Sports GT class, Glyn Beal (Serpent/Picco) would again set the pace in qualifying ahead of Peter Hellawell (Serpent/Picco) and Richard Kozakiewicz (Xray/Novarossi). In the final, Glyn would drive the perfect race to take the win some 5 laps ahead of Richard in 2nd and Peter in 3rd. The overall championship result would see Glyn take another title with 600 points. Richard would take 2nd on 591 points and Peter would finish 3rd with 589 points.

In the 1/8th GT support class, Glyn Beal (Serpent/Picco) would take the TQ ahead of Scott Hellawell (Serpent/XRD F.T. Line) and Paul Dewsnap (Serpent/Picco). In the final, Scott would drive the perfect race to take the win ahead of Martin Thurston (Serpent/Max Power) who drove an RTR car with Glyn taking 3rd. In the championship, Glyn Beal would take his 2nd national title of the year with a perfect score of 606 points. Scott would take 2nd with 594 points and Paul would finish 3rd with 588 points.