BRCA 10th IC National Round 6 report - 2016

10th IC Circuit

Round 6 of the BRCA 1/10th IC Nationals was held on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July at the Cotswold track situated on Kemble Airfield. Although the sun was out in force on Saturday, Sunday was to be a more overcast affair and a total of 42 drivers took part in the three classes of 1/10th 200mm, 1/10th Sports GT and 1/8th GT.

In qualifying Round 1, Glyn Beal would post the fastest time for both Sports and 1/8th GT whilst setting a new track record for the Sports GT class. In 1/8th GT, Paul Dewsnap and Mark Owen would complete the top three for the Round and in Sports GT it would be Simon Wood and Peter Hellawell. Joe Kerry would also come close to the track record in 200mm, topping the round from Kai Grainger and Mark Green.

In Round 2, Kai Grainger would top 200mm after many drivers would fail to finish their runs. Alex Thurston would finish 2nd despite running out of fuel and Peter Spratley would complete the top three. Glyn Beal would again go on to set the pace in the Sports GT class although this time, the track record would stand unbroken. Simon Wood and Peter Hellawell would again come in 2nd and 3rd with all three drivers completing 19 lap runs. Finally, Mark Owen would post the fastest time in the 1/8th GT class from Paul Dewsnap and Scott Hellawell.

Mark Green would complete his first run in Round 3 to top the 200mm class ahead of Alex Thurston and Matthew Cook who would both complete their most competitive runs. Class newcomer, Simon Wood, would top Sports GT ahead of Glyn Beal, who would experience trouble with back markers, and Richard Kozakiewicz. Paul Dewsnap would come out fastest in 1/8th GT.

Unfortunately, a light rain shower arrived during the final round meaning that the faster heats would not run allowing drivers from the earlier heats to shine. This would mean that Ady Garlick would top 200mm ahead of Devendra Mahatme and Jason Fox. Dave Miller would top Sports GT with a quick 17 lap run from John Russell and Martin Trice. In 1/8th GT, Scott Hellawell would become the fourth different driver to post the fastest time ahead of Paul Dewsnap and Mark Owen.

After the lunch break and on a drying track, the 1/8th GT A Final would get underway with pole sitter, Glyn Beal, leading from Mark Owen and Paul Dewsnap at the start. After a rough start, Scott Hellawell would get by Paul around 3 minutes in and would begin to close in on the back of Mark. Mark and Scott would run bumper to bumper in a close battle for the next 5 minutes until Scott would make a move to take 2nd place. During Glyn’s first pitstop, his engine would cut allowing Scott to make up some of the gap to him. With Glyn continuing to hold his lead, it would now be Scott who would have the upper hand and he would begin to reel in the championship leader until, during the final fuel stop, Scott would take the lead thanks to quick work from his pitman. After a brilliant drive, Scott would take the win with Glyn 5 seconds behind in 2nd and Mark a further lap back in 3rd.

1st Scott Hellawell Serpent Picco
2nd Glyn Beal Serpent Picco
3rd Mark Owen Serpent Picco
4th Paul Dewsnap Serpent Picco
5th Anthony Dorling Serpent Novarossi
6th Martin Thurston Serpent Novarossi RTR

Glyn Beal continues to lead the championship with an almost perfect score of 605 points with Paul Dewsnap in 2nd on 587 points and Martin Thurston in 3rd on 579 points.

8th GT Podium

The 200mm B Final would be led away by Ady Garlick with Jason Fox getting by Devendra Mahatme on the first lap. Ady would go on to dominate the race, not even losing his position in the fuel stops meaning that the battle for the remaining podium positions would be the one to watch. Jason and Devendra would swap 2nd position until the half way point when Jason would retire allowing Devendra to finish 2nd with Nigel Philpott completing the podium.

200mm B Podium

The Sports GT B Final would take place next with Mark Hepworth pulling out a healthy lead over John Russell and Martin Trice in 2nd and 3rd. After the first pit stops, Martin would drop down the order allowing Ian Hartill to inherit 3rd place which would then become 2nd place after problems for John. The race would finish in this order with Amando Ludena coming from the back of the grid to complete the podium.

Sports GT B Podium

The 200mm A Final would see Joe Kerry lead away Mark Green and Alex Thurston with the majority of the grid running in grid order. On Lap 6, Joe Kerry would drop back to 3rd but he would regain the lead at the first pit stops after a collision would end Mark Green’s race. This would allow Matthew Cook into 3rd but his challenge would be short lived when he would exit the race just 5 laps later after an accident. James Conolly would inherit 3rd position and would then move into 2nd after a layshaft bearing failure for Alex Thurston, John Zottl would move into 3rd position. The final would finish with no further changes at the front with Joe crossing the line with a 3 lap lead.

1st Joe Kerry Capricorn OS Speed
2nd James Conolly Mugen Seiki OS Speed MAG
3rd John Zottl Serpent OS Speed
4th Peter Spratley Xray Orcan
5th Ollie Williams Serpent OS Speed
6th Aaron Wearn Shepherd Picco
7th Alex Thurston Serpent XRD
8th Kai Grainger Capricorn Capricorn
9th Matthew Cook Shepherd Orcan
10th Mark Green Serpent XRD

In terms of the championship, Joe Kerry continues to lead the championship with 594 points ahead of Alex Thurston and John Zottl who hold joint 2nd place with 580 points.

200mm Podium

The Sports GT A Final would begin with Glyn Beal and Simon Wood streaking away from the chasing pack whilst Peter Hellawell would hold 3rd place. During the first pit stops, Simon would lose 11 seconds which would drop him back to 3rd. Just two laps later, Simon would reel in and overtake Peter for 2nd. After the second fuel stops, Peter would begin to slow allowing Richard Kozakiewicz to close right in on Peter pressure him into a mistake. This would be short lived however as Peter would take the position back two laps later with a dive down the inside at turn 1. Just after the half way mark, the race would get interesting with Glyn Beal dropping out of the lead after a coming together with a backmarker lead to a stripped first gear. With Simon leading, Peter would also encounter radio problems which would drop him out of the race for the win and allow Richard into 2nd with Devendra Mahatme in 3rd. The race would finish in this order with Simon Wood taking a well-deserved victory with a lead of 5 laps in his debut Sports GT race.

1st Simon Wood Xray OS Speed
2nd Richard Kozakiewicz Xray Novarossi
3rd Devendra Mahatme Shepherd Picco
4th Mark Newby Xray Sonic
5th Dave Miller Serpent Novarossi
6th Glyn Beal Serpent Picco
7th Peter Hellawell Serpent Picco
8th Mike Manning Mugen Seiki OS Speed
9th Phil Edwards Serpent Novarossi
10th Jim Beesley Serpent XRD

With regards to the championship, Glyn Beal again continues to lead with 591 points ahead of Richard Kozakiewicz with 581 points and Devendra Mahatme just one point behind in 3rd.

Sports GT Podium

Thanks go out to the Cotswold club and the BRCA 1/10th IC committee for yet another well run meeting. The next round of the championship will take place at the Adur circuit near Brighton on the 17th & 18th of September.

Peter Hellawell