British Open GP Report

10th IC Circuit

For the 2017 season, Round 6 of the 1/10th IC National Series was run alongside the British Open GP.

In its 3rd year, the annual event this year took place at the fantastic Cotswold circuit with 85 entries across the 5 race classes of 1/10th 200mm, 1/10th 220mm, 1/8th GT, 1/8th and 1/8th Electric. The two-day event had a great atmosphere with excellent weather to match.

Saturday morning was used for practice with the afternoon featuring two rounds of round-by-round qualifying. Overnight, former World Champion, Alexander Hagberg (Xray/Orcan), held the TQ in the 200mm class. Richard Kozakiewicz (Xray/OS Speed) was on top in the 220mm class with Matt Baker (Serpent/Picco), Mark Green (Serpent/XRD) and Alex Thurston (Serpent/Hobbywing) setting the pace in 1/8th GT, 1/8th and 1/8th Electric classes respectively.

Again, Sunday proved to be hot and after two further rounds of qualifying, Joe Kerry (Capricorn/OS Speed) would manage to topple Hagberg of the top in the 200mm class. Hagberg would line up 2nd for the final with Alex Thurston (Serpent/XRD) in 3rd. In the 220mm class, Glyn Beal (Serpent/XRD) would recover from a DNF in Round 1 to take the TQ with Kozakiewicz holding 2nd and Peter Hellawell (Serpent/Picco) taking 3rd.

The 1/8th GT class was featuring nitro and electric cars in almost equal numbers and it was one of the latter that took the overall TQ in the hands of Ian Billett (Serpent/Tekin) with Baker lining up 2nd and Scott Hellawell (Serpent/XRD) starting 3rd.

In the two 1/8th circuit classes, Green and Thurston would hold their positions in order to take pole position in their classes. Karl Dransfield (Capricorn/Orcan) would start 2nd in the IC class with multiple World Champion David Spashett (ARC/Picco) in 3rd. Alex would start ahead of Adam Catchpole (Serpent/Muchmore) and Kieran Adamson (ARC/Hobbywing) in the electric class.

In the 200mm A Final, the top 3 got away in grid order with John Zottl (Serpent/OS Speed) taking 3rd place on Lap 3 after Thurston hit problems and dropped down the order. Kerry and Hagberg would continue to pull away until problems for the latter meaning Zottl would move into 2nd with Neil Wallace (Capricorn/OS Speed) into 3rd. Wallace’s position however, would be short lived as Matthew Cook (Shepherd/Orcan) would move into 3rd and then after around 10 minutes, Cook would catch up to Zottl and commence a battle that would last for the next 15 laps. Unfortunately for Cook, engine troubles would end his race prematurely at the halfway mark allowing Zottl back into 2nd and Wallace back into 3rd. Just after the 20 minute mark, Hagberg would catch and overtake Wallace for the final podium spot.

200mm Rd 6 2017

After qualifying on pole for the 220mm A Final, Beal’s race came undone at the first corner when his receiver came unplugged and his car cruised onto the grass. This allowed the number two starting Kozakiewicz into the lead with Stewart Mcleod (Serpent/OS Speed) in 2nd and Hellawell in 3rd. On Lap 6, Mcleod would make a mistake allowing Hellawell into 2nd with Rob Scott (Capricorn/One) moving into 3rd from 8th on the grid. By Lap 9, Beal was moving up the order ferociously and took 3rd from Scott. After around 3 minutes of running, Hellawell would catch and overtake Kozakiewicz for the lead with Beal following him through a couple of laps later. After the first fuel stops, Hellawell would make a costly mistake on the pit straight allowing Beal through into 1st with Kozakiewicz close behind and Scott back into 3rd. For the next 10 laps, Richard Boult (Xray/OS Speed) would close in on the podium and overtake Scott for 3rd. After holding the position for around 10 laps, Simon Smith (Xray/Max Power), who started in the 9th grid slot, would take the position from Boult. Smith would hold the position until just two laps from the end when he would drop down the order allowing Scott to take up the final podium position.

220mm Rd 6 2017

Billett would lead away the 1/8th GT A Final from Baker and Tadas Siksnius (Serpent/Tekin). On Lap 4, Baker would drop back allowing Siksnius and Simon Rameswari (Serpent/LRP) to hold an all-electric top 3. Approaching the first 5 minutes, Siksnius would take the lead and hold it for around the next 5 minutes until Billett would take the position back. Rameswari would move into 2nd on Lap 31 and hold position to the finish. Paul Dewsnap (Xray/XRD) would take over 3rd with around 7 laps to finish as the top nitro powered car.

GT8 Rd 6 2017

In the 1/8th IC final, Dransfield would get the jump on Green at the start and lead for the first 5 laps. Jason Frost (Capricorn/ASM) would hold 3rd initially with Clive Connoly (ARC/Ielasi Tuned) taking the position after a couple of laps. Green would take back the lead after Dransfield’s run at the front came to an end with a slight error and approaching the 10 minute mark, Spashett would overtake teammate Connoly for 3rd. With around 5 minutes left to run, Andrew Hastings (Shepherd/VS Racing) would overtake Spashett for the final podium position.

8th IC BO GP 2017

Finally, the 1/8th Electric class would be decided over two 7.5 minutes finals. The first of these would see Thurston get away cleanly with Catchpole and Adamson in 2nd and 3rd. On the 2nd lap, Catchpole would drop to the back of the pack allowing Adamson to move up with Gavin Clinch (ARC/Orion) moving into 3rd from 8th on the grid. On Lap 5, Paul Bellinger (Serpent/Absima) would overtake both Adamson and Clinch to move into 2nd with Craig Woods (Serpent/Hobbywing) moving into 3rd. By Lap 9, Catchpole had made his way back through the field and into 2nd with Clinch following him into 3rd which would be the finishing order. Leg 2 would see drama at the start for Adamson as his car failed to move away from the grid meaning that Bellinger would inherit 3rd place. Again, the quick starting Clinch would make light work of the field appearing in 3rd by only the 2nd lap. The top 3 for leg 2 would finish the same as leg 1 allowing Thurston to take the overall win with Catchpole and Clinch joining him on the podium.

8th E BO GP 2017

Once again, the British Open GP proved to be a huge success and both the 1/8th and 1/10th committees deserve the kudos for this. The event also saw the first of our national champions crowned with Glyn Beal taking the 220mm crown with a perfect score of 505 points. The next round of the 1/10th IC National series will take place at the Halifax circuit over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September.

Peter Hellawell