How to prepare your car and equipment before a BRCA National Race meeting

10th IC Circuit

How to prepare your car and equipment before a BRCA National Race - The 10th IC Circuit Guide


BRCA National Race meetings are very exciting and enjoyable but can be hectic ! 

Here are a few tips as good preparation is the key to ensure things go smoothly and increase your chance of success.

Build your kit carefully according to the instruction manual. Check all fastenings but be careful not to over tighten. Pay particular attention to the transmission :  belts ,pulleys and gears .Lubricate sparingly where advised. Pay particular attention when building your shock absorbers so that they feel smooth with no leaks.. 


Check your radio installation to ensure servos and linkages are not binding and your transponder (needed to record your lap times ) is active. Ideally waterproof your receiver .There are different methods to do this but a common one is to use a normal balloon and tie wrap  Highly technical !   If in doubt ask for advice.


Make sure you engine if bolted in tight and pay particular attention to the spur and pinion gear meshing. Not too tight and minimal play. Some people use a very fine paper to set this.

Set the clutch gap (distance the clutch shoe has to move to the bell ) and the end play according to the manual. You can fine tune these later .

Investing in good quality tools and a vernier calliper recommended.

Make sure your air filter is oiled and is the INS box type. Check tank and fuel lines for any leaks. 


Set Up: As per full size racing our cars depend on the right set up and geometry for optimum performance.


Set ups for camber, caster ride, height etc.  can be downloaded from the web and there are many articles on the internet.  Best to start with a basic set up and adjust trackside as needed.

 If you already have set up equipment that is ideal.  If not make sure you follow the manual and ensure both sides are built symmetrical. 



Charge you glow starter

Charger your starter box batteries 

Charge your transmitter and receiver batteries.

Make sure you take your  Bodyshell  and fuel,, battery charger , and pit bag and tools with you as it’s easy to forget when in a rush.Also a stop watch if you have one. 


You should now be ready to get on the track for practice and then your heats and your final..

Racers are generally all very friendly and willing to assist. They understand how things can be  complex and frustrating when setting up the car and tuning the engine.. 

Keep calm and if in doubt ask for help. 

Most of all enjoy the weekend and your racing !