Welcome to the 1/12th Oval Section.

My name is Emma Parker. I was voted in as 1/12th section chairlady on 21st September 2019.

I have been a part of the 1/12th F2 Stockar class since 2017 when my son started racing. My first roll within the class was Public Relations Officer. I did press reports and magazine write ups as well as videos and general promotion of our sport.

We are one of the cheapest forms of radio controlled car racing there is, which still offers great racing and great fun at the same me. Bangers and stockcar racing is a full contact RC sport. So having to smash and bash your way through 5 minutes of fast and furious racing to get to the finish line is great.

1/12th stock cars have been around since the late 1970s where they used to race on wooden floors. Now a days we race on more modern tracks made from fitted carpets. Which gives much better grip for faster more controlled racing. All the tracks are fitted with a timing system and each car has its own transponder to count laps and record those race positions. Races usually last 5 mins, with the exception of championship finals and they are 6 minutes.

There’s lots of clubs around the UK and Scotland who race 1/12th Oval. Bangers are very popular with a lot of people. They even make bangers from metal, so they crash like proper cars. Awesome fun.

We welcome everyone, no matter your age or gender. You’re all welcome to come and have a go. To find your local track/club, take a look through the book or pop on to the BRCA website..

Emma Parker Chairlady, BRCA 1/12th Oval Section 12o.chair@brca.org


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