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All the cars are a reasonable representation of the full size oval formulas, including Brisca F1 and F2 stock cars. ORCI and other promotions racing on Ovals around the country. 

How to get your hands on the kit: F1s have kits available from Istox, PCR and other manufacturers. F2 Stockcars have kits available from Avenger, Kamtec, Mardave, Dot racing and more. Also many drivers make their own cars, so go and speak to drivers at the tracks and see what you like best. 1300, 2ltr, Hotrods and minis are all available in kit forms from several manufacturers as mentioned before.

Type of Track

These cars are raced indoors on a carpeted Oval Track. There are a numerous Oval clubs up and down the country, most of which can be found in the oval booklet in the club directory, and/or on the BRCA web site.

There is no standard size of track, some are quite small, while others are quite large in comparison, this adds to fun of adjusting your driving skill to match the track conditions, just as in full size racing.


Most clubs race on an evening all year round , with heats of 5 minutes., with 3 or 4 rounds and a final. This is full contact racing, and it isn’t necessary to be the fastest, but be skilful in how you handle or avoid the hits that bring the success.

The BRCA National Series runs from January through to October mainly on weekends.

At the Nationals there are trophies at each meeting and points for the end of season trophies for all the drivers 

All ages and abilities are catered for and most clubs and venues have disabled access.

We also hold major championships, World championships and National rounds for the Points champion. 


One thing that is apparent at Oval meetings, be it National or Club events, is everybody is having fun. There is a serious side to the sport, winning trophies, points and the World Championships, but the main ethos is having fun. 

You will not break the bank if you wish to take up this form of radio controlled car racing, for as little as around

£200 you could be on the track racing. The best way to find out about these is to visit one of the local clubs that race them, some even have hire cars, so you can have a go to see if you like it.

Here's the link to our handbook where you will find the rules for each class.


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