BRCA 1/8th RallyCross National Rd 3 2016 – Herts

8th Rally X

This weekend was the third round of the BRCA 1/8th Rallycross championship at the superb Herts Track. Despite some seriously testing weather the track was in top shape, well done to all the Herts team for you hard work.

herts track

In qualifying it was Lee Martin and his Mugen MBX7R that got the first round, a couple of seconds ahead of the chasing pack. Elliot Boots and his Reds Powered Kyosho MP9 TKI4 took the Tq in round 2, but it was Agama driver Darren Bloomfield who got the remaining rounds and so he and his Bullett powered A215 took the overall TQ, with Elliot 2nd and Lee 3rd. Jack Embling and his Kyosho ended up 4th and Associated’s Jamie Clancy rounded off the Top 5. Top Jnr was Agama driver Ollie Currie who qualified a fantastic 8th. After all 5 rounds of qualifying it was finals time..............

In the finals first up was B 1/64th, Pole man was Colin Parsfield, he took the advantage of a clear track and turned his pole into a bump, coming home 3rd. Xray driver Jamie Bowen took the win, getting the exra lap in over the rest of the field. Allen Ward crossed the line 2nd and Michael Riviere and his Werks powered Hot Bodies car got the final bump spot. In the A side it was Jnr Aaron Ford and his Sworks that had a great drive from 8th on the grid to take an impressive win by over 15s from HB driver Dave Lee in 2nd. Pole man Sam Cobley took the 3rd and James Hargreaves made the final bump place in 4th.

In the B 1/32nd Joshua Graham had a fantastic drive, turning his 8th on the grid to a win by just 2s over Radiosistemi driver Gary Gregory who came home 2nd. Jamie Bowen, a bumped driver from the 1/64th came home 3rd and Lewis Millman also Radiosistemi took the final bump with a stunning drive from 6th on the grid. The A 1/32nd was all about Joshua Marshall, he was Pole man and he went on to a massive lead lapping most of the field, he won by a huge margin of nearly 40s from 2nd place Mark Beattie and his HB car. Peter Clarke also had a fantastic drive taking 3rd from 10th on the start line, and the Tekno of Chris Long was the final bump!

The B 1/16th was a tough race, Dennis Holding turned his Pole in to a first , his Mugen MBX7R looking dialled as always, with Jnr XRAY driver Kieran Cox taking the 2nd, Dave Brown of Sworkz also drove a great race to 3rd and James Tatlow completed the bump ups. The A 16th saw Radiosistemi driver Robson White take first, Shelden Best drove a stunner from 7th to 2nd just a few seconds ahead of Kyosho driver Matt Box in 3rd, and a very impressive drive from Joshua Marshall from 11th to take another bump, with some great overtakes and awesome driving.

In the B 1/8th Dennis Holding continued his way up the finals with a stunning drive from 11th to 2nd, But it was Graeme Miller and his Agama that took the win by a massive 15 plus seconds, Darren Cole was 3rd and final bump spot was taken by Scott Walker. The A 1/8th final was a very close race, some stunning driving up and down the field with wheel to wheel battles for the bump spot throughout the 20mins. The Kyosho/Reds combo of Steve Shakespeare took the win by a little under 5s, from XRAY driver Lee Bunker, the RR8 V2 of Anthony Conroy took 3rd. It was a very close race between Richard McKenzie and Arron Giring for the 4th and final bump, Richards Mugen MBX7R eventually took the place! A great race by the pair right up to the buzzer.

In the B ¼ William Skidmore and his Bullett powered Agama was the Pole sitter, he had a great start and some very quick laps, he battled with AE driver Dave Bailey for the lead, with Dave taking the win by only 1.1s from William, Simon Reeves came home 3rd and Kyosho driver Rhys Herd took the final bump to the semi in 4th. The A ¼ was dominated by Losi drivers Bradley Baird and Elliot Taylor. Both drivers were racing side by side right up to the line, and Bradley Squeezed over the line a fraction of a second before Elliot in 2nd. 17s down the line was Agama driver Ben Williams in 3rd and Lewis Beach and his Nova Rossi/Sworkz Combo took the final bump in 4th.

Onto the Semi finals, In the B side Elliot Boots and his Kyosho Tki4 who was on Pole, with fellow Kyosho driver Jack Embling in 2nd and Kevin Brunsden and his Sworks in 3rd. It was a great race for Elliot who turned his Pole into a fantastic win, nearly 20s ahead of the second place driver. Unfortunately Jack returned to the pits just before the end despite swapping the lead with Elliot in the first half of the race, this left Kevin to take an impressive 2nd place just ahead of AE driver Neil Cragg in 3rd. In 4th was Dave Crompton and his stunning looking Werks powered Radiosistemi. Jnr Agama driver Callum Niblett was next up in 5th, 6th was Dave Bailey, and the final bump to the Main final was Kyosho driver Rhys Herd.

In the 2nd Semi Lee Martin and his RC Concepts power unit took a fine win, in a very impressive time, this would put him 1st on the grid in the main. Pole man Darren and TLR driver Simon Willett’s were 2nd and 3rd respectively. A hugely impressive drive by fellow TLR driver Elliot Taylor from 12th meant he took a stunning 4th, with 2 other TLR drivers Mike Lewis and Bradley Baird 5th and 6th respectively, and Agama driver Jonathan Skidmore took 7th completing the driver list for the A Main.

Lee, Darren and Elliot pulled a lead from the main pack of racers right from the start of the race, with Lee leading the early laps, Elliot and Darren maintained the gap while having a great on track battle. An unfortunate return to the pits for Lee, put Darren and Elliot at the front and the fantastic rivalry continued, both drivers breaking through the 40s lap barrier. It was Darren who went on to take the win, by only 8s after an amazing 45mins of unbelievable racing by the pair. Elliot a well deserved 2nd! While the battle for the win was happening, the remainder of the drivers were all tussling for position, some awesome driving up and down the field, in amongst it all Jonathan Skidmore emerged in 3rd and maintained a steady pace while the rest of the pack jostled for position behind him. A very mature drive by the young man, he drove on to his first national podium. Mike Lewis and Bradley Baird were also driving amazingly, a fantastic display by the 2 TLR team mates, they crossed the line barely a second between them, but Mike took the 4th place, just!

A Final herts

A full list of results can be found at Next round of the championship is at Pembrey Circuit (Swansea Model Car Club) on 6th/7th August 2016.