BRCA Rally X - 2022 Booking in information

8th Rally X

Its almost time to get booked in for the 2022 BRCA Rally X Nationals!  

Booking in will open to all from 9am on Saturday 8th January……..
All the details you need to know are now below:-
1 - This year entry for, "Priority Drivers" which means those drivers who finished in the Top 50 in the 2021 National Championship and all those drivers that competed in 4 or more rounds of the 2021 championships have until 22nd Jan to enter any events they wish to enter and GUARANTEE their place, those priority drivers who don’t enter by this date will not be guaranteed an entry to the events they enter. Please note there are no exceptions to this, so please make sure that if you are one of these drivers that you please book in by this date to avoid disappointment.
2 - On the 22nd January booking in will close, If all events are full or oversubscribed by this point, then we will work on publishing a confirmed entry list and notify any driver who have not made it (Issuing any refunds etc). If the events are not full at this point Booking in will open again for any further places and reserve lists with more details to follow. As in previous years when Booking in closes and if events are oversubscribed then the Confirmed drivers list is prioritised as per the handbook. 
3 - This year for the first time payment can only be made via PayPal at the time of applying for a place (Cheques and Bank Transfer can’t be used like in previous years), this is inline with the BRCA licences and all other BRCA events. (Anyone who doesn’t get a confirmed place will be contacted and will be refunded in full via PayPal as soon as it is possible) For all other information on refunds please refer to the handbook.
4 - Due to the volume of entries to the events and the number of reserves we normally get can we PLEASE ask that you only book in to events that you wish to attend, booking in knowing you cant attend in advance is simply taking a confirmed place for another driver......
5 - Its important that you select the right Age selection for the entry, this not only selects any appropriate discounts when you pay, it also will make sure you get entered into the correct championship from the start of the series. (Please refer to the handbook for the age criteria for Jnrs/Over 40)
6 - Make sure you are logged into your account (Or that of the person you wish to enter if a jnr) and that you or the driver have a valid and Full BRCA Licence if you encounter any technical issues when trying to book into the events please contact the BRCA via the contact page on the main BRCA home screen.
Here is a link to take you directly to the booking in page