BRCA Rallycross 2022 Rd 5 - Nemo Raceway

8th Rally X

The 5th and final round of the BRCA RallyX championships was at the newly refreshed Nemo Raceway!

The track now multi-surface with a large amount of new carpet/Astro with some original dirt areas and paved corners, would be a different challenge for all the drivers from the more traditional dirt tracks that had preceded it in the series for 2022.

With the National championship still up for grabs between Joni Skidmore and Elliott Boots it would be a weekend to remember

In qualifying it was Sworkz driver Elliott Boots who struck the first blow with overall TQ, taking the TQ with 4 from the 5 rounds. Xray man Joni Skidmore only managing TQ in round 4 giving him 4th overall. It was Nemo driver Lee Martin 2nd and Mugen driver Jamie Clancy in 3rd with Kevin Brunsden and his Agama rounding out the top 5 after all 5 rounds of quali. This gave the vital qualifications points to Elliott who would now be favourite for the championship.

The Finals began on Sunday morning with the following drivers bumping from each final:-

1/64 B

1st Andy Beaumont

2nd Jos Hooper

3rd Adam Reavey

4th John Green


1/64 A

1st Sam Cobley

2nd Lewis Millman

3rd Connor Hamblet

4th David Bonham


1/32 B

1st Zak Edwards

2nd Ian Gillespie

3rd Darren Moffat

4th Andy Pierce


1/32 A

1st Paul Tapsell

2nd Mark Everitt

3rd Jack Ritchie

4th Mike Williams


1/16 B

1st Neill Daunt

2nd Kong McKenzie

3rd Dave Williams

4th Julian Jessop


1/16 A

1st Chris Grimes

2nd Adam Buckholt

3rd Holger Lykke

4th Mark Everitt


1/8 B

1st Ashley Patterson

2nd Rob Cockcroft

3rd Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

4th Andrew Rennick


1/8 A

1st Robson White

2nd Paul Abbott

3rd Dennis Holding

4th Chris Smith


1/4 B

1st Ben Simpson

2nd Ashlee Owen

3rd Jack Willetts

4th Reuben Shakespeare


1/4 A

1st Mitchell Booth

2nd Richard Barton

3rd Adam Hall

4th Darren Hayden-Ball

It was Semi final time and the championship still hanging in the balance, but with Boots definitely having the upper hand!

The first semi final saw Agama man Lee Martin on pole, and he drove a stunning race to lead every lap crossing the line the winner after 20mins. In the initial part of the race it was Reigning champ Joni Skidmore chasing him down but he had an eventful second half of the race that saw him battle in the chasing pack along side Sworkz drivers James Le Pavoux and Dylan Saunders and his brother William. It was a great scrap for the 2nd spot with each of them sharing the place over the 20mins. In the last few laps William Skidmore managed to pass James to get his 2nd place, with James in 3rd. Despite an amazing fight by Dylan to keep Joni behind him, he got by and took 4th with Dylan not even 1.5s behind him in 5th. 6th was Dom Nunn and his Mugen after a pretty steady drive. One of the drives of the day saw Jnr HB driver Maxim Cook go from 9th in the semi to take the final bump spot ahead of fellow Jnr driver Ben Simpson, Maxims first A main drive! Brilliant driving by the pair in the later stages of the race finishing 0.15 seconds apart!

The second semi final was led away by Boots and his reds powered Sworks machine, and he like Martin in the previous Semi was 1st in every single lap, continuing his amazing pace from Qualifying to finals. He even managed the extra lap on the rest of the field! Jamie Clancy had a good start from 2nd on the grid and he and Agama man Kevin Brunsden battled for the 2nd spot for the first part of the race unti an issue saw Kevin drop down the field leaving Jamie to be hunted down by AE man Mike Lewis and the ever present HB of Graham Alsop. Jamie would retain his 2nd place and the chasing pair would battle until the final corners where Alsop just took 3rd by 0.13s from Lewis in 4th! It was a more straight forward end to the race for the 5th place driver Richard Barton who drove from an amazing 12th on the grid at the start. 6th was the Kyosho of Taro Cradock for his 1st A Main drive he was swiftly followed by Simon Willetts who took the last bump to the main event.

The advantage in the championship was now well and truly with Boots who had pole position with Joni starting back down in 9th. A pretty uneventful first few laps didn’t see many changes in the train of cars, with Boots followed by Martin followed by Clancy, but Boots was flying and starting to build a lead. A small shuffle in the order as drivers took different pit stop laps soon shuffled back into sequence with Joni struggling to make headway into the leading pack. Joni would hardly make a dent in the top 5 and this meant Boots was pretty much unstoppable. Not just in the race for the days glory but also in the race for the championship! Boots would dominate and pull out a huge lead that eventually led to him getting a victory lap on 2nd place and a further lap on the rest of the field. An amazing display of concentration and pretty close to perfection for the Reds powered Sworkz car of Boots crossed the line as the days winner and thus the championship winner. Martin after fighting off a great challenge from Clancy took a fine second place and the Mugen of Clancy took 3rd securing him 3rd in the National Championship! The closest race of the 45min main was between the AE of Mike Lewis and the HB of Graham Alsop, The pair battled throughout the race with Joni Skidmore joining in on a few occasions but it was Alsop that took the 4th place just over 1s apart as they crossed the line with Mike in 5th. Joni took 6th securing him 2nd place in the championship!

Round 5 Podium.


A brilliant display of driving from Boots to finish off the championship in style, although not the scrap for the win and National championship some people wanted it was a great watch! The full results from the day and the championships can be found here

The Top 3 from each of the Championships were as follows!

The Jnr Championship

1st Dylan Saunders

2nd Ben Simpson

3rd Erik Lykke


The Over 40s Championship

1st Graham Alsop

2nd Kevin Brunsden

3rd Simon Reeves


The Clubman Championship

1st Ben Simpson

2nd Erik Lykke

3rd Darren Hayden-Ball


The National Championship

1st Elliott Boots

2nd Joni Skidmore

3rd Jamie Clancy

We thank Nemo Raceway for hosting the last event of the year and all the BRCA and DXR team for making 2022 another fantastic year for 1/8th RallyCross, but most thanks to all the racers, pit people, clubs, supporters and spectators for a brilliant year. We look forward to 2023!