HNMC raises £850 for Sue Ryder

8th Rally X

With the passing of a few racers over the last few years the HNMC club decided to hold a round of its summer series with all the money going to charity.

Stephen Brunsden who sadly past away had been a diehard supporter of HNMC and I cannot remember an event that he had not attended his family chose Sue Ryder to the beneficiary from the event. Sue Ryder had cared for Stephen in his last few days of his life.

We also remember Barnard Wija and Peter Stevens again supports of the club and RC community we all miss you guys.

The track was at its usual high standard and qualifying would be a close thing TQ buggy Kevin Brunsden (son of Stephen) TQ E-Buggy Jason Patey TQ Truggy Darren Hayden-Ball.


E Final Buggy 1st Paul Knapp 2nd Francesco IMX 3rd Dwayne Florant

D final Buggy 1st Francesco IMX 2nd Paul Knapp 3rd Pano Vasipoulos

C Final Buggy 1st Dave Shedd 2nd Arron Knights 3rd Owen Luckin

B Final Buggy 1st Ramon Oliver 2nd John Geaves 3rd Richard Cousins

A final Buggy 1st Jamie Clancy 2nd Kevin Brunsden 3rd Simon Reeves

Truggy 1st Darren Hayden-Ball 2nd Simon Miller 3rd Allan Bridgeman

E-Buggy 1st Karl Jackson 2nd Jason Patey 3rd Lasse Lundberg



Thanks to all for raising money for Sue Ryder info Thanks to Herts RC models for plaques