In The Spotlight.....Rally X Regionals

8th Rally X

Here we take a look at whats on in your area in 2018.

With the BRCA RallyCross nationals dates out the “regionals” have now released the information on the Summer 2018 series. Although the “regionals” are not BRCA sanctioned, they are very well attended and spread out over the UK, making them ideal for people that want to try something different to the local club, but are not quite ready for National events. There are four regional series and most cater for a couple of different classes, sometimes Truggy and often 1/8th E Buggy. Some have practice and race day weekends, and some are two day events and all are competitive but fun series but with a defined structure and end of season trophies.

1st up is the SWORDS….

The SWORDS or “South West Off Road Division Series”and is based in the South West of the UK, and is a very popular and friendly series but also very competitive. The website has lots of useful information on the clubs and all the booking in information etc. The website can be found here…..

To make life easy The SWORDS Dates and venues are as follows:-

08/04/2018 – SCRC- South Coast RC Club -

06/05 – KORT – Kernow Off-road Track -

17/06 – PRC – Plymouth RC Club -

08/07 – SCRC

26/08 – KORT

23/09 – PRC

If you need any further information please check out the Facebook group, where the guys will happily answer any questions. We hope to be following the series, updating people on information on the series and hopefully publishing some race reports and photos from the events as they happen, so you can keep updated, even if you didn’t take part.

Next up is the NRS….

The NRS or Northern regional series covers the northern part of the UK. Once again the website has some great information on the series, all the club info and also the booking in etc, it can be found here….

The dates and venues of the NRS 2018 are as follows:-

06/05/18 – NDOR – Notts and Derby Off Road -

17/06 – Deerdale RC Track -

15/07 – PDMCC – Pendle and District Model Car Club -

26/08 – NWN – North West Nitro -
27/08 – NWN

The series features previous and current national holding tracks, and a fantastic end to the series with a full weekender at NWN on the August Bank holiday weekend. Once again we hope to be following the series with reports and photos throughout the year. If you need any more information once again the Facebook page is full of helpful people and lots more.

Next is NitroXCross

This series has been running a very long time and covers the Midlands. This series runs two day events (both consisting of heats and finals) rather than the single days of the other series. There is a huge amount of information on the website found here, including booking in and series format etc.

The area and venues are as follows:-

21st and 22nd April 2018 – LMCC -Ledbury Model Car Club-

6th and 7th May – Nene Valley Raceway -

27th and 28th May – Swansea and District Model Car Club -

23rd and 24th June – JC Raceway -

14th and 15th July – Swindon RC Model Car Club -

26th and 27th August – East Shrewsbury Buggy Racing Club-

15th and 16th September – Brookthorpe RC Club -

The Facebook page has series information also, so make sure you check it out to keep up to date, we will have reports and pictures from the series after the events.

The last series is the SRS

The SRS or Southern Regional Series is very popular, and features a couple of national tracks. It offers great competitive racing and features some of the best tracks in the UK. The series information, results etc can be found on Their Facebook page

The dates for the summer are as follows:-

22nd April – SCRC – South Coast RC -

13th May – RWMCC – Remote World Model Car Club - Slough -

24th June – Clanfield RC Club -

15th July – KMRC – Kent Model RallyCross Club -

5th August – HNMC – Herts Nitro Model Club -

2nd Sept – KMRC

Once again we hope to have reports and pictures from the series throughout the summer.

These 4 series take place at very similar times so follow a series in full or pick and choose. All of the series have finals days, where trophies and or prizes are presented to top drivers over the counting rounds.

This is just a small amount of information on each series and more can be found online on the relevant pages. Why not try a new series and or go check one of these events out during the summer!

Here is a useful 2018 calendar to download: