1/8 Circuit National Round 3 – 2016 (Sponsored by Serpent)

1/8th Circuit

The third round of the BRCA National series which was sponsored by Serpent, took place this weekend at the small, tight and technical track of Adur, close to the limit for how small of a track a modern 1/8 scale car can race around, this track provides a unique challenge with heavy braking zones, tight hairpins, and a short straight keep the drivers on their toes!

Saturday was dry, warm and perfect conditions for racing, Andy Hastings, Neal King and Tim Wood were setting the pace during practice on Saturday.

Sunday morning was a touch colder, but stayed dry through the day, perfect conditions for racing!
After four rounds of qualifying the top were as follows:

Mark Green Serpent / XRD F.T Line 22 / 310.771
Andrew Hastings Shepherd / VS Racing 22 / 310.962
Neal King Capricorn / O.S R2101 22 / 311.896
Tim Wood Serpent / O.S. R2102 22 / 312.429
David Spashett ARC / Picco EMX-WC 21 / 302.352
Sam Snell Mugen / O.S. Shimo 21 / 306.399
Neil Diver ARC / Reds M7 21 / 306.453
John Carr Serpent / O.S. R2101 21 / 308.493
Richard Hicklin Serpent / O.S. R2102 21 / 310.894
Clive Connolly Shepherd / Ielasi Tuned 9XL 21 / 312.659

As the final got under way Mark Green retained his qualifying pace and lead the race from start to finish, further down the field a very fast Neal King would be the first to retire after coming together, next to succumb to retirement would be Neil Diver, soon to follow would be John Carr, Sam Snell, Richard Hicklin. With Andy Hastings now catching Tim Wood who had worked his way into second, Andy would slip up the inside coming off the end of the straight corner at this point, Tim Wood’s first gear one way bearing began to slip, forcing Tim to run at a considerably slower pace to collect fifth place.

The final results were as follows:

1/8 Nitro Final Results:

Mark Green - 124 / 1808.584
Andrew Hastings - 123 / 1809/482
David Spashett - 121 / 1801.181
Clive Connolly - 116 / 1808.794
Tim Wood - 101 / 1804.333
Richard Hicklin - 71 / 1198.840
Sam Snell - 53 / 872.490
John Carr - 40 / 824.176
Neil Diver - 28 / 448.449
Neal King - 20 / 293.060

In the 1/8th Circuit Electric class both finals were to finish in the exact same order with Gavin Clinch winning both legs, from Franck Dambrine in second and Mathew Baker in third, the reliability of the electric cars this time out was seemed to be much improved, maybe due to in part to less stress on the electronics around the smaller Adur circuit, with every car finishing their finals.

Gavin Clinch 2 Points
Franck Dambrine 4 Points
Mathew Baker 6 Points
Paul Bellinger 8 Points
James Elice 10 Points
John Russell 12 Points
Simon Ramswari 14 Points

Special thanks to John Russell at Serpent UK for sponsoring round three of the BRCA 8th circuit national championship.