1:8th Circuit Nationals registration is open 'the Formula 1 of RC'

1/8th Circuit

Anticipation for the new season is high with a new race format:-

controlled/timed practice on a saturday afternoon to seed drivers, on a sunday normal ftd qualifying followed by bump up finals for the nitro class and 3 finals with the best two to count for electric drivers.

Dubbed 'the Formula 1 of RC', this phrase is well-deserved - as these cars can easily hit speeds of 80 mph (128km/h) and higher, with jaw-dropping acceleration and cornering speeds that make every other on-road car look like a pale imitation at best. © 2016 - 2020 HB Racing.  


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1/8th Circuit Race Calendar 2020

Best 6 of 8 to count

Round 1 – 28th and 29th March Mendip
Round 2 – 18th and 19th April Brookland
Round 3 – 9th and 10th May Halifax (Track open for practice Bank Holiday Friday)
British Open - 30th and 31st May Mendip (Non Points Meeting)
Round 4 – 27th and 28th June Wombwell
Round 5 – 25th and 26th July Halifax
Round 6 – 22nd and 23rd August Adur
Round 7 – 5th and 6th September Brookland
Round 8 – 26th and 27th September Cotswold

Section Conference Sat 5th September at Brookland 16:00hrs

Entry fees to be paid online prior to the meeting and closes 2 weeks prior to each national after which late fees apply.

Please join the section’s Facebook page for more news, photos, and gossip. 



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1/8th Circuit Events

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