1/8th Circuit Beginners Guide

1/8th Circuit

Welcome to the F1 of model car racing! Below is a guide for any new entrants into the 1/8th Circuit class. In this guide we will take you through the basics of 1/8th racing and what is needed and expected from yourself as a competitor at a 1/8th National.

To compete you must of course be a BRCA member.

Race entry
We run an online booking in system, you may enter a meeting 4 weeks before the meeting, the online entry closes on the Tuesday before the meeting. All payment for meetings is to be made at the circuit, we do not currently have a pre payment method available. If you enter a meeting and then cannot attend please let the Section Secretary know via e-mail 8thcsec@brca.org before 9pm on the Friday prior to the event. After this please advise a member of the committee via telephone ( telephone numbers on the BRCA website under contacts )

Our section allows practice on the Saturday of the meeting. This is open practice until the afternoon then controlled practice in groups with drivers of similar ability. We ask any newcomers that they attend the Saturday practice. Drivers must book in and pay race fees before the controlled practice commences.

Race Day
The racing takes place on the Sunday. All drivers need to be at the track by 08:00, drivers briefing will take place between 08:30 and 09:00 any driver not attending the briefing will be excluded from the meeting. It’s important to attend this as it will give you the information for how the day will proceed.

The racing format includes 5 minute qualifying heats, each qualifying heat has a 3 minute warm up period. Once the warm up period has expired all cars will be called into the pits where they need to be refuelled and arranged into the correct order by your pit personnel. Cars are then released in number order (this order changes each round) and start their own 5 minute clock when they first cross the start line, once the 5 minutes has expired the race director will inform the drivers that the race is over and to return to the pit lane. The pit person needs to cut the engine and disconnect the receiver battery, the driver can then turn off the radio. Upon leaving the pit lane the pit person must take the car and fuel bottle immediately to the scrutineering area and leave it there. Drivers must proceed immediately to there marshal point.

Always marshal after your heat or final, you marshal the marshal point with the same number as your car. When marshalling ensure you wear the hi-visibility vest provided. Please be aware of the cars on the circuit whilst marshalling. If a car is damaged safely cut the engine and pass it around to the next marshal who will continue to pass it on until it is back at the pits.

General Etiquette
• Do not walk onto the track whilst holding a transmitter, no transmitters are allowed within the track
• When turning on your transmitter always ensure you have the correct frequency peg (does not apply for 2.4GHz)
• Please treat your fellow competitors with respect and how you would like to be treated
• Please do not push slower cars out of the way
• Please move out of the way for faster cars
• Please marshal how you would like your car to be marshalled, no mobile phones are allowed whilst marshalling.
• If you are not due to be on the track do not enter it whilst a race is in progress
• Never drive the wrong way around the track or pit lane
• When on the track your car must always have a painted bodyshell attached
• Do not enter onto the drivers stand until the previous heat/final/practice session has finished.
• Please dispose of any waste in the containers provided at the track
• Please adhere to the rules laid down by the local track and the BRCA

If you have any question about 1/8th Circuit please do not hesitate to contact a member of our committee either via email or at trackside, they will all be pleased to lend any assistance they can.

Your Car
The current construction rules are published in the BRCA Handbook and on the 1/8th Circuit section of http://www.brca.org/

Please make sure that your car adheres to these rules, there is scrutineering equipment available on the Saturday and Sunday to check your car. A guide to using this equipment will be available trackside and on the internet.

Personal Transponders, it is your own responsibility to ensure this is attached to the car and is operating correctly, at most circuits the timing system is in operation during Saturday practice and we would advise that you check yourself or ask a race official to check the operation of your transponder.

You must ensure you have the correct number on your car for qualifying and finals. The position of the numbers must be on the front of the car, left side and right side, unless stated differently in the drivers briefing. Numbers are available from race control at the circuit, please only take the numbers that you need.

General Information
If you have a question you are always welcome to ask any of our committee members or of course there are many internet forums.

Latest news and information will be published on http://www.brca.org/ in the 1/8th Circuit section, please check back here for regular updates and race results.

Above all please enjoy your time racing in the 1/8th Circuit Section.
If you have any suggestions or proposals for our section please do not hesitate to contact a committee member.