8th Circuit Cotswold - Round 5 time table 2016

1/8th Circuit

The 1/8th Circuit section are pleased to announce timetabe and details for the Round 5 BRCA National at Cotswolds


Saturday 2nd

9.00 - 13.00 Track open for untimed practise

13.00-13.30 Track Closed for booking in

13.30 -14.15 Track open for unrestricted timed practise

14.15-16-15 There may be a maximum of four 15 minute sessions which are only open  for drivers of ranking 150 to 500 depending on numbers of drivers present.

If the race officials feel that there are insufficient drivers using the session then they may open it to drivers of all rankings.

16-15 - 18.00 Track open for unrestricted timed practise.

18.00 Track closed no engines to be run after this time.

Sunday 3rd

08.30 Drivers briefing

09.00 First round of practise in heat order

Catering will be available on both days along with the AV8 Restauant

The airfield has a 20 mph airfield speed limit which must be adhered to at ALL times.

Please read the notes at bottom of page if you are planning to camp at Cotswold Model Car Club.

If you arrive at the airfield after 7.00pm on Friday or Saturday nights, the Security gate will be closed. You can either arrange for someone to come and open the gate for you from the inside or please call John Russell 07798 846930 who will arrange to open the entrance gate for you from the inside.

DO NOT CALL THE AIRPORT SECURITY, as their costs will be charged to you.

The fee for camping, tents is £5, caravans and motorhomes it is £10.00 per night payable to the Cotswold Model Club but please see below as club would prefer you pay via paypal in advance.

Cotswold Model Car Club do not have the facilities for the disposal of chemical toilet waste.

No open fires of any type are allowed on site. All barbecue devices must be raised above ground level.

Cotswold is a race track located on a live airfield, it is not a leisure park. We expect competitors to take responsibility for any young children they bring with them. Please do not bring bikes, scooters or operate any form of RC equipment anywhere on the site. The main access road to the front and side of the track has to be clear at all times. These are Cotswold Airport Fire Service rules.

Generators will be situated in designated areas. If you are using a generator please store the fuel can well away from the generator, out of sight in the boot of your car would be ideal. No generators to be run after 10.00pm.

As in previous years there will be mains power provided for operation of RC equipment in the pitting areas only. This is NOT for use by campers to operate kettles, lighting, heaters etc. Please ensure when using an extension cable the cable reel is fully open and not coiled up, as this has been known to cause a problem with the supply. Also please do not leave electrical items out overnight, damp getting into chargers and power supplies can also cause the power to trip out.

Whilst there are bins on site, we ask all competitors to take away their own waste after the event. Bags are available in Race Control for rubbish.

No cars will be allowed to park in the camping or working areas. Vehicles must be a minimum of 4 metres away from camping or working areas. The preference is to park on the grass area, on the far side of the perimeter track, as you look out from the rostrum. These are Cotswold Airport Fire Service rules.

The Cotswold Model Car Club is sited on a working airfield and is required by law to comply with all aspects of Health, Safety and Environmental legislation

Camping at Cotswold Model Car Club

Our section has today been informed that the club has a system in place for pre-payment of camping fees to simplify their administration of the facility. We have been informed the reason for this is that at some of their large meetings unscrupulous drivers have attempted to evade payment of camping fees.

This system is available on the club website above by clicking the camping icon.

They have advised us that they would prefer all entrants use this system to simplify their administration of camping provision at their facility.

Once you have processed pre prepayment you will need to print your paypal receipt as proof of payment and display as follows.

Caravans and Motorhomes should attach or place this inside their front window so can easily be read.

Those camping in tents will all have their receipts inspected by a Cotswold committee member.

In the event that you cannot produce your Paypal receipt then you will be required to pay in cash at the track.