BRCA – 1/8 Circuit National Round 6 – 2016 Report (Sponsored by Momentum RC)

1/8th Circuit

The fourth round of the BRCA National series which was sponsored by Momentum RC, took place last weekend at the Wombwell Model Car Club, a circuit which the national championship visits twice this year, a challenging track with a very technical infield and long straight away.

Saturday practice was topped by Tim Wood setting the pace, with Mark Green absent on the Saturday, it looked as if Tim would have the advantage.

Heading into Sunday it appeared luck would not be on Wood's side as Mark Green shot straight to the top of the qualifying without any practice run on either Saturday or Sunday.

After four rounds of qualifying the Nitro A final would line up as follows:

Mark Green - 18/ 308.623
Tim Wood - 18/ 313.574
Andy Hastings - 18/ 313.993
Neal King - 18/ 315.099
Andrew North - 18/ 315.731
David Spashett - 17/ 300.713
John Carr - 17/ 303.439
Michael Walton - 17/ 303.554
Karl Dransfield - 17/ 306.619
Richard Hicklin - 17/ 306.951

As the cars headed to the grid Andy Hastings would be penalised and start from the pit lane, and John Carr making an amazing start from 7th to 3rd, Neal King was soon to take the podium spot from John Carr and would retain it until the end of the race, up front Tim Wood was to pass Mark Green on lap 18, and stay in front for another 60+ laps, unfortunately for Tim Wood he was to retire on lap 80 and Mark Green was to take the lead and secure his third win of the season, with Andrew North making the charge to second after Tim's misfortune, with Neal King rounding off the podium followed by Andy Hastings who made the charge from the back of the grid to finish 0.7 seconds away from the podium.

The final race order was as follows:

1/8 Nitro A final finishing order:

Driver Car / Engine / Fuel / Bodyshell / Tyres

Mark Green - Serpent / XRD / Runner Time / Protoform R18/ Matrix
Andrew North - ARC / Sirio / Runner Time / Protoform R18 / Contact
Neal King - Capricorn / Tesla / Runner Time / Protoform P909 / Capricorn
Andrew Hastings - Shepherd / VS Racing / Meccamo / Protoform P909 / Matrix
John Carr - Serpent / O./S. / Elite Power / Protoform R18 / Enetti
David Spashett - ARC / Picco / Energy Fuel / Blitz TS030 / Hot Race
Michael Walton - BMT / XRD / Runner Time / Xtreme Aerodynamics R18 / Matrix
Tim Wood - Serpent / O.S. / Elite Power / Protoform R18/ Enetti
Karl Dransfield - Shepherd / Orcan / Meccamo / Protoform P909/ Matrix
Richard Hicklin - Serpent / O.S. / Elite Power / Protoform P909 / Contact

Special thanks to Momentum RC for sponsoring round four of the BRCA 8th circuit national championship.