BRCA 1/8th Circuit 2015 National Championship, Round 3

1/8th Circuit

The third round of this year’s championship was hosted by the Mendip circuit in Weston Super Mare. With the main championship contenders of Green and Wood were in attendance after ETS and Holiday commitments.

On Saturday the weather was good which allowed for some very constructive practice by all drivers and you could see the track conditions improve throughout the day and the lap times coming down to the magical 15.4 second bracket. The circuit in recent years is getting less use and therefore the surface is becoming very abrasive which is confirmed by the very high tire wear suffered by all the drivers.

Sunday arrived to dry conditions but with the strong possibility of rain showers throughout the day, so a good start and a banker time first up would be a must. In heat one it was Lee Chapman who recorded 18 laps, a full lap clear of Alex Mortimer who was 2 laps clear of Amando Ludena.  In heat 2 it was Richard Boult who also recorded 18 laps with John Russell back in second on 16 laps. Into heat 3 and it was Andrew Watson who recorded 17 laps ahead of Roger Doran and Nicholas Willcox. Heat 4 it was Jason Thompson who won the heat with 14 laps but it was in damp conditions. So into heat 5 and the start of the fast guys aiming for a position in the top ten and with rain affecting this heat, it was Chris Simons who recorded a respectable 17 laps with Chris Snell 3 seconds behind. In the top heat, the track had dried fully and with it being slightly overcast it allows the engines to produce more power and therefore this could at this early stage become the ‘rocket run’ and it was Green who produced a 20 lapper and 5 seconds clear of nearest rival Neal King, Andy Hastings and Tim Wood with every driver recording 19 laps apart from Jason Frost.

Into round 2 and with rain affecting heats one and two, in heat 3 it was Andrew Watson who won the heat with another 17 lap result. Heat 4 and it was ex chairman Andy Mollett who seems to be coming to grips with his new Capricorn chassis and recorded 18 laps ahead of Jason Thompson and local ace Rob Mckenna. In heat 5 and it was Chris Simons who again won the heat and recorded a faster time of 18 laps 301 seconds which at this stage would put him in the top ten ahead of Wayne Briggs by 1 second. In heat 6, it was it was Green again who won the heat in a faster time but in close pursuit was team mate Tim Wood ahead of Neal King and all recording 20 lap results which would easily see them in the overall top ten come the finals.

Round 3 and Alex Mortimer got the better of Lee Chapman who failed to finish. In heat 2 it was Richard Boult who recorded 17 laps but no improvement, ahead of John Russell and Dave Norris. In Heat 3, Roger Doran won a close heat by 1 second over Hayley Baker to record 17 laps. In heat 4, it was Rob Mckenna on 18 laps from Yorkshire man Baj Panasar who also recorded 18 laps to propel him up the overall standings. Heat 5 witnessed Chirs Simons again winning the heat from a hard charging Sam Snell both recording fast 18 lappers. Into heat 6 and it was Mark Green yet again but he was the only driver to record 20 laps.

The final round was soon up just after 1pm and with the track conditions really good gave the drivers who had not posted a quick time the chance to do this without the intervention of the bad weather. In heat 1, Alex Mortimer produced his best result of 18 laps, 4 clear of Amando Ludena. In heat 2, Martin Grey got the better of John Russell by 2 seconds in both recording 17 laps. In heat 3 and Hayley Baker won the heat, 4 seconds clear of Nicholas Willcox. Heat 4 and Jason Thompson managed to get the better of Andy Mollett by 2 seconds. Heat 5 and Steve Scott recorded a fast 18 lapper to secure 9th position overall and with a DNF for Wayne Briggs meant that Chris Simons finished 0.088 seconds ahead of Briggs and 10th position. In heat 6, the pace increased considerably with all drivers apart from King and Wood producing personnel best results to all make the top ten.

The top 10 were as follows:

  1. Mark Green – Serpent / Novarossi – 20 Laps 309 secs
  2. Tim Wood – Serpent / OS – 20 Laps 313 secs
  3. Neal King – Capricorn / Tesla – 20 Laps 314 secs
  4. Andrew Hastings – Shepherd / Sonic – 19 laps 300 secs
  5. Ashley Gouveia – Shepherd / Sonic – 19 Laps 301 secs
  6. John Carr – Serpent / OS – 19 laps 303 secs
  7. Andrew North – Mugen / Sirio – 19 laps 303 secs
  8. Jason Frost – Capricorn / XRD – 19 laps 305 secs
  9. Steve Scott – Serpent / RB – 18 laps 300 secs
  10. Chris Simons – Serpent / Novarossi – 18 laps 301 secs

D Final

This was a fight up front between Capricorn team mates which resulted in Vincent Menzies get the better of Marlon Mckulsky by 1.5 laps, with Dave Norris back in third, some 7 laps down.

  1. Vincent Menzies – Capricorn – 65 laps
  2. Marlon Mckulsky – Capricorn – 63 laps
  3. Dave Norris – Serpent / Exceed – 56 laps

C Final

This was a battle between the top two cars with pole sitter Jack Garrett-Lines beating Richard Boult by a full lap with local driver Mike Manning finishing third 3 laps down on second place.

  1. Jack Garrett-Lines – Capricorn – 67 laps
  2. Richard Boult – Xray – 66 laps
  3. Mike Manning – Shephard / Vox – 63 laps

B Final

This was a close battle with the majority of drivers on a similar pace. Upfront at the start was Wayne Briggs who pulled out a lead but then made some small errors during the pit stops which dropped him down the order. At the top, it was Alex Mortimer who was having a close battle with Lee Chapman and it was Alex Mortimer who won the race by less than a second. In third was Jason Thompson who was less than a lap behind the top two. Wayne Briggs recovered to finish fourth.

  1. Alex Mortimer – Shepherd / Novarossi – 68 laps
  2. Lee Chapman – Capricorn / Sirio – 68 laps
  3. Jason Thompson – Serpent / Novarossi – 67 laps

A Final

The A final started in formation order with no accidents and up front it was Green steadily pulling out a lead over Tim Wood and Neal King. The first major casualty was King on lap 42 with a stripped belt and promoted John Carr into third position. The next retirement was Andy Hastings with a broken pinion gear which would result in him dropping valuable championship points. Green at this point had pulled out a 2 lap lead and therefore decided to make an extra fuel stop just as precaution with Wood settling for second position and John Carr third, 3 laps behind but making it a clean sweep for team Serpent.

Pos Name Sponsor Car Engine Tires Body Laps
1 Mark Green Serpent / Novarossi / Exceed / Mecca 977 NR Exceed P909 112
2 Tim Wood Serpent UK/ Savox / Blue Lightning Racing 977 OS Speed Exceed R18 111
3 John Carr Serpent UK/ Savox / Blue Lightning Racing 977 OS Speed Exceed R18 108
4 Ashley Gouveia DH Modelsport V8 Sonic Shepherd P909 106
5 Jason Frost CPD Racing C-802 Sirio Capricorn P909 105
6 Andrew North Mugen Seiki Europe – Contact – RC Disco MRX5 Sirio Contact P909 104
7 Steve Scott Serpent UK, Answer RC, RB 977 RB RB Bitty Design 100
8 Andrew  Hastings DH Modelsport V8 Picco Shepherd P909 99
9 Neal King CPD Racing C-802 Tesla Capricorn P909 42
10 Chris Snell Shepherd V8 Sonic - R18 76