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1/8th Circuit Model cars come in many different shapes and sizes but with acceleration times of 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds, and top speeds in excess of 75 mph is it any wonder that 1/8th gas powered radio controlled model cars are considered the formula one of all radio controlled model car racing?

Racing 1/8th circuit radio controlled gas cars will add a whole new meaning to your understanding of the word excitement. Once you have driven a 1/8th car and experienced its awesome power, and stunning cornering speed, you’ll never be satisfied with driving anything else, and be back for more, again and again and again.

Your 1/8th scale I.C. powered four-wheel drive car can be built from one of the many available kits now on the market. Powered by a racing 3.5cc two stroke engine capable of delivering over two brake horsepower, you are just minutes away from the most mind-blowing experience in model car racing. Your car complete with engine will be a high tech 1/8th scale model racing car. All cars have front and rear independent suspension controlled by fully adjustable shock absorbers and springs. In addition you’ll have disc brakes and automatically shifting transmissions.

All this topped with a sports car style bodyshell painted to your own individual team colour scheme and designed for you to get the best from your car both mechanically and aerodynamically. 1/8th racing is a great activity and hobby for all the family to participate in, and as well as racing as individuals, many father and son teams compete in racing events. Once you’ve got used to the thrill of driving your own car around one of the purpose designed scale circuits located throughout the country you’ll be able to compete in your first event.

Following a practice session you’ll have tuned your car and engine for maximum performance. With your engine running you head for the drivers rostrum, whilst your pitman puts your car on the track for one of your qualifying races. Having qualified for a final you wait on the drivers rostrum as tension mounts waiting for the flag to drop. Accelerate hard into the first bend as you jockey for position with your fellow racers. As the race settles down you’ll have to think about the first of your scheduled re-fuelling pit stops. Head down the pit lane to your pitman, a full tank of fuel taken on in seconds, and you blast back into the action.

Well, could you handle it? If the answers yes, then come 1/8th I.C. racing!

1/8th Circuit Racing, the original radio controlled racing class! The class was started in the USA in the 1960s as fully proportional radio controlled systems were becoming available and this allowed model racers to drive their models around purpose built circuits and temporary car park circuits, as opposed to the previous iteration of nitro engined racing which was with cars tethered to a pole.

Here are the dates and venues for the 1/8th circuit 2016 season National events, There will also be a combined meeting (8th/10th) on August 28th at Halifax. Keep your eyes peeled for booking in information coming soon..

The eagerly anticipated British Open was arranged by both the 1/8th and 1/10th Committee aside from the respective championships to help promote all the nitro on-road classes and crown champions over one weekend of racing.

The third round of this year’s championship was hosted by the Mendip circuit in Weston Super Mare. With the main championship contenders of Green and Wood were in attendance after ETS and Holiday commitments.

On Saturday the weather was good which allowed for some very constructive practice by all drivers and you could see the track conditions improve throughout the day and the lap times coming down to the magical 15.4 second bracket. The circuit in recent years is getting less use and therefore the surface is becoming very abrasive which is confirmed by the very high tire wear suffered by all the drivers.

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