BRCA GT12 National Series 2018 Rounds 5 & 6 Race Report

1/12th Circuit GT

MB Models hosted Rounds 5 & 6 of the BRCA GT12 National Series 2018.

The final two rounds of the BRCA GT12 National Series 2018 were hosted by MB Models on Saturday 19th May and Sunday 20th May. On Saturday an impressive 80 drivers attended Round 5 and 73 drivers attended Round 6 on Sunday. The race format for both days was a practice heat, four qualifying rounds and one final. Michael Ball from MB Models welcomed us to the venue and Vince Formosa and Niall Cochran gave the drivers briefing and then the drivers got on with qualifying and racing.

mb models track gt12 national R5 R6 2018

Round 5 - Saturday 19th May
Qualifying on Saturday was again extremely close at the top end, with Aidan Ripley taking TQ in Q1 and Q2 and Adam Catchpole taking TQ in Q3 and Q4 and overall TQ. Ben Vincent, Ollie Payne and Greg Williams all put in a 31 lap qualifying time to get in to the top 5 in the A Final. At the end of qualifying the top ten were Adam Catchpole, Aidan Ripley, Ben Vincent, Ollie Payne, Greg Williams, David Gale, Adam Mackman, Arran Turner, George Brewer and Ben Elliott. Adam Mackman qualified in 7th giving him his first BRCA GT12 National A Final place.

Round 5 Finals - Saturday

All the finals were run over 6 minutes and each and every final was extremely close and competitive. In the A final, a mistake from Adam C on lap 5 meant Aidan got through to the lead who then maintained first position to cross the line 4.539s in front of Adam C in second, both on 31 laps. Ollie finished third behind Adam C with 30 laps. 

Round 5 - A final - Results
1st Aidan Ripley (Schumacher)
2nd Adam Catchpole (Schumacher)

3rd Ollie Payne (Zen)
4th Arran Turner (Schumacher)

5th Greg Williams (Schumacher)

6th Ben Elliott (Schumacher)

7th George Brewer (Schumacher)

8th Ben Vincent (Schumacher)

9th Adam Mackman (Schumacher)

10th David Gale (Schumacher).

mb models R5 A Final top 3

Top Juniors

mb models R5 Juniors top 3

Team prize was won by "Team Zen"

R5 team prize winners

A Final Tech Chart

Tech Chart Round 5 MB Models

Round 6 - Sunday 20th May
This was the final round of the series and drivers were looking for a good final overall series championship position. With Andy Murray attending the Schumacher GP in Spain and already crowned BRCA GT12 National Champion after Round 4, the remaining top drivers were also racing for 2nd and 3rd overall in the championship. Aidan Ripley held TQ for the first two rounds until Ollie Payne out-qualified him in the third and fourth rounds to take the overall TQ with 32/ 370.639s. At the end of qualifying the top ten were Ollie Payne, Aidan Ripley, Adam Catchpole, Ben Vincent, Owen Smith, Niall Cochran, David Gale, Arran Turner, Peter Craig and Matthew Gammons. Owen qualified 5th in the A final and was again the top Junior of the day.

Round 6 Finals - Sunday

Ollie got a clean start from pole position and led the field around on the first lap, whilst behind him Adam got past Aidan on to the straight in to second only to then get caught up with Aidan after the hairpin which meant Ben got through to second and started chasing down Ollie with Adam C behind him in third. Ollie then clipped the barrier on lap 8 and Ben took full advantage and now led in front of Adam and Ollie. With now just 6/10ths covering the top three the racing was extremely tight and close with just over 3 minutes remaining. With all three drivers pushing hard, Ollie rolled at the hairpin. With Niall now running in third he was put under immense pressure from Ollie and Aidan behind him for the remainder of the race. With all eyes on the battle for third, Adam got past Ben to take the lead and finished over the line first, ahead of Ben in second and Niall in third. A fantastic race to watch with some spectacularly close racing throughout the field.

Round 6 - A final - Results
1st Adam Catchpole (Schumacher)
2nd Ben Vincent (Schumacher)
3rd Niall Cochran (Zen)

4th Peter Craig (Schumacher)

5th Matt Gammons (Schumacher)

6th Owen Smith (Zen)

7th Aidan Ripley (Schumacher)

8th Ollie Payne (Zen)

9th David Gale (Schumacher)

10th Arran Turner (Schumacher)

mb models R6 A Final top 3

Top Juniors

IMG 2100
(Darcie Smith not pictured)

Team prize was won by "team Contact"

R6 team prize winners

A final tech chart

Tech Chart Round 6 MB Models

A massive thanks to Michael Ball and all of the MB Models team for a fantastic weekend of racing, and to Muz for race control and commentary.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to all the 130 plus drivers who supported the series. Also thanks to Eastbourne, Chippenham and MB Models and their members for making this series happen.

Next up is the 1/12th & GT12 Circuit EGM 2018 on Saturday 23rd June at the Hollingwood Hub, Works Road, Hollingwood, Chesterfield S43 2PF (Use S43 2JP for SatNav). This is your chance to come and shape the classes you want to race for the coming season and to congratulate the winners of last seasons nationals as we hand out the trophies.

You can view the proposals for the upcoming 1/12th & GT Circuit EGM here:


You can view videos of the finals from MB models on YouTube HERE