Getting your GT12 to handle

1/12th Circuit GT

GT12 cars have a tendency to roll over when the grip comes up. With their relatively high centre of gravity, narrow track and high grip, this is to be expected. Almost all the top runners have a trick to control this and make the handling stable and predictable. 


The trick is to put a coating of superglue on the sidewall of the front tyre. Use almost any type of superglue – the flexible ones don’t do the trick - apply it carefully and make sure it comes right up to the level of the tyre tread. If it doesn’t, the car will tend to tip in the corner, and if it comes over the tread the car will understeer.

Because the glue is attached to the foam, it will wear down with the tyre. As the foam is worn down on the outer edge of the tyre it detaches and takes the glue with it. Too much glue will soak further into the tyre making that process more difficult. If you notice an edge building up proud of the tread put it on the tyre truer and sand it away.

Keep the sanding ‘stick’ flat across the tread so that you don’t round the shoulder off; the car might tip in the corners again. Add a touch more glue if that happens to restore the glue right up to the edge of the tread. Keep an eye on the state of the glue. Collisions with the corner markers or other cars can knock bits out of the glue, simply dab in some replacement.

Whether it works for your car on your local track is a matter of ‘suck it and see.’ If you try it and it doesn’t work, the glue can be sanded off on a tyre truer so it’s a win-win. The glue needs to be sanded off at the top where it meet the tread, not all the way down the sidewall.

Try this trick and if you find the car is faster round the lap and easier to driver leave the glue on. A slower car or too much understeer means a trip back to the tyre truer to remove it.

These pictures are worth more than any further words!

Superglue covering the sidewall and the tyre joint to the wheel

Superglue up to the level of the tread, not over the top!