GT National Round 3 Newbury Information and Timetable

1/12th Circuit GT

This will mark the halfway point of our racing season in the BRCA GT National series, we head of down to the popular Newbury Track on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of March 2016


Time Table for Round 3

GT10, F1 Saturday

  • Doors Open 10:30am
  • Driver’s Brief 11.00am
  • Practice starts 11.30am
  • Prize Giving 18.15pm

GT12 Sunday

  • Doors Open 7am
  • Practice Starts 8.00am
  • Driver’s Brief 9.20am
  • Prize Giving 18.00pm

** Please note we have move Drivers briefing on Sunday until after the first round of practice to allow for late arrivals, Drivers briefing is mandatory for all racers

Track Details:

Food - there will cold snacks (crisps, chocolate etc) but unfortunately no hot food. McD's, Pizza Hut and Tesco's are all walking distance, pub at the entrance to the college does reasonable food in the evening.
Gates - Gates to the venue will open at above times please do not arrive before the times above as the you will have to block the dual carrage way!
Pitting - This will be mainly trackside rather than in the gallery (which was used for the LMP nats). Tables, chairs and power provided but bring an extention lead just in case.
Friday meeting - There will be a Friday club meeting for those that are in the area. Practice 6:30 - 7:30, racing until 10:15. 3 qualifyer and 1 final.