GT National Round Two Event Timetable and Announcements

Photo Credit: Martin Bollenbacher Photography

1/12th Circuit GT

The GT Section have released their timetable for Round 2 this coming weekend and have a couple of important announcements, with nearly 100 GT12 drivers on the Sunday this is set to be the largest meeting to date at the fantastic new venue by MB Models

Time Table for Round Two

GT10, F1 Saturday

  • Doors Open 10:30am
  • Driver’s Brief 11.00am
  • Practice starts 11.30am
  • Prize Giving 18.15pm

GT12 Sunday

  • Doors Open 8am
  • Practice Starts 8.30am
  • Driver’s Brief 9.50am
  • Prize Giving 18.30pm

** Please note we have move Drivers briefing on Sunday until after the first round of practice to allow for late arrivals, Drivers briefing is mandatory for all racers

Change of Venue for Round 5

Teesside RC Club have had to cancel our national due to loosing their venue, we are pleased to let all racer know we have secured another club to host our round 5 on the same weekend and it will now be held at:

Chesterfield Auto Racing Society (CARS)

We will automatically transfer all entrants over to the new venue, if you wish to cancel please just use the cancel button on the booking page

F1 Tyres

Since round one its become apparent that there is some confusion over what "run from the packet" and "do not modify your tyres" means, so to be clear before the next round we will be enforcing

  • Your nominated tyres that you will run WILL be checked and marked BEFORE racing and you will only be allowed to race with your marked tyres
  • No modifications mean just that, so turning the tyres down, gluing the walls solid, changing the inserts etc is NOT allowed

You are allowed to place a side wall decal on, however smearing them on with glue is not allowed

We were tasked at the EGM to find a mounted set of tyres which worked from the packet and didn't need modifying, the GRP's come pre-scrubbed ready to race and any additional work done to the tyres IS a modification

Track Announcement Round 2

At last weekend’s opening event at MB Models Raceway a large amount of fluff and dust pickup was evident on competitors’ cars for a significant part of the meeting. This is something that is often seen when new carpet is used and causes both a loss of grip and also an inconvenience to drivers who then have to clean their cars extensively after each run. Over time as the carpet is used with varying track layout configurations, the issue will disappear and track conditions will become consistent.

In light of the above, a request has been made by MB Models Raceway to retain the same track layout as used last weekend for the upcoming BRCA GT National. MB Models and their staff wish for their inaugural national event to be an enjoyable experience for all and not overshadowed by issues with the track and carpet.

The BRCA GT committee have subsequently deliberated at length over the request in private. As a group of people elected by the BRCA membership, national committees are empowered to use their knowledge and experience to ensure safe and fair racing between everyone in accordance with the BRCA rules and the spirit of competition.

The BRCA GT committee appreciates the desire of competitors to race on a level playing field and with equal opportunity to achieve success. They understand that some drivers may feel as though they would be left at a competitive disadvantage at the national event should the track layout remain in its original configuration. Indeed this is also the view of a number of the committee members. It is for this reason that the expectation is usually that a track layout be new for a national event, or at least not be used by the club for their events in the run up to the national.

However, it is also rare for the section to be faced with a situation such as this, whereby an event is to be run on a new or nearly new carpet at a brand new venue such as MB Models Raceway.

After considering all potential options including partial or full layout changes, additional practice sessions and following extensive discussions which included several differences of opinion, the collective decision of the BRCA GT Committee is to retain the existing track configuration for the MB Models Raceway BRCA GT National. It is felt that while some competitors may feel aggrieved by this decision, they should be assured that it has been made in the hope that a national event run on a consistent track with good grip levels is preferable to one run in similar conditions as experienced last weekend.

There are no specific rules which mandate that a track layout must be new, nor any which state that the track should or should not be changed following Saturday’s racing. Previous decisions regarding these points have been made through collective majority of the BRCA committee on a case by case basis. It is intended that for the 2016/17 season suitable rules, guidelines and procedures are put in place to ensure that the section is consistent in this respect and so that competitors and organisers know what to expect when they host or attend national events. The GT section is relatively new and is still in a development phase, so it is inevitable that procedural loopholes will need to be closed and for the way that the section runs events to be smoothed out over time. We ask for your patience and support during this process.

Should you require any further clarification or have any further comments to make, then please direct them to a member of the BRCA GT committee via private email or telephone call. Taking an aggressive stance and posting in public forums or on social media is not an acceptable or appropriate way to raise a grievance. We urge all competitors to be respectful of this and to make contact with BRCA officials through the official channels.