GT12 - Schumacher Low Profile Front End

1/12th Circuit GT

Dear Racers,

Shorty after Schumacher released the Low Profile front end, It was brought to the committee's attention that it may breach the rules.

The Committee investigated and deemed the design breached rule 6.3 -
Front suspension may be independent provided that the suspension design does not have any pivot, rod or other mechanism that alters the wheel camber in roll relative to the chassis during its full travel. (Intent – that suspension systems from Touring Cars, GT10 cars, 12th cars and F1 cars featuring pivoting suspension arms are not used).

The key areas being “pivot” and “other Mechanism”

As the Lower beam is supported on 4 pivot balls without adequate bracing allowing the lower beam to flex altering camber in roll.

Schumacher were made aware and have made the necessary changes by releasing a new top beam to make the suspension legal.

Anybody wishing to compete in a BRCA Sanctioned event, please read the Schumacher press release HERE

U7439 - Atom LP Front End Camber Strap must be fitted


The committee are working with manufacturers to ensure the best product and the best racing for us all.




GT Committee