GT12 Worlds News & Update

1/12th Circuit GT

With just over a month to go, it's a good time for a quick update on the GT 12 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

We have enroled a new officer to the GT12 Worlds Team and with that he has been very busy getting ready for the event.
Welcome Mark Christopher to the team along with an official Facebook group for news and related items 
A quick note from Mark
"I'm proud to be able to announce this group will become an official source for worlds info, news and updates.
This will save  having a separate group.
Starting this evening with a drivers pack, myself a others will keep you informed so please tell your mates and anyone you know who wants to keep up to speed on this prestigious meeting. I will soon have a email address, so email me there or a pm on here.
I also be putting up various live feeds and videos/ pictures at the event.
We will also be posting links to the feed from and will have Nick Daman on here to give some insight.
Thank you all for your support.
Mark Christopher"