The BRCA 1/12th Circuit Section along with the BRCA Special Events Team are pleased to announced the GT12 World Championship and Model Motorsport Show 2017

The event for the GT12's is the first major international event for the class and the aim is to introduce it to the world wide racing community by giving it the showpiece it so richly deserves. It is hoped that we will get entries from across the globe and debut new cars from new manufacturers too, the racing will be continious over the two days of competition in 'Reedy' format.

The 'Best of the Best' in two days of heads up racing, in this class which already has a reputation for spectacular racing, should be something to see - alongside the Model Motorsport Show which will give our industry the opportunity to demonstrate their products to a huge audience - last year's show saw 96,000 people visit over the weekend!

Last year we held the Reedy Race at the same venue..... take a look

2016 Reedy 1/12 Race of Champions - Milton Keynes, UK from Stew Noble on Vimeo.

10th February - Registration and Practice

11th & 12th February - Racing All Day Both Days



Middleton Hall
Centre: MK Shopping Centre
Silbury Boulevard 
Milton Keynes 
MK9 3ES 
United Kingdom



Timetable for Event

Thursday 9th February 2017

  • 09:00–21:00 - Venue setup & track build – assistance welcome

Friday 10th February 2017

  • 09:00 - Venue opens
  • 09:00 - 12:00 - Registration, check-in, pit setup
  • 12:30 - Driver’s Briefing (repeated as required throughout the day)
  • 13:00 - 21:00 - Controlled Practice by bookable practice slots

Saturday 11th February 2017 - Provisional

  • 07:00 - Venue opens
  • 08:30 - Controlled Practice by Heat
  • 10:15 - Racing begins – 6 rounds

Sunday 12th February 2017 - Provisional

  • 07:00 - Venue opens
  • 08:30 - Controlled Practice by Heat
  • 10:15 - Racing begins – 4 Rounds
  • 16.45 - Awards Presentation


GT12WCRuleBookCompetition Rules

The BRCA homologation lists for motors, ESCs, and Lipo's is updated on a rolling basis; usually on the first Monday of the month. The lists may be updated with new additions prior to the event.

The tech inspection service will begin on Friday morning during registration (practice will begin in the afternoon). Motors, bodies, and batteries will be sealed and/or marked prior to the start of the event. Additionally, equipment can also be checked during the course of the weekend.

Racing Format

1 All drivers will race in 10 head-to-head races. . 
2 Final results are determined by combining the points from a driver’s best 8 out of 10 rounds, tie’s split on race time.
3 All races will be 6 minutes in length.


1 Tire compound selection is open. 
2 Spyder Blue tyre additive, supplied in a clear container with brush applicator, will be distributed to each competitor during the driver registration process. 
3 The supplied additive must remain in its original container and remain visible on your pit table at all times. 
4 Use of any other additive is grounds for immediate disqualification from the event (tires will be tested randomly to determine whether they have been treated with unapproved additive).





Airport options:

London Heathrow 
54 Miles

London Luton Airport 
24 Miles

London Stansted Airport 
56 Miles

Birmingham Airport 
63 Miles

Local Attractions

England TripAdvisor.com

Bletchley Park (WW2 Code Breaking)


Timetable for Entries

  • Entries Open: 25th September 2016
  • Entries Close: 25th November 2016

Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible or by the closing dates of the 25th November at the latest.

Payment will be required on confirmation of place.

Entry system will use the International Bloc system:-

  • 20 Places for the UK
  • 20 Places for Europe
  • 20 Places for the America’s & Canada
  • 20 Places for the rest of the world.
  • 20 Places for Manufacturer Nominated Drivers

Any places not taken up from any Bloc will, on the 25th November be allocated to oversubscribed bloc’s, in a ‘One per bloc’ rotation – in the order listed above.

Entry Cost:

  • £60 Per Racer

The only competition licence required is from your home country

Register here: Click for GT12 World Championship entry

Confirmed Manufacturer Teams

Confirmed Drivers List

Drivers Name Country

{tab=Model Motorsport Show}

Comming Soon

{tab=Manufacturer Information}

Manufacturer Information

The GT12 class has been developed in the UK to a point where it’s providing some fantastically accessible racing for the indoor electric scene, it’s probably turned it from a small group of people to one enjoyed by thousands at over a hundred clubs throughout the UK.

The intent of the class is as an introduction to the sport, we have a UK rule (that doesn’t apply to this event) that a version of the car needs to be available as a rolling chassis for £100 – we would hope that new products will follow in this spirit.

The aim of this race meeting is to give the class the international boost it now needs – this class is far too good for it not to grow.

Manufacturer Teams

Teams of upto 4 drivers can be entered into this meeting – and your nominated drivers are guaranteed a place in the event.

Entering a team is easy – just send an email to gt12wc@brca.org and let us know your team name and all the contact details for the team manager or company representative dealing with your team for this event.

At this stage we don’t even need to know who your drivers are – that can follow on, once we have the contact details we’ll correspond with you direct.

Registering Your Nominated Drivers

Simply ensure your driver(s) – has registered for the event then you can start this process off with the first one and let us know the rest as and when you can – email gt12wc@brca.org to let us know who they are.

To Know About

  • The construction rules for this class are on this site, please have a read – they should be simple to follow but we’re happy to help and advise as required – just ask.
  • We appreciate that some of you will be running new products at this event, probably still at the prototype stage – however we need a chassis plate sample for scruitineering purposes, this needs to be supplied by the end of December in its final form.
  • Drivers – 20 places have been allocated for you to nominate drivers, this doesn’t mean there are only 20 places available for your racers – it means that we will ensure any driver you nominate, who doesn’t qualify for a place in one of the normal country blocs, will have a place.
  • Teams – we will invite you to enter a Team of upto 4 into a Team Event – bodyshells to be identical in colour scheme please – the top 3 scores to count, drivers can come from any bloc, and this process can be done right up to the date of the event (i.e. you can do this out once you know the entrants!)

Please note; - we will also be accepting Team entries from Countries and groups of drivers etc.

  • Model Motorsport Show – surrounding this race meeting is a trade show, this is free for exhibitors to be at – we trust you will work with your UK importer to ensure you have a presence in this show, our commentary team will direct the spectators to the trade stands to see your products.
  • Sponsorship – we will be keeping the entry fee at a very reasonable £60, irrespective of team or independent driver. However we will be asking you to take up trackside advertising spaces, this will be very reasonable priced – our sole aim being that we cover our costs to host this event.