National Motor Checking Process Update

1/12th Circuit GT

It has come to light that there are a number of non-BRCA approved components available for the current crop of brushless electric motors. 

Despite the comprehensive lists available, some racers may have been installing these non-approved components in their motors, inadvertently or otherwise.

There is also a suspicion that due to manufacturing tolerances and changes to manufacturing processes, previously approved motors may contain components that do not meet the Electric Board rules. This is not an issue where BRCA rules are not applied, such as club level or non-BRCA open events. In these cases it will allow an otherwise cheap but uncompetitive motor to compete with the latest full price offering. It is up to the event organiser to stipulate the rules in place and enforce them in cases like these.
However, for BRCA National competition in LMP, GT12, F1 and GT10, the Electric Board rules apply in all cases with no exceptions. The components in question include alternative rotors, stators and timing boards. Some timing boards have also been modified to increase static timing, which then makes the part an unapproved component. Obviously, stripping and scrutineering every motor for every heat of every round of every event is not feasible. To this end we will be introducing random motor checks throughout the season across the electric pan car classes supported by the Twelfth Section. The process is as follows;

  • A number from 1-10 (inclusive) will be selected prior to the heat starting
  • The racers in the heat will be notified which number has been selected prior to the start of the heat
  • The individual will submit his car directly to the attending Eligibility Officer immediately after finishing the heat
  • Whilst the individual marshals, the Eligibility Officer will carry out basic checks on the motor. These include;
  • Part number confirmation
    o Rotor length
    o Rotor diameter
    o Stator length
  • The car is returned to the individual on completion of marshalling so no time is lost with their car
  • The BRCA will reserve the right to hold back any motor for additional checks after the meeting

Any driver who is unsure of the legality of their motor should contact the section Eligibility Officer who will gladly confirm the legality or otherwise of their motor. Any competitor found to be using non-BRCA approved or non-BRCA conforming components will have their time deleted and will be asked to replace the motor with an approved motor from the current list.

Repeat offenders will be referred to the Committee

The current approved motor lists can be found here;

Download the release here: 12th National Motor Check Process


Paul Lomas

BRCA 12th Section Eligibility Officer