Ben Harding retains British open title


Under a cloudless blue sky the 2018 running of the British Championship meeting for 1/8th Stock Cars was held on the fast and smooth Adur oval on the first day of July  




The previous day Saturday saw 14 drivers turn up for practice with all drivers putting in lots of laps in an attempt to find the best setup for the inviting new track surface. Lap times got faster as the oil went down until finally sub 4 second laps began rolling in.

Sunday saw 32 drivers competing for British championship.

The weather was unbearably hot with no breeze and the racing was incredible fast.

Heat 1 began at 11am and after 2 rounds, Alex Montague and Ricky Slater had the 2 top spots. 

By round 4, things had changed slightly and Alex Montague and Dave Gwilliam secured the 2 top spots straight through to the final.

Semi 1 was full of action with Ricky slater and Maikel Rutten battling it out for 1st and 2nd with Ricky eventually coming out on top.

Semi 2 was fast and just as exciting with Ben Harding taking the win over Craig Slater who came home second.

The junior final was pretty evenly matched with 3 juniors fighting it out for the top spot. All 3 drove very well and the race was very evenly matched with James Kinton crossing the timing loop just ahead of Tom O’Hara on the same lap with James's brother Ryan coming home in 3rd.

The senior final was set to be a memorable one with all 6 drivers on the pace.

Craig slater left the line 1st and took the lead with Ricky Slater glued to his bumper. By lap 3 Ricky had taken the lead and started to pull away gaining some half lap advantage over the rest of the pack. Before long Ben Harding had positioned himself in second closely followed by Maikel. Alex was having some issues and ended up stalling on the home straight and was narrowly avoided by the rest of the pack. Ricky got spun by his brother Craig while lapping him which let Ben through into the lead. Ben kept the lead with Ricky chasing him down until Ricky tripped over Dave Gwilliam while lapping him, that allowed the sneaky Dutch man Maikel Rutten to take the 2nd spot which is how the race finished. Ben 1st, Maikel 2nd, Ricky 3rd, Craig 4th, Dave Gwilliam 5th, Alex Montague 6th.  

Trophies were awarded to the junior and senior finalists as well as glass plaques for all that made the semis and a medal was given to every other driver who did not make it through qualifying.