Round 3 of the BRCA F2 Race Report


For all that happened at the third round of the BRCA F2 stockcars click read more to find out more! 


Round 3 of the Brca f2 national came around and this time it was a trip to Hathern raceway, at Coalville with 40 drivers booked in it again promised to be a busy but entertaining day, the pitting area was shall we say confined, but it did make for great banter the chances were you were sat next to someone who you didn't ​ know in the morning, but come the afternoon you sure did!

the track and busy pit area, and yes the bar was open, soft drinks all round please! A quick practice on the oval track (last years was a coffin shaped track)the cars were laid out for a concourse competition ( another new and nice touch) and on to qualifying we go 4 hectic rounds of racing were to follow, again with the top two drivers getting a bye into the main final , half way through the event it was announced that there was a free buffet laid on by the club, a wonderful gesture that everyone was impressed with, many thanks to Hathern raceway for this, it was really appreciated by everyone there, and a very special thank-you to Kay and Emma who helped serve the food up


the two wonderful ladies recieving flowers for giving up there mothers day and helping in the kitchen


some of the many trophy's on offer​qualifying flew by and some pretty rough racing was to follow, trying to get a clean run in was the order of the day but the lucky two who made it straight through were Anthony Wyper (again!) and Matt Befield, the next 16 were split into two semi finals with all to play for. 


Semi Final 1 results 

1st Phil Chadbourne 110 laps

2nd Jake Swann  109 laps

3rd James Taylor 108 laps

4th Colin Phillips 102 laps

5th Tim Bailey 101 laps

6th Mark Steele 100 laps

7th Ryan Stuart 80 laps

8th Ian Rolph 23 laps


Semi Final 2  results 

1st Dan Skeels 110 laps

2nd Chris Usher 110 laps 

3rd David Tomlinson 109 laps

4th Noah Bailey 108 laps

5th Allan Innes 101 laps

6th Louis Selby 74 laps

7th George Taylor 52 laps

8th Matt chambers 7 laps


before the final took place it was time for the grand national, this was a spectacle and a half to watch ,17 cars on the short narrow track together, needless to say not every one finished this one1st was Sam Campbell with 73 laps, 2nd was Leah Wyper (another star in the making) on 69 laps and 3rd was Alan Leighton (Mr BRCA himself) on 66 laps, a tough race but boy was it fun! 


Now it was time for the big one, the final race of the day , another hectic and very close race was to follow, but there could only be one winner.


​finalists ready to go, the calm before the storm  


Final results

1st Anthony Wyper 114 laps

2nd Matt Bennet 110 laps

3rd Chris Usher 109 laps

4th Phil Chadbourne 108 laps

5th Dan Skeels 107 laps

6th James Taylor 107 laps

7th David Tomlinson 103 laps 

8th Jake Swann 101 laps 




The winners circle 


The concourse trophy was won by Michelle Snowden



This one tugged at the heart strings, best award of the day went to Ollie Peers for been a good boy all meeting!​ 


The winning juniors sweeties and trophy s all round!all in all a very good day which was excellently put together by the Hathern crew, many many thanks from all the drivers and crew,